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treefrog – I want one!

Posted by Maya @ 23:56 on November 12, 2022  

That really says it all… about candidates AND voters!

Goldielocks… it appears most of the world is still afraid….but once you dig into it a little you find out that…..

Posted by silverngold @ 23:36 on November 12, 2022  

……it started as a lie, all the stats were lies, the PCR test result was a lie, masks and social distancing was a lie, lockdowns and business closures was a lie, the hospitalization stats were lies, the number of “cases” was a lie. the “safe and effective” jabs was a lie, the MORONIC  Omicron variant is a lie,  the “death by unknown causes” is a lie….and on and on! How many lies does it take before they can make them all the truth??????????


Posted by goldielocks @ 22:44 on November 12, 2022  

Who’s afraid. More people I know either turn it of or it pizzes them off that the ones who are supposed to do anything about it aren’t.

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:39 on November 12, 2022  

Instead of looking just at the Demorats what is the GOP doing about these loser poll workers that should be fired and our elections.

Dr Rima at her best….She’ll remind you of your mom. Kinda bossy but well meaning in trying to get the truth out there. Well worth the time and exposes how they use false statements and statistics to make you afraid, like RSV.

Posted by silverngold @ 22:27 on November 12, 2022  

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) or Ridiculous Scamdemic Virus

Georgia senate race hanging in there.

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:05 on November 12, 2022  

Even after being outspent $101 million to $32 million in the general election, we still almost beat an incumbent senator in a battleground state. But since no candidate received a majority of the vote on Tuesday, we now will have a runoff election in 24 days.

Well we lost Nevada

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:02 on November 12, 2022  

Metals guy

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:29 on November 12, 2022  

That would be SnG on the subject.
It’s getting worse though. Apparently even coming from the sky along with everything else. They’re using it in medicine or apparently studying more uses. Not to mention all these factory toxins they’ve been getting away with dumping on the environment, on towns, in the waters, while wildlife suffer along with it.

FTX Bankruptcy

Posted by commish @ 18:31 on November 12, 2022  

Ontario Teachers Pension Plan just lost $160,000,000.

Treefrog…Good one!

Posted by aufever @ 17:43 on November 12, 2022  



Posted by silverngold @ 15:10 on November 12, 2022  

you gotta get one of these !!!

Posted by treefrog @ 14:45 on November 12, 2022  


Metalsguy….EXACTLY! (and Goldielocks)

Posted by silverngold @ 13:02 on November 12, 2022  

Masks, swabs, food, water, geoengineering (chemtrails) etc. All sources of graphene oxide that can add to the body’s load of graphene oxide that self assembles in your body. Fortunately more and more scientific people are discovering it and exposing  it, but unfortunately many of them have been “eliminated” soon after they spoke out about it.

Are any of you old enough to remember what used to take place when someone’s kid came down with something….like measles, or chickenpox, or mumps….especially in the small towns of America??? When these childhood diseases surfaced in the communities where I lived,  many of the moms would organize a party so if you wanted to have your kids exposed to those diseases so they contracted them under controlled conditions you could take your kids to the party and know when and what they were coming down with as they became sick a few days later…. but not all of them got sick. Why not, if they were all equally exposed?

And that helps answer part of Goldie’s question of “why” everyone who is exposed to EMF does not get sick or equally sick at the same time if they have been equally exposed. We each have our own immune system that operates according to its own “rhythm” which depends on our individual health and resistance and total exposure to EMF’s.

The best answer I can give is to DYODD by using the great information resource of the internet to find the answers that satisfy your curiosity. Yes, there is lots of BS out there so you have to sort out a lot of crap, but IMO all the truth is also out there and all it requires is for you to take that first step and start sorting. Here’s a couple to get you started but once you start down one of these rabbit holes it’s hard to find your way out. All the best and FWIW from SNG!


The Graphene Oxide Prison

goldielocks and SNG

Posted by MetalsGuy @ 8:46 on November 12, 2022  

There are many sources of graphene other than the jab. One of them is the face masks!

Vote in the Poll Vote in the Poll

Posted by ipso facto @ 8:09 on November 12, 2022  

Mr.Copper @ 14:20

Posted by ipso facto @ 7:45 on November 12, 2022  

I like both Karora and Skeena. They are both rare greens in my PF.

Here are the highlights of Skeena’s Feasibility Report, impressive!


Full Report


PS I hope Skeena doesn’t decide to build the mine themselves. That seems to be the death knell for successful explorers. Witness Marathon Gold. Much better if they get bought out.

Housing bubble

Posted by goldielocks @ 4:02 on November 12, 2022  

The math no longer works. The market will decline. He has a lot of knowledge on what’s going on. He pointed out that the unemployment numbers are low because there getting jobs before they have time to file. He also mentioned there was a lot of people globally working that got laid off. So maybe a lot of these fact checkers were also coming from India and it won’t show up on our unemployment numbers.
He pointed out not mentioning the mandatory vaccines in the airlines that the gov gave the airlines a lot of money think he said 50 Billion dollars to keep their employees but instead they paid them off and got rid of them and now they can’t get enough help and is chaos. He got that right. Guess you could add the jab to that where they put thousands on leave without pay for passing on the jab.
He had a lot to say.


Posted by goldielocks @ 3:43 on November 12, 2022  

Okay but you’ll have to add all the people and children who got omni who refused or who never had the jab.

goldielocks @ 22:59 That’s a great question and I’ve wondered the same thing and read lots of possible explanations.

Posted by silverngold @ 2:01 on November 12, 2022  

There are so many variable involved that it is difficult to sort them out. First, not everybody reacts the same to the jabs.  some are affected  immediately and some not for weeks or months. If Graphene Oxide has circulated throughout your body in sufficient quantities you will be affected much more severely than someone who only has it in their arm at the jab site. Also we each have our own immune system; some better than others depending on our individual health, cleanliness,  age, resistance etc. Also how much metals each has in their body from other sources, previous health history, previous EMF exposure, etc. how many jabs they have since graphene oxide self assembles in the body and each jab provides more of it.

There are so many rabbit holes one can go down, and that is why they are able to get away with this Genocide. Even the germ theory can be questioned. Does a virus even exist, and if so, is that virus trying to eliminate the problem or is it causing the problem?

Too tired tonight to pursue this so I’ll try again tomorrow when my mind is more organized. For now, nighty night!

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 0:09 on November 12, 2022  

Sunrise Gold, leaving Denver behind
heading up to the ski slopes.


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