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Congratulations NY for electing your Governor.

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:35 on November 14, 2022  

Now you put them on corporate gravy train they’ll be coming after your kids. The one who posted this from Illinois lost her son a 3 months old to a vaccine.

Could it get any clearer

Posted by ipso facto @ 21:38 on November 14, 2022  

Biden and Trudeau Beclown Themselves by Parading Around Asia in Commie Mao Jackets


Bix Weir and Clif High….

Posted by old-timer @ 20:56 on November 14, 2022  

They discuss the crypto fiasco.

Talking is good

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:17 on November 14, 2022  

CIA & Russian Intel Chiefs Meet In Turkey To Discuss Nuclear Tensions

In a rare diplomatic opening of dialogue after nine months of war in Ukraine, CIA Director William Burns is in Turkey on Monday for talks with his Russian counterpart aimed at reducing nuclear tensions between the two superpowers.

Burns is holding the talks with Sergey Naryshkin, the head of Russia’s Foreign Intelligence Service, or SVR, in Turkey’s capital of Ankara. This marks the highest-ranking face-to-face meeting between US and Russian officials since President Putin ordered the invasion of Ukraine on Feb.24.


Mr. Copper

Posted by Buygold @ 18:36 on November 14, 2022  

Domestic mining should be the place, but it seems we want to mine, produce oil, nat gas etc. everywhere but domestically. Note Ipso’s article about the US Military funding mining in Canada.

Something is going on here in the US and I don’t think it’s just about climate change. Maybe it’s the intentional destruction of the economic might of the country. I really don’t know.

@ Buygold

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:51 on November 14, 2022  

I’m just target practicing with $2000 plays. So even a 10% move is only $200 up or down. Naturally if I see +10% ill ladder up double the shares. Its been a long time, since I was doing s/t trades, before 2012 13 1200 trades a year. I’ve really not been doing much during this correction we started in June 2021. Odds favor we are back in gear.

Because of the blood bath everyone took re FANG Bitcoin, etc etc the herd will start looking our way I figure.  Gold miners have had a great month, has to attract attention. I think even the recent hot energy sector will start dropping. Domestic mining, I think is THE place to be. The clowns have started blocking imports.

Mr. Copper

Posted by Buygold @ 15:45 on November 14, 2022  

I’m not sure about the USD and being ready to bounce, but it did fall pretty hard and fast, so maybe. It hasn’t been able to hold all that well today as it was up close to 1% or so in the overnights.

I don’t want to get too crazy bullish here because I always get smacked when I do, but it does look like we’ve turned and hopefully continue up into year end.

I thought last week’s COT Report was normal with the scum bankers loading up the short side.

Who knows?

Good luck with your shorts.


Posted by Maddog @ 14:37 on November 14, 2022  

Very frustrating and a feeling of hopelessness on my end.

Not surprised….we had anew PM ‘inserted’ the other day, after a mini mkt panic, over the previous one, notice how the ‘right’ one is in No 10, not a sniff of panic etc.

It really is scary the way we are all being played….however more and more are waking up to something not being right/ cannot trust anything we are told from usual out lets etc….

I think the Covid jab conjob has woken huge numbers, to something ain’t right, as unfortunately very large numbers of people know of bad reactions and deaths, that can only be due to the jabs. That will drive them towards alternative info sources, as they no longer trust anything official/mainstream…..

Think About It, Recently Russia and China are a threat to national Security? What Happened To The World That Lives As One???

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:36 on November 14, 2022  

I remember long ago Obama saying once to the world. What a load of crap. Obamas Final Speech: Good bye.


“This is important work. It has made a real difference in the lives of our people. And it could not have happened had we not worked together. And yet, around the globe we are seeing the same forces of global integration that have made us interdependent also expose deep fault lines in the existing international order.

Indeed, our international order has been so successful that we take it as a given that great powers no longer fight world wars; that the end of the Cold War lifted the shadow of nuclear Armageddon; that the battlefields of Europe have been replaced by peaceful union; that China and India remain on a path of remarkable growth.

Moreover, I believe that the acceleration of travel and technology and telecommunications — together with a global economy that depends on a global supply chain — makes it self-defeating ultimately for those who seek to reverse this progress. Today, a nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself.


@Buygold Thinking Similar Here. AU AG up with Dollar

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:03 on November 14, 2022  

And USD looks ready for a bounce, that may not bother AU and AG. They seem like they want to go no matter what. Naturally a higher dollar might or should drop Oil. So I got some SCO short Oil Friday. Also got some TZA short naz but may not hold either of them and focus on Silver related. (and copper later)

Good day

Posted by Buygold @ 13:53 on November 14, 2022  

So nice to have a period where we lean to the upside, even when we could be down because of the USD. Hopefully the shares are just gaining steam for the next upside run. Two days of flat and then BOOM!


maddog – indeed

Posted by Buygold @ 13:50 on November 14, 2022  

This wasn’t an election in any key states. They just keep finding mail-in ballots until the Demonrat has enough to win. Not a peep out of the RINO’s who wanted these results.

Hopefully McCarthy and McConnell get ousted from leadership and the MAGA crowd takes over.

Very frustrating and a feeling of hopelessness on my end.

The Other Day, I Heard The President (I forget his name, Obama?) Say, “We Will Get Inflation Back To Normal” As If A Little Bit Of Stealing Is OK?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:10 on November 14, 2022  

So engineering your paycheck or your profit to lose value over time at an alleged rate of only 2% is their objective? For the greater good? But they don’t want us to get screwed by an 8% inflation rate.

And they hope we never see or get a Deflation rate. God forbid our paychecks, profits or uninvested cash in our pockets or under the mattress gains value and purchasing power.

Meanwhile, over time we all have been living with a 7% inflation rate for decades. Our wages and profits have been losing 7% of their purchasing power every year since 1975.

Take out the calculator? If your cost for a new car went from $2500 to $50,000 since 1975 whats the inflation rate? If a slice of pizza went from .15 cents to $3.00 whats the inflation rate? Its 20X times more money needed.

But. The minimum wage in 1975 of $2/hr FAILED to maintain X times 20 which should be $40/hour. So, if you are an employer, paying $15/hr, you are lucky. If you had to pay $40 you would not exist.  So thank Uncle Sam.

@Uncle Sam. You idiot.

If you are Uncle Sam, you are getting cheated with $15/hr incomes because low wages are not enough to pay income taxes. In fact the low wages are COSTING you idiots money via growing number of the “working poor”.  (note $30 trillion deficit)

And the businesses that hire these poor souls are DEFINATLY NOT reporting all their profits.

I own some of this. Their operation is in Russia. You can guess how well they’ve done.

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:29 on November 14, 2022  

Silver Bear Announces Update On Its Ska Loan Agreement And Facilities Agreement Amendments And Filing Of The Q3 2022 Interim Financial Report


Vote in the Poll Vote in the Poll

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:24 on November 14, 2022  

Not rigged!

Gold and silver doing fine. PM shares following the SM?

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:23 on November 14, 2022  

This wasn’t an Election

Posted by Maddog @ 10:43 on November 14, 2022  

This Wasn’t an Election


Posted by ipso facto @ 9:36 on November 14, 2022  

U.S. military weighs funding mining projects in Canada amid rivalry with China

The United States military has been quietly soliciting applications for Canadian mining projects that want American public funding through a major national security initiative.

It’s part of an increasingly urgent priority of the U.S. government: lessening dependence on China for critical minerals that are vital in everything from civilian goods such as electronics, cars and batteries, to weapons.


Posted by ipso facto @ 8:35 on November 14, 2022  





SilverCrest Reports Q3, 2022 Financial Results


Perpetua Resources Announces Third Quarter 2022 Highlights


Globex Mining Enterprises Third Quarter 2022 Earnings: CA$0.007 loss per share (vs CA$0.23 profit in 3Q 2021)


Endurance Drilling Confirms 400 Metre Strike Extent of Eagle South Feeder Zone with 4.95 Gpt Gold over 12.1 M Including 12.55 Gpt Gold over 4.3 M


Kenorland Announces 2022 Summer Exploration Results from the Frotet Project, Quebec


GoldHaven Continues its Evaluation of Strategic Opportunities in Chile; Enters into Due Diligence Agreement


Black Mountain Gold USA Corp. Announces BLM Approval of Exploration Plan of Operation at Mohave Project


New Pacific Intersects 591 Metres Grading 1.03 Grams Per Tonne Gold at the Carangas Project, Bolivia


Rackla Metals Announces $2 Million Non-Brokered Private Placement


Nine Mile Metals Completes Successful Phase 1 Drill Program at Its California Lake Project, (BMC) NB


Thunder Gold Corp Provides Update on Tower Mountain Gold Property


Dynacor Reports Sales of $46.0 Million and a Quarterly Net Income of $0.8 Million in Q3-2022 (US$0.02 or CA$0.03 Per Share) With a Solid Cash in Hand of $31.0 Million


Turquoise Hill Announces Financial Results and Review of Operations for the Third Quarter of 2022


Treasury Metals Announces Exploration Results at Goldlund and Caracal


Lahontan Drills More Oxide Gold at Slab: 32.0m Grading 0.61 GPT AuEq


K92 Mining Releases Strong 2022 Q3 Financial Results – Record Cash Balance, Ore Mined and Ore Processed


MAG Silver Reports Third Quarter Financial Results


Northern Dynasty Files Updated Preliminary Economic Assessment of Pebble: The Project Maintains Strong Economic Fundamentals With Latest Royalty Financing


Solstice Provides Update on Royalty and Property Portfolio


Canada Silver Cobalt Intersects 4,710 g/t Silver over 0.53 Meters Approximately 50 Meters Below Surface


Condor Gold Plc Announces Its Unaudited Results for the Three and Nine Months Ended 30 September, 2022


Caledonia Mining Corporation Plc: Solar Plant Provides Power to Blanket Mine


smartest comment I have seen regarding yr rigged elections

Posted by Maddog @ 6:17 on November 14, 2022  

Notice how the Dems are saying nothing about the counting delays !!!!

Say What !!!!!

Posted by Maddog @ 6:06 on November 14, 2022  

IMPOSSIBLE: Despite Only 17% Democrat Turnout on Election Day – Katie Hobbs and Democrats Are Winning Over 50% of Maricopa County Election Day Totals

Early, early look

Posted by Buygold @ 4:52 on November 14, 2022  

Gold hit for $10-12 in the overnights but silver not wanting to give up ground. Friday, silver was boxed in, so maybe it’ll lead today.

Looks like the USD is bouncing and Bitcoin up a few hundy’s.

Watching silver for a clue…


Posted by goldielocks @ 2:58 on November 14, 2022  

Did she mention it to them? If she didn’t especially if she doesn’t know them enough and knowing how they act I can’t blame her. She wants to ski not have to give lectures they don’t even listen to anyways.
That’s a bad sign though there getting out of breath during strenuous exercises but didn’t before. If they already did from something already there but suddenly having that problem is not good.
That could pre-warn of a heart attack and something might be going on and need some tests with the history of that jab. They should check their heat rate. That they can do. Athletes are generally lower but if there getting tac they will get short of breath. It’s like the pressure too low in a pipe to pump the water down the piping.

Goldielocks, Yeah, I guess you’re right. Whether a person’s IQ is 60 or 160, you can’t fix stupid once fear takes over.

Posted by silverngold @ 0:53 on November 14, 2022  

My wife who is not jabbed has offered this personal observation which IMO speaks volumes. She belongs to the local pickleball club, the hiking club, and is an avid downhill and cross country skier. She has noticed that those who have received the jab(s) in any of those sports are no longer competitive. They can no longer keep up. They must rest frequently and they tire easily. She has to constantly wait for them to catch up and then wait again while they have another rest before continuing.

Recently a new member joined the hiking club who also skis and is not jabbed and guess what? She can keep up!  So at least now my wife again has a companion for hiking and skiing. The others still don’t make any connection between the jabs and their fatigue, or at least won’t admit it, even though before the jabs they were as competitive as my wife. All FWIW!

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