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Posted by goldielocks @ 22:51 on November 25, 2022  

I remember a comedian once back in the 80s when they were trying to figure out what makes some people gay. People had their own theory. Now there back to taking it to the extreme with gender rolls It’s like they’re backwards instead of forwards. A man can bake or even sew and not be gay, a woman can play sports or join the military and not be gay.
Now they’re going after anything even what a person or child watches on TV they want to turn it into something, That’s backwards but now has a agenda. Seems like the females aren’t condoning it just mostly males and the Gov to neuter men or another way to kill them off who knows.

Anyways the female comedian brought the subject up back then. Said something about her breaking up from a bad relationship.
Someone asked her if she’s done with men and going to be gay now.
She said if having a bad relationship with someone in their life time made you gay, everyone would be gay.

Ps maybe another way to depopulate by removing their reproductive organs.


Posted by goldielocks @ 22:34 on November 25, 2022  

It’s run by a sub culture who thinks everyone’s like them and a Government who tried to kill them off with AIDS who now had to deny it by condoning these creeps dressed as hookers and scary clowns it in schools with children who’s brains and set of morals isn’t formed yet. Druggies are the same way birds of a feather mentality and why so many are getting killed. Then be the corrupt Gov corrupt medical then will try to profit off it.
I’m glad to see Angela Jolie didn’t let them drug or butcher her daughter.

Needed now!! enough with the identity politics! we are americans first!

Posted by Richard640 @ 21:53 on November 25, 2022  

Melting Pot Ceremony at Ford English School, July 4, 1917 Summary

In 1914 Ford Motor Company established the Ford English School, where the automaker’s diverse immigrant employees could learn the English language and take civics lessons in preparation for becoming U.S. citizens. At the graduation ceremony, students wearing clothing from their native countries descended into a large “American Melting Pot” and emerged wearing homogenous suits and waving American flags


Posted by Richard640 @ 21:39 on November 25, 2022  

Alex Valdor @ 13:57

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:44 on November 25, 2022  

LOL LOL Up yours Schwabenklaus!

@silverngold re The Great Reset was worldwide and Started In 1970

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:08 on November 25, 2022  

Globalization, after 1970 and Americans importing and gleefully buying foreign made cars and TV sets and everything else was the absolute worst thing that ever happened for the entire USA and killed entry level living standards in the USA. They stopped raising minimum wage to keep up with inflation after 1970 also.

We are looking at the 1970 reset. 1970 Globalization RESET also led to wide open borders, and 9/11 attackers, led to financial crisis in 2008, nobody could afford down payments, they all stopped paying off loans, Bernie Madoff ruined millions of people, then COVID the other absolutely worst thing than everything else combined.

Then came crypto and FTX bozo ruining millions of investors. And now we have know nothing bozos on videos implying bad things are just getting started??? A new reset? If anything, the NEW reset is the USA can’t take the hosing anymore.

Trump was allowed on prime time TV campaigning and exposed practically everything including all the prior totally useless puppet presidents, Europe screwing us China (big retail businesses) screwing us actually the liquidation of America. We already cut off chips from China.

And a lot of old bad things don’t float anymore after Bernie Madoff. “They can’t get away with things they used to anymore”. 1975 was the time to be pessimistic. Not now. Sure things will get bad during this new “withdrawal” reset, But the “bottom” is no longer 50 years away. Imo the country is in a bowl shaped bottom formation. Or maybe a double bottom formation.

By the way, the Reset of all Resets was the Federal Reserve act of 1913. USA lost its 1776 independence. And we all know about the paper money financed wars and booms and busts that unfolded after 1913.

Supposedly 1913 was special interests created, so the USA can finance wars. And I consider 9/11 and 2008 as the peak and beginning of the end of the 1913 Fed Act. They can’t do it anymore. They are on the defensive.

From James Kunstler…

Posted by old-timer @ 14:47 on November 25, 2022  


I really like his last line:

“Reality is a harsh mistress when you’ve spent years insulting and mistreating her.”


A Light in the Darkness

IPSO – Schwabenklaus has replied to your 9:54 post

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 13:57 on November 25, 2022  

Ve prefer ze term ‘facation camps’ .
Zere you vill be happy in your 1 meter by 2 meter by 1.5 meter tall personal cubicle .
…and ze frei ‘golden showers’ from ze freunde liffing in ze cubicle abuff you .

The Great Reset is a worldwide WEF Klaus Schwab agenda and very well explained, step by step, on Rumble below on Dr. Reba Laibow podcast. I hope a few have enough interest to watch it so they recognize what is coming as it arrives.

Posted by silverngold @ 13:44 on November 25, 2022  


Canadian Lawyer Lisa Miron, LLB, LLM, Hns.B.S. exposes the Great Reset:

“It’s the great spend. Followed by the great inflation. Followed by the great interest rates. Followed by the great loss of discretionary spending. Followed by the great shut down of businesses. Followed by the great layoffs of service industry employees. Followed by the great rent defaults. Followed by the great loss of our economic engine. Followed by the great mortgage default. Followed by the great homelessness poverty and hunger. By those who participated in the economy and raised their families minding their own business. So. What do you think? Anyone think Klaus was writing fiction for our entertainment is in the great denial.”

Probably get a nice discount …

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:12 on November 25, 2022  

Klaus Schwab admires the way the Chinese are running their country. He won’t be happy until all the serfs live in an Auschwitz.

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:54 on November 25, 2022  

Clearly some buying around on SM opening….but scum make sure $ 1750 can’t be taken

Posted by Maddog @ 9:34 on November 25, 2022  

Talk about foolish business decisions! Grrrrrrrr!

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:33 on November 25, 2022  

Is Mercedes Intentionally Detuning Its EVs To Charge $1,200 Yearly “Acceleration” Fee

Mercedes-Benz is the latest auto manufacturer to unveil a subscription fee to unlock perks, such as the ability to boost acceleration.

The $1,200 yearly subscription is called “Acceleration Increase” and can be found on Mercedes’ online store.

“COMING SOON – Accelerate more powerfully: increase the torque and maximum output of your Mercedes-EQ,” reads the description on the online store. It’s available for all upcoming EQ electric models that will “improvement in acceleration of 0.8 to 1.0 seconds (0-60 MPH).”


goldielocks @ 12:04

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:10 on November 25, 2022  

I don’t see any reason why trans people should be hanging out with elementary school children. This is a bizarre notion of Klaus Schwab I think.

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:07 on November 25, 2022  

Tanzanians sue Barrick Gold in Canada over alleged mine shootings by police




Mali’s gold reserves climb to 881.7 tonnes – mines ministry official


K2 Gold Defines Large Mercury Anomaly at Si2 Project, Nevada, USA




GSilver Q3 Production of 700,264 AgEq Ounces Marks 107% increase over Q2


Pacton Gold Arranges $2.5m Financing


Newrange and Great Panther Terminate Agreement to Acquire Coricancha Mine in Peru


Searchlight Resources Completes Acquisition of 100% Interest in the Bootleg Lake Gold Property




Silver Viper Minerals Announces $2 Million Private Placement



Posted by Buygold @ 8:33 on November 25, 2022  

Crimex opens, $1750 spot gets taken out like it’s nothing. No one around to defend it.

All that being said, we’ve had some really bad Fridays like this, hopefully today won’t turn into another one of those debacles.

Wednesday saw solid PM buying ..today the scum see all of it off

Posted by Maddog @ 8:24 on November 25, 2022  


Posted by goldielocks @ 8:04 on November 25, 2022  

Think it’s gonna take them a little longer to wake up from the thanksgiving tryptophan coma this morning. Lol

Morning Maddog

Posted by Buygold @ 7:54 on November 25, 2022  

These short week, short session Fridays can be like the wild west. Playground for the scum. Nothing would surprise me today, up, down or flat.

USD is up a smidge, silver down 1%, gold spot trying to hold $1750.

Shares have looked great since last week but still on below average volume. Doesn’t appear the momo players have come to join us yet.

Au broke $ 1760 and scum said that’s enuff…..now back sub $ 1750…..just as it looked healthy.

Posted by Maddog @ 4:51 on November 25, 2022  

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 2:14 on November 25, 2022  

It’s back! CP Holiday Train


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