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Posted by goldielocks @ 23:44 on November 20, 2022  

Part of the conversation I had with some cops about a year before Trump was this money hunting plus railroading people to fill jails so they could get more but at the time money hunting I know they were ordered to do was putting a target on their backs. That they could lose their jobs too. That was part of it.
I said it’s gonna be a matter of time and one bad cop does something someWhere and gets away with it too many times another good cop is gonna vet shot somewhere else.
I had a distant cousin who was shot and killed in the line of duty. I was on the fwy when it came in the news. I’m lucky “ I think” I’m still alive.
But this time some time I’m the future the sheet is gonna hit the fan.
That’s exactly what happened.


Posted by goldielocks @ 23:32 on November 20, 2022  

Lol Right lol Look what roll models they are making. Like the family of that guy from the hood who got shot in a home invasion and had weapons. His family said how else was he supposed to buy things he needed. “ if he didn’t loot others.”
In this case the gov spends our money then wants more. Why would anyone put a bunch of people who put us in a trillion dollar debt in charge of money or pensions and SS either.


Posted by ipso facto @ 23:27 on November 20, 2022  

You’re not saying that it’s OK that the cops stole because it helps keep them funded … right?


Posted by goldielocks @ 22:48 on November 20, 2022  

Powers out here again. I keep a pop up lantern battery or wind able in arms reach now lol
Yeah perhaps they hired too many of them, over blown their budget so told them to go out a steal who knows. Same with the cops back when. I actually talked to them about it. I think it actually did some good too because they started turning before the election of Trump. Good thing because they weren’t defunded and we didn’t have out city shut down by thugs and free loaders.

Buygold and goldielocks

Posted by ipso facto @ 21:59 on November 20, 2022  

Isn’t it amazing the lows the FBI has sunk to! They used to be very respected, am I wrong? Now they look like thieves over this safe deposit operation and their political bias is subverting democracy! They contribute to the destruction of the USA. It’s time to clean house!

Why doesn’t the Gov on Texas call a National emergency?

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:36 on November 20, 2022  

They just said on the news eagle pass had over 70 thousand cross the border in just the last month mostly all adults. Not counting got aways. That’s just one area of many.
That the one doing the news in another place there said he watches them climbing over the walls and head for the residential areas just look right at them with no fear of what they’re doing.

Ipso Buygold

Posted by goldielocks @ 16:05 on November 20, 2022  

I hope they pursue it to the Supreme Court. The lower courts have been compromised and why the people should prevent the left from appointed judges to the Supreme Court like they tried to do with Garland and look at him now. I don’t see any ethics committee going after him when they should.
The people who paid for the boxes unless they have any real evidence of crime are the the innocent party and their assets should be returned. It’s money hunting and theft. If the bank had a problem they had no right bothering private property unless they could be linked to them acquiring these assets in a crime.

It’s no different than the con game dirty cops in Mexico pulls on tourists. They pull them over saying they did something they didn’t do or made something up then tell them they will have to go to court even could get their car towed or they could settle it right now by paying them.
If they say I’ll just go to court and stand their ground they’ll likely just give a warning and leave.
They might even get another dirty cop involved to make it look official. There is no law that permits the cop to take the money, he’s lying and if it was a infraction wouldn’t cost that much they try to get from you.
The difference is the courts are cracking down on these cops and if they get caught doing that they’ll be fired not rewarded with some of the money like they’re doing.
That’s why they’ll leave if you insist you want to go to court. Plus regular cops can’t give tickets. They have both regular cops and trafic cops and regular cops don’t even have ticket books or the word traffic on their cars. Here the lower courts appear to be in on it.

Although in Mexico if you get in a accident with another car they will take both party’s to jail until they figure out who’s fault it is and who’s going to pay. So you best have Mexican insurance and the kind that will bail you out,
These are the kind of things that slowly led up to the blow up with cops and to defund them. I’m surprised they left the lower courts out of it. This time anyways.

Ipso – FBI Raid

Posted by Buygold @ 14:45 on November 20, 2022  

That is unbelievable, but probably going to become common place as the Republic collapses. There is no law in this country, what we’ve got is a government that is just too big and powerful.

The one thing about that case was that it wasn’t a regular bank and the company pleaded guilty to laundering drug money. Still, the private boxes non-related to the case should have been returned.

I’m worried about next week and beyond given that COT report. It is rarely wrong in forecasting the downside, and makes sense as to why the miners were stopped dead in their tracks last week.

I’m tired of wondering would or should be in pm’s, time to deal with what is.


Posted by ipso facto @ 11:56 on November 20, 2022  

Judge dismisses case over FBI raid of 1,400 private safe-deposit boxes and seizure of millions in jewelry and cash



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Posted by alf @ 0:00 on November 20, 2022  

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