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Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 23:50 on February 25, 2020  


French Gold


Posted by Maya @ 23:37 on February 25, 2020  



spot prices…

Posted by treefrog @ 19:24 on February 25, 2020  

…creeping back in after hours.  is 18 bucks the new floor for silver??


Posted by goldielocks @ 18:50 on February 25, 2020  

I like your and captain hooks post too.
In all fairness he didn’t say anything that wasn’t true about the market.He wasn’t taking doom gloom gold ha ha like coin guy.

I read a post by Armstrong today. He said that people are side tracked with the Corona Virus and we know they cite it as reason for market going down. While they fail to look at international politics.
Bernie for instance. He said “speculating” money that came here for safety with Trump and these up coming election internationals are worried and might hold back until elections are over.

Posted by Maya @ 18:21 on February 25, 2020  



Interesting chart

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:02 on February 25, 2020  

my thoughts on yesterday and today’s PM action

Posted by Floridagold @ 17:28 on February 25, 2020  


Captain Hook and Buygold

Posted by silverngold @ 17:20 on February 25, 2020  

I’ve always liked both your posts and felt they were helpful and informative. Hope you’ll both keep them coming. All the Best from Silverngold.

What Would Happen If When We Get A Gold Supply Disruption?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 17:14 on February 25, 2020  

Crude Oil $49.79 Remember the “Peak Oil” Story? Many Years Ago? And The Book Twilight In The Desert?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:37 on February 25, 2020  

Supposedly, oil consumption was going to consume more than production.


In 2005, Matt Simmons wrote a book called Twilight in the Desert. In it, he summarized what he learned about Saudi Arabian oil production by reading 200 academic papers. He concluded from his analysis that the oil extraction techniques being used there were techniques that one might use if the fields were quite depleted.

Because of this, he doubted that we should believe stories that Saudi oil production can be greatly expanded. Instead, he raised the possibility that in the not too distant future, Saudi oil production will suddenly decline. Matt’s research underlying the book was no doubt behind his concern that oil reserves and oil production rates are not audited.

Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World Economy is a book by American investment banker Matthew Simmons. The text was initially published on June 10, 2005 by John Wiley & Sons. Wikipedia

Book Review, part:

Simmons has searched through hundreds of obscure SPE documents (Society of Petroleum Engineers) and found the paper trail that suggests the Saudi Oil Miracle may be entering its senescence, taking with it the capacity to produce more oil on demand.


Buygold @ 16:11

Posted by Captain Hook @ 16:19 on February 25, 2020  

You might of had a bad day but get real.

I try to help people not inappropriately demonize them.

Again, many don’t like reality if it doesn’t fit with their view of the world.



Posted by Buygold @ 16:11 on February 25, 2020  

I’m guessing most don’t like you because you’re arrogant and like to wallow in the misery of others.

Is your other handle “TheCoinGuy” because you’re exactly like him.


Buygold @ 15:51

Posted by Captain Hook @ 16:05 on February 25, 2020  

It took a long time and experience to learn what matters writing a blog for 13 years.

Most don’t like what I have to say often because it’s based on reality.

I am used to that.


Ag sub $ 18.00…..hello CFTC send yr salaries back….cus yr less use than a chocolate bicycle.

Posted by Maddog @ 15:58 on February 25, 2020  

Yeah Hook

Posted by Buygold @ 15:51 on February 25, 2020  

You’re the smartest guy in the room. Don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back.

I don’t like it because it’s more of the same. I’m still up 30% YTD but don’t plan on giving it back.

Don’t address anymore posts to me. Understand?



Buygold–yeah, u may be right…I hate to admit it but today sure does look like 2009…for G&S

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:40 on February 25, 2020  

Funny, though, the HUI was barely down….now it’s down 4.43 or 1.74%…


Right now  everyone is looking just at stock mkt losses…no one’s thinking about all the heavily indebted Zombie and non-Zombie companies…municipalities–state governments…banks…the zillions of $s in derivative exposure by the banks….O, but why worry….just a few keystrokes from the FED….


Posted by Maddog @ 15:39 on February 25, 2020  

They’re trying to shut off anywhere to hide……which is when u think about it, is just outrageous, as they are useing peoples own money to screw them.

This will not end well…..

Buygold @ 15:28

Posted by Captain Hook @ 15:33 on February 25, 2020  

You don’t like it because like I have been saying — liquidity does matter.

The CDNX broke down today and looks to be heading to a new low.

This will play especially hard on the juniors, but I don’t think it’s good for the larger stocks either.

Wow, some big reversals / losses today.


Well Maddog

Posted by Buygold @ 15:28 on February 25, 2020  

We know that there is no semblance of an honest market or any regulation when it come to the banksters. They exist to keep the game going and fleece anyone who plays against the game.

Unfortunately, and I really hope it’s not, but this is starting to look a bit like 2009, where we saw metals and shares go down with the SM.

It’s still early but I don’t like the way the juniors and silver are acting at all.


Posted by treefrog @ 14:14 on February 25, 2020  

bernie supporters flee to cuba!!



Posted by Maddog @ 14:12 on February 25, 2020  

Was talking to an old friend of many years in mkts….we both agreed that in the old days when the mkts had a semblance of being properly run, if the Vols and OI were a fraction of what we see today, the CFTC would be all over them……that they aren’t screams governments are involved.

Down another 1K?

Posted by Buygold @ 13:47 on February 25, 2020  

As Maddog said, gold should be ripping higher-silver too.

Wonder if the banksters have been prepared for this moment via futures for months now?

Just hope the longs don’t blink again.



When do these darn Silver options expire

Posted by Maddog @ 13:43 on February 25, 2020  

maybe the scum will ease u then….looks like the order is sell any amount to keep PM’s looking quite.

It appears silver is an industrial metal today

Posted by Buygold @ 13:05 on February 25, 2020  

but apparently palladium isn’t, as palladium is up $101.

The HUI probably should be doing a lot worse than it is right now given the trifecta of gold, silver and the SM all getting hammered pretty good.


Good Morning, I See Ten Year Bond 1.32% All Time Low. July 1 1981 16% Oct 1962 4%

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:33 on February 25, 2020  

Ask ourselves. Or yourselves. If rates are so low, why do people need 6 year 72 month car loans to buy a new car? Instead of the old 3 year 36 month car loans that high school graduates used when they buying new Chevelle SS 396, SS Camaros, GTOs, 442s, Corvettes, and my own…

Cousin Vinny car, DeLorean’s predecessor to the GTO, my  1963 Pontiac LeMans 326 Cu In, 264 Hp, independent real axels, rear mounted standard transmission, and under 3,000 lbs, and $2840, and 3% sales tax. I was only 20 years old my father had to co-sign the loan. Four other friends bought all the same cars, different colors.

This was all before globalization and before imports. Of “cheaper”? high quality cars. Some times CHEAP isn’t really cheaper. Only mathematically cheaper, but not CHEAP.  Cheap is cheap.    TPTB made the USA join a global commune. Like the hippy one they had in Ca before it imploded. Now the global one is imploding. The USA now has a $22 trillion national debt by importing “cheaper” high quality products.

Bon Apatite America, enjoy, gorge yourselves. 🙂





Beyond the immediate coronavirus fears, investors have also pointed to deeper factors for pushing bond yields lower, such as depressed interest rates abroad, a persistent drop in growth and inflation rates, and a lack of safe assets that can rival the depth and liquidity of the U.S. Treasurys market.

“People are just lining up to buy Treasurys,” said Nathan Sheets, chief economist for PGIM Fixed Income, in an interview.

Ultra-low interest rates in Europe and Japan have driven out income-hungry overseas investors into the U.S., the one place where investors can obtain positive yields in risk-free government paper. The Fed’s rate cuts last year have also reduced the cost of hedging for currency fluctuations, making U.S. investments a much more attractive place for cross-border bond buyers.

“The simple reality is that U.S. rate levels are ultimately driven by global factors,” said Stuart Sparks, a rates strategist at Deutsche Bank, in a weekend note.


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