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I wonder if this is correctz?

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:50 on February 8, 2020  
The reason why comparisons with the flu are idiotic is this:
During the worst flu seasons, the flu kills about 1 out of every 2,000 people who are infected.
China has officially stated that this coronavirus kills about 3%, or 3 out of every 100 that are infected.
The data that Chinese Mega-Corp Tencent accidentally released showed a mortality rate of over 16%, 1 in every 6 people that are infected. 
But the scary part is the number who have recovered.  Officially, it’s just over 300 out of over 30,000 infected.  The Tencent data showed that it’s 300 out of over 150,000 as of the 2nd.  In other words, we won’t know the real mortality rate until more people recover, and right now the only people who are recovering are those who are given a drug cocktail of massive doses of HIV drugs and flu drugs; and those just seem to provide a temporary reduction in symptoms, and the cost is too prohibitive to provide them for the masses.

mr copper @ 13:12

Posted by treefrog @ 21:07 on February 8, 2020  

“What’s the matter with the Grand Canyon?”

crowding, that’s what.  the good news is that almost all the crowds go to south rim.  the north rim is still off the beaten path.
the reason is that interstate 40 (old route 66) passes through flagstaff arizona which is the hub for tourism on the south side.  to get to the north side is much less convenient whether you’re travelling by air or by car.  who ever heard of kanab, utah or page arizona?  jacob lake?  they’re not on the way to anywhere many people go, but if you go to north rim, you’ll pass that way. i was there last june.

“angel’s window” cape royal, north rim. (somebody else’s pic)

no crowds – no guardrails either.  that’s the edge right there.  cape royal again.

the first step’s a long one!


Posted by goldielocks @ 20:36 on February 8, 2020  

They’re holding us hostage in gold stocks too. Especially those in other countries.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:30 on February 8, 2020  

The Give me’e will cost us a lot if we allow them to vote in who they want. They are falling for a lure that’s really the opposite of their “ values.” They don’t know the consequences of these lures or policy’s.

Imports were not just buyers but sellers.
That and outsourcing their “ American “ products.

Yes that true about having less kids. 2.5 with us now it’s 2 but many having only 1 or none. because we though of a quality of life as compared to overpopulation. Same time the government was making it unaffordable.
Even Gov was behind woman’s lib movement to get more tax money.

We enabled the immigrants to have more kids with the welfare system Americans were too independent minded and proud to take unless forced to for their kids sake not as a way of life. The system meant for us was taken advantage of by people I mentioned in South America and news spread to other countries. It’s just more accessible to South America.
Where in the constitution does it say give me your poor huddled masses and support them, pay their health care and give them a free education “ that not free to us?”
People need to see it as it really is. Like those women sending their kids out we got a lot of them and they’re taking advantage.
Then they come up with racist as a in your face weapon to hold us hostage. If they could take over they’d do that too. Now infiltrating the system from these countries.
We’re not their hostage.
I only hope we can be optimistic about the future I’d they’re remains enough constitutional Americans left to vote.
The left will be relentless to continue to put up bills to try to bypass our constitution.
The young need to learn the consequences of that.
Some are as the swamp since Trump are showing their two faced ugly head. That is was never about them.
That they can’t trust anyone from either party but their actions or what they stand for and again the consequences.

Captain, Goldie

Posted by Buygold @ 20:15 on February 8, 2020  

I like McEwen too and that’s the only reason I haven’t dumped MUX and have held it for so long.

Hopefully someday it will revisit $10. A long way from here though.

@goldilocks re your ” the liberal give me’s trying to bankrupt us” and “Poverty In Other Nations”

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 18:24 on February 8, 2020  

Keep in mind the “liberal give me’s” don’t really cost us that much, and they did not cause us to have a $22 trillion budget or trade deficit and 40 year decline in living standards.

All the masses of American consumers (not thinking) and retailers or stores gleefully buying and imports, (and vacationers spending overseas) has done all that damage.

In fact the way I see it, we have growing poverty right here in the USA the past 40 years. And the poverty in Africa, you can probably blame all that on Globalization too as per my 13:12 post.

Also in many backward countries they have too many kids making their countries even worse off. I remember we were encouraged to have only two kids. And what happened? We left room for illegal immigrants that like to have lots of kids.

I’m optimistic, (with caution) for the future, we paid. Hopefully they didn’t wait too long. In fact I think the Central Planners want to beef up the US economy simply because we ABSORBED so many poor immigrants here.

And when you think about it, the past history was always to help poor nations. and if all those poor are here, it makes sense to help them. So maybe the US natives will start benefiting along with the immigrants.

Captain Hook

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:11 on February 8, 2020  

Thanks for clarifying the misunderstanding.
As far as your understanding of this sector your a trooper.
When it comes to bankers the Fed and the things they do for easy money I usually stay out of it. I don’t know enough and probably good for them I don’t.


Posted by Richard640 @ 17:47 on February 8, 2020  
narrowing of leadership, vast price extensions above key moving averages, and negative divergences on new highs leading to a pullback below previous highs raising the possibility of a double top.
Are central banks and their interventions leading investors off a cliff I asked this week, as sentiment indicates desperation to buy every conceivable dip abandoning all sense of risk. Yet corporate insiders are selling strength and asset managers did not buy the rally to new highs, rather continued to reduce long exposure signaling that not all are in the ‘pile in at all cost’ camp.
Indeed Mohamed El-Erian, who previously urged investors to resist the temptation to buy this dip, put out another warning out on Friday:

Mohamed A. El-Erian


In riding big liquidity-driven , should remember the surfer analogy:
The bigger the wave …
the greater the ride;
the more tempted you are to stay on;
the more uncertain the when and how it breaks; and
Only the best of surfers get off really smoothly.
Confidence is high, as it is in every market bubble, confidence that investors all can get off the train in time. So far this confidence continues to be validated as markets are continuing to avoid any damage that the fundamental global economy would indicate while valuations remain historically stretched and central bank liquidity injections continue to control the price action.
Yet did this vertical surge in equity prices last week put in conditions for a larger sell-off still to come? Indeed did the rejection of new highs amid building negative divergences signal something more sinister? Or will the distortions in markets run unabated forever ignoring all risks?

goldielocks @ 12:30

Posted by Captain Hook @ 17:33 on February 8, 2020  

I was directing that comment at the short sellers and bankers looking to ruin yet another perfectly good company.

McEwen is a gem. They literally don’t make them like him anymore. He is a winner. His company will be a winner.

Sorry for any confusion.

I know most here are in it until we get paid…however long it takes.


Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:21 on February 8, 2020  

Cuz it gets your mind off the USA and the liberal give me’s trying to bankrupt it. It can also remind you just how close you are to losing our country to the problems on others.
I should of took a picture of this cute little toddler girl who walked up to me in deep South America as I wandered off the tourist path. A tiny girl with a bowl type hair cut looking up to me extending her hand holding up and saying chicle, a piece of gum” with her mother sitting at a distance having her do it to get money.

The child looked a little anxious like she has experienced some harsh people and wasn’t sure how I would react. I reacted fine with her but her mother not so much.
It could of went in the National Geographic but I didn’t want to expose her but on the other hand it was so cute it was tempting, on the other hand sad and dangerous for the child. Who knows what these children are being subject to in some places.
Don’t take our laws and constitution they’re trying to destroy for granted for one minute.

@China, John Lennon, Globalization Free Trade Promoters, Thanks For The Virus, The Asian Long Horn Beatle, And Camel Crickets and all the other related crap.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:12 on February 8, 2020  

And what’s with all you vacationers that have to go off shore? And on Cruise Ships? What’s the matter with the Grand Canyon? Or Las Vegas? Or for that matter what’s wrong with vacationing in the good ole USA??

Captain Hook

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:30 on February 8, 2020  

That’s was a good analogy and you read them like a book.
Shouldn’t throw long buyers in the mix with the A Hats behind the scene though with your last statement. Buygold is not a A Hole, most the time anyways. Kidding Buygold. Hope he gets his money back and more.
The flu trouble in China isn’t helping.
Your right though, as far as here they won’t buy it less they have to. Gov doesn’t like it either. They like their dollar for obvious reasons and why people shouldn’t call attention to it when it goes up like some fools did last time.

Buygold @ 18:19

Posted by Captain Hook @ 11:58 on February 8, 2020  

In the first place, on a macro level the idiots in NY who basically control all the institutional money make a point about never buying gold stocks. And they never will unless forced into it. Why bother when you can own shit on a stick of all varieties and colors that maintain the status quo and their plush lives.

Second, while McEwen’s name works for him in a bull, it can work against him too with the institutional types. They do not want him to succeed and build another Goldcorp and attract money away from the FANGS et al and pop their precious bubble.

They will have to buy it at some point because he will not give up and build an excellent company in spite of commodity price suppression and the fact this forced him to take on debt. But don’t forget he’s got $200 million of his own cash in the company including $25 million of debt, takes a $1 salary, and does not make money unless his shareholders do.

So no disrespect where it’s due, but you might want to reexamine your criteria for selecting company candidates.

MUX is a strong buy here on an intermediate to long term basis.

Once the bubbles in Comex gold and silver are drained I think the picture for MUX and the sector will change dramatically, with MUX leading the way as money on the NYSE, where it trades, flows in. Short sellers are trying to take it below a $1 to force it’s de-listing.

All I can say is good luck assholes.



Posted by goldielocks @ 11:52 on February 8, 2020  

Grandson I think I mentioned has type A. The doctors can do a swab and find out the same day if you have a good doctor.
Depends where you live pretty much which one is floating around.

I mentioned all types of flu are circulating but A and B are more common but maybe google what types are common where your at. This gives many states but not all.
Both can kill kids but they say type B appears to be more deaths from type B. Now they put Tamiflu in the mix

The Flu Taking a Toll, Pediatric Deaths Hit 17-Year High

Flu symptoms and complications,
Has list of symptoms of both children and adults to see a doctor right away young people with kids should google.


Posted by Richard640 @ 11:00 on February 8, 2020  
Is systemic risk really at the lowest point this week since before the crisis? Ridiculous. For starters, China poses a clear and present danger to both the global economy and financial system. China has added a scary amount of debt over the past decade – its “miracle” economy surely the poster child for Credit excess-induced structural maladjustment. Debt has grown tremendously across the globe. Today’s global market and financial excesses are unprecedented. Risk is extraordinarily high, certainly owing to central bank stimulus and these wacky securities and derivatives prices.

In this context, it’s not difficult to explain global safe haven yields. And it is actually not much of a challenge to define the factors behind booming risk markets. Markets have become precariously distorted and dysfunctional. Central bank monetary stimulus has succeeded in completely turning risk analysis on its head. In all the craziness, China fragilities are a positive. The coronavirus likely constructive to the U.S. economy. Even risky political and geopolitical dynamics are seen in positive light. They all ensure monetary stimulus as far as the eye can see.

And the obvious retort would be: “Doug, what’s new here?” What’s changed is the degree to which the risk markets are conditioned to disregard risk. Even a development with the clear potential to be highly disruptive to global economies and finance can be ignored. Comments I’m hearing and reading are the most detached from reality that I can recall. In my 30 plus years of following the markets, I’ve never seen such a divergence between market risk perceptions and reality.

The 2019 policy and monetary fiasco fundamentally altered market behavior. Risk markets have become incapable of adjusting for uncertainty and elevated risks. Markets instead fixate on the certainty of ongoing monetary stimulus and liquidity abundance. This incapacity for well-founded risk assessment and healthy market corrections is today a major source of systemic risk. How can eventual market adjustments not be violent and destabilizing?

2-8—Crewdit Beeble Beeliton—Mosieur Doug Noland [no relation to Loyd]

Posted by Richard640 @ 10:38 on February 8, 2020  

I just believe almost everyone is too optimistic – drowning in central bank liquidity complacency. China is confronting an unprecedented predicament, while concurrently facing acute financial and economic fragilities associated with a faltering Bubble.

Safe haven bonds and commodities have this right. Risk markets are simply playing a different game – an especially dangerous one at that. The Fed’s dual 2019 “U-turns” have profoundly changed risk market perceptions and behavior. Rates were cut, and liquidity was injected despite loose financial conditions, speculative markets and record stock prices. Understandably, risk market participants have been emboldened to believe the Fed and global central bankers have minimal tolerance for market instability.

To argue that the Fed’s $400 billion balance sheet expansion is neither QE nor culpable for surging stock prices completely misses the point. The Fed’s operations solidified the view that securities prices are the priority – even more so than the real economy. This fundamentally altered perceptions of market risk and, accordingly, price dynamics throughout equities, corporate Credit and derivatives.


Thanks Buygold I’ll check that one out

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:50 on February 8, 2020  

Morning Ipso – Got a new one for you

Posted by Buygold @ 7:37 on February 8, 2020  

Revival Gold – RVLGF

Buddy of mine mentioned it to me. Never heard of them but at 52 week highs. Ex-Management from Kinross. Apparently doing exploration here in Idaho.

Revival Gold Delivers Substantial Resource Increase at Beartrack-Arnett

7:30 am ET February 3, 2020 (Globe Newswire) Print
Revival Gold Inc. (TSXV: RVG, OTCQB: RVLGF) (“Revival Gold” or the “Company”), a growth-focused gold exploration and development company, announces the results of an updated mineral resource estimate (“Mineral Resource”) completed by Roscoe Postle Associates Inc. (“RPA”) on the company’s past-producing Beartrack-Arnett Gold Project (“Beartrack-Arnett”) located in Lemhi County, Idaho.Highlights

— The updated RPA Beartrack-Arnett Mineral Resource contains:

— An Indicated Mineral Resource of 36.4 million tonnes at 1.16 g/t gold containing 1.35 million ounces of gold; and,

— An Inferred Mineral Resource of 47.2 million tonnes at 1.08 g/t gold containing 1.64 million ounces of gold, including an initial bulk underground component of 6.7 million tonnes at 2.19 g/t gold containing 0.47 million ounces of gold

“Results at Beartrack-Arnett have well exceeded Revival Gold’s ambitious goals for exploration success,” said Hugh Agro, President & CEO. “Inferred gold resources have more than doubled while indicated gold resources are up 11% with this resource update. The deposit remains open laterally and at depth and, at its current scale, Beartrack-Arnett represents an outstanding opportunity for further growth.”

Goldi–Maya–WOW! Thanks for all the good info

Posted by Richard640 @ 6:29 on February 8, 2020  

Do u know what kind of flu virus your grand kids class had?


Posted by goldielocks @ 4:39 on February 8, 2020  

I heard that the new fast hospital they built doesn’t have any bathrooms.


Posted by goldielocks @ 1:37 on February 8, 2020  

It looks like they have to find something to attack the RNA receptors of the virus without harming the RNA receptors of the host cells or this case alveoli cells in the lungs. The alveoli are the tiny air sacks millions that exchange gases distribute oxygen. In COPD these cells are slowly destroyed leaving empty pockets in the lungs.
The RNA are messengers and can travel. They go to the DNA as a messenger. DNA is like the control center. What the virus is doing is like having some terrorists get rid of the guards and hold the control center hostage and tell it what to do which is to make more of them.

Silver Train

Posted by Maya @ 1:17 on February 8, 2020  


Over the hump.  The Southwest Chief
descends Raton Pass.


Global Black Swan has landed… at Wuhan

Posted by Maya @ 1:14 on February 8, 2020  

Strictly my personal opinion here.  I don’t have any paper in this game.  But with China, Inc. shut down…. the globe shuts down.  Any thinking person can see this coming.  Be prepared.


Posted by goldielocks @ 1:13 on February 8, 2020  

What doctors don’t tell you. Like playing Russian Roulette.
A child just died after getting vaccines for the flu got it anyway gave him Tamiflu got sicker developed a irregular heart beat “ a side effect of Tamiflu” and died.


Posted by Maya @ 1:10 on February 8, 2020  

“This article is published in the Journal of Virology (2017) from a researcher in Wuhan Institute, bragging about how by introducing some strategic HIV gene segments into the bat Corona virus he was able to make the virus attack humans via the ACE2 receptors. ”

Bingo!  I had read elsewhere that the virus attacks the ACE2 receptors in the lungs.  These ACE2 receptors are more prevalent in Asians than they are in Caucasians…
SO… perhaps the disease will not be as virulent among a European-descended population?  Time will tell.
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