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treefrog @ 19:33 Well, I had to walk away for awhile but when I came back to it I finally could “see” it. LOL!!!

Posted by silverngold @ 22:32 on March 31, 2020  

Yup, I think it was a typo. Thanks!!


Posted by goldielocks @ 22:12 on March 31, 2020  

Just rocks reported on a road no real damage.
At least with the lock down, they’ll be stocked with food lol


Posted by goldielocks @ 22:02 on March 31, 2020  

You must be in a good place. Did you check the news?


Posted by Buygold @ 21:19 on March 31, 2020  

I’m three hours from Challis – felt nothing.

Would think I’d feel something from a 6.5

Gold is $20 off the lows in evening trade…

Posted by Richard640 @ 21:12 on March 31, 2020  



  • The dollar is likely to weaken as U.S. debt mushrooms.

As noted below in the real-time comments from his webcast, he also said:

  • The current economy resembles a “depression.”
  • Projections that the U.S. economy will enjoy a V-shaped recovery are too optimistic.
  • U.S. economic and monetary stimulus will probably reach $10 trillion, which is not too far from where we are now.
  • Unemployment will rise to 10%.

Idaho having quakes a 4.8 and 6.5

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:43 on March 31, 2020  

There was a post on one from Yellowstone but then disappeared. So checked saw this.
11 minutes ago 38km SW of Challis, Idaho 4.8 4.4 USGS Feed Detail
Wednesday April 1 2020, 00:21:08 UTC 18 minutes ago 16km NNE of Healy, Alaska 1.9 0.0 USGS Feed Detail
Wednesday April 1 2020, 00:04:17 UTC 34 minutes ago 31km SSE of Caliente, Nevada 2.7 12.7 USGS Feed Detail
Tuesday March 31 2020, 23:52:31 UTC 46 minutes ago 72km W of Challis, Idaho 6.5 10.0

Posted by treefrog @ 19:33 on March 31, 2020  

No photo description available.


Posted by mruk @ 18:17 on March 31, 2020  

Great Video! For myself, I have always thought the vaccination regimen was a bunch of bunk. It is nothing more than a business model, to enrich the pharmaceutical industry. If vaccinations really worked, there would be no need for enforcement of policies, for the vaccinated would be supposedly safe from those that were not, and further more those that are vaccinated against the flu of the year , would have a far lower incidence  of contagion that they exhibit, year after year.

… and what would be the purpose of this? Is there an innocent purpose?

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:01 on March 31, 2020  

FBI Report: Border Agents Stopped A Chinese Biologist Sneaking Viable SARS, MERS Viruses Into US Airport

Another bombshell “conspiracy” raising serious questions over the coronavirus pandemic and China’s biological weapons research and espionage programs goes mainstream.

A now viral investigative report based on a newly released FBI document authored by no less than the Chemical and Biological Intelligence Unit of the FBI’s Weapons of Mass Destruction Directorate (WMDD) finds that a Chinese scientist was caught under extremely suspicious circumstances transporting vials believed to contain the deadly MERS and SARS viruses into the United States.


The FED spends a few more trillions taking in the worlds u.s. treasuries so the $ doesn’t soar

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:50 on March 31, 2020  

US economic news:

Fed establishes new repo facility with foreign central banks

March 31, 2020 at 8:50 a.m. ET


The Federal Reserve on Tuesday said it was establishing a temporary repo facility for foreign central banks that will help make U.S. dollars available in their jurisdictions. In the new facility, the central banks will be able to temporarily exchange their U.S. Treasurys held at the Fed for U.S. dollars. “This facility should help support the smooth functioning of the U.S. Treasury market by providing an alternative temporary source of U.S. dollars other than sales of securities in the open market,” the Fed said. It should also ease strains in global U.S. dollar funding markets, the central bank said. All central banks and foreign monetary authorities with accounts at the Fed are eligible.

What a nice

Posted by deer79 @ 17:41 on March 31, 2020  

End of the month “mark” in Gold……

If stocks didn’t go the right way, then sure as hell Hold would get whacked for another $25+ to mark their shorts.

What next?

Got gold?

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:37 on March 31, 2020  

Moody’s cuts outlook on $6.6 trillion US corporate debt pile to ‘negative’

“Nonfinancial corporate debt totaled $6.6 trillion at the end of 2019, a +78% increase since the Great Recession ended in mid-2009. Low interest rates + easy financing terms helped fuel the boom. Investor protections known as covenants… all-time lows”

Moody’s Investors Service has cut its outlook for U.S. corporate debt from stable to negative.

The ratings agency said it made the move in response to deteriorating economic conditions that will weigh on consumer-sensitive companies.

Corporate debt issuance has boomed since the financial crisis, rising 78% since the recession ended…


March 31

Credit Hedge Fund Suspends Redemptions in Sign of Market Stress

Hedge fund EJF Capital LLC told clients it was suspending redemptions from one of its funds for the foreseeable future because it didn’t want to be a forced seller in what it called “dysfunctional” credit markets.

The $7 billion EJF, founded by Emanuel “Manny” Friedman, told clients in a letter Friday it was preventing investors from withdrawing their money from its Debt Opportunities Fund. That fund managed $2.5 billion at the end of February. While the fund received redemption requests totaling only 6% of its assets under…


*Lisa Abramowicz
“The Fed’s decision to buy corporate bonds has turned everyone into a buyer,” and yet net downgrades among IG bonds accelerated to $110 billion Monday from $91 billion Friday. “The pace of downgrades continues to accelerate from the record pace reached last week:” BofA research

*Denmark will review its investment fund industry after some clients were prevented from redeeming their money.

https://www.bloomberg.com//news/articles/2020-03- 31/shuttering-of-investme
nt-funds-triggers-probe-in- denmark?srnd=markets-vp

*The U.S. Was Already Deep In Debt. This Year’s Deficit Will Be ‘Mind-Boggling’

“It’s mind-boggling. I never contemplated this,” says Douglas Holtz-Eakin, president of the American Action Forum, who headed the Congressional Budget Office under President George W. Bush.

“I can remember the quaint days when I was being yelled at because we had a $400 billion deficit and I was the CBO director. It doesn’t look so bad right now,” he says.

The economic rescue package approved by Congress and signed into law by President Trump contains $2 trillion in tax breaks and loan guarantees, throwing much-needed lifelines to troubled airlines, small businesses, hospitals, medical supply companies and municipal governments.

And more money will almost certainly be needed in the weeks to come, as the pandemic progresses.

“We are talking about massive amounts of money compared to anything we’ve ever done in this amount of time before,” says Maya MacGuineas, president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

At one time, such huge levels of deficit spending set off alarm bells in Washington, where politicians such as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell routinely bemoaned the lack of fiscal discipline in government.

https://www.npr.org/2020/03/30/821360397/the- u-s-was-already-deep-in-d
ebt-this-years-deficit-will- be- mind-boggling

Midnight Gardener

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:29 on March 31, 2020  

Welcome to the Oasis!

When gold had its 100 buck updays JNUG options became outrageously expensive–200 to 500 an option for a week or two

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:11 on March 31, 2020  

Now they are back to normal…soryy captain, I couldn’t resist…but don’t fret…the house is paying–[ yeah, I know I’m not supposed to think like that but conventional thinking never got me anywhere]…I blame it on the .900 rversal in the dollar…I just has to “get a taste”

Filled Buy to Open 300 JNUG Apr 09 2020 5.0 Call Limit 0.23 15:53:33 03/31/20


Posted by Midnight Gardener @ 15:58 on March 31, 2020  

First post for me. Ive been lurking since the start of the Tent.

Wanted to say thanks to all the posters here who have provided me with hours of information and education. Cheers!

Been a gold bug since 1999. To say its been an interesting trip from about 275/oz to today is an understatement.

I was even a card carrying member of Captain Hooks service, I miss those charts. Thanks Captain!

All the best and I look forward to contributing some small amount.






Buygold @ 14:16

Posted by Captain Hook @ 15:34 on March 31, 2020  

I think we are getting paid soon now.

Every dog has its day.


Bloomberg??? Russia Is Dumping U.S. Dollars to Hoard Gold

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:25 on March 31, 2020  

Vladimir Putin’s quest to break Russia’s reliance on the U.S. dollar has set off a literal gold rush.

Within the span of a decade, the country quadrupled its bullion reserves, and 2018 marked the most ambitious year yet. And the pace is keeping up so far this year. Data from the central bank show that holdings rose by 1 million ounces in February, the most since November.


Richie related to your 12:50. Quote: “If You Have Been Getting Away With Something For Decades, You Better Stop, Because Every Thing Is Reversing” Mr. Copper Circa 2009?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:17 on March 31, 2020  

Re Story:

The Wild Hunt for 100-Ounce Gold Bars

The decades of gov’t permissiveness and looking the other way for decades, re many things, culminated, crashed, and went into reverse along with Bernie Madoff’s artificial profits, and his unfortunately gleeful investors that all got beheaded with the make believe global financial system. Do any of you remember that??  Well here’s more evidence. I (added) some comments (this way)


“At the center of it all are a small band of (paper short gold) traders who for years had cashed in on what had always been a sure-fire bet: shorting gold (they don’t even have) in the futures market. Usually, they’d (dirt bags) ride the trade out till the end of the contract when they’d have a couple of options to get out without marking much, if any, loss.” (but normally, big dollar gains)

Comment: But because of unanticipated jump in physical demand and suddenly higher Gold prices, the typical old free winner bet was a big loser, forcing the probable gov’t lackey better/winner (on big margin) to deliver physical gold on the naked short bet. This types of banker games goes on in practically everything re currencies, mortgages etc.


“The short-seller needs to pay a refiner to re-melt the gold and re-pour it into the required bar shape in order for it to be delivered to the paper contract buyer.” “The short-seller needs to pay a refiner to re-melt the gold and re-pour it into the required bar shape in order for it to be delivered to the contract buyer.” “Typically, this trade cost almost nothing. But after the close of the next session on Monday, that premium had jumped further to $6.75.

Comment: The lucky paper long buyers that normally lose, decide they want the physical  gold because its so much cheaper (for them) compared to the much higher prices in the retail physical internet dealer prices and ebay prices.

So finally for a change, the bankers or constant paper shorters get what they deserve and hence a major reversal, like the end Madoffs fun, and a 150 year jail term.



Posted by Buygold @ 14:16 on March 31, 2020  

Nugt or calls on anything pm is just flat a bad idea.
Course looking at pm’s right now, ever buying them was a bad idea.

Famous line from a book I once read:

“Winners win, he thought, and then died”


Buygold @ 12:31

Posted by Captain Hook @ 13:05 on March 31, 2020  

Time to buy some NUGT calls…no?


Throw another log on the fire…you could say gold has a few bullish factors going for it

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:02 on March 31, 2020  

That’s why they r trying so hard to cap it…they will fail…I believe…

Rah! Rah! Sis Boom Bah! Go Gold!  [snort!]

Trump Calls For $2T Infrastructure Package In Phase 4 Stimulus

“It should be VERY BIG & BOLD, Two Trillion Dollars, and be focused solely on jobs and rebuilding the once great infrastructure of our Country!”


Just got this from a friend….and a PM friend at that. Hope it’ll post.

Posted by silverngold @ 13:01 on March 31, 2020  

11 minute video that brings out the truth about this virus scare. Either watch it or stay in the dark. It’s your choice!


Armstrong-We need a [monthly] closing today above 1617 to keep gold in a neutral to bullish posture.

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:50 on March 31, 2020  

Gold for the Close of the 1st Quarter


London 400-Ounce Bars

Gold has been rallying not because of the dollar and the same old scenarios that the Fed will expand its balance sheet again and this will be hyperinflation. They keep saying the same thing over and over again like a broken record and hope to sell their nonsense to a fresh new crop of unsuspecting people with sophistry.

In case you have not noticed, both Europe and Russia now have shut down gold sales to individuals. This is the prelude to the elimination of paper money which has been the end-game here for the ECB which has now power remaining with interest rates at negative since 2014 with no success. The wild swings in gold are being caused by the problem that COMEX gold is based on 100-ounce bars for delivery whereas the London gold market is 400-ounce bars. The premiums spreads in the cash markets have expanded because of this difference and there is a shift where Europeans are looking at buying in the USA for fear of what is coming in Europe, which many fear will be even confiscation. Bars coming from London have to be transported in a time when transportation is a problem and then the bars must be smelted down and recast for the US market.

This is clearly a coup by the left instigated out of Europe to save the European project. The Euro cannot last if Italy pulls out. The North will not agree to consolidate the debts so we are looking at the ass-backward solution of Coronbonds which will circumvent the treaty limitations on member state debts because these will be federal with handouts to the states. The Netherlands may be the staunchest opponent for they contribute to the EU and receive nothing back by regulations.

There is a serious disruption taking place because of the machinations taking place in Europe behind the curtain. We need a closing today above 1617 to keep gold in a neutral to bullish posture. A closing below that level will warn gold is still not breaking out just yet.



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I bet dollars to donuts

Posted by Buygold @ 12:31 on March 31, 2020  

they close gold at $1600 on the button today – or GLD at $151

This is all option driven IMHO.

Unfortunately, two decades later and in the midst of the worst crisis of all time, we’re still playing this stupid game.

interesting that the hui remains almost top tick and 9 pts off the low

Posted by Richard640 @ 12:17 on March 31, 2020  


A plunge is still a possibility…

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