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Posted by Maddog @ 23:23 on February 20, 2020  

Someone has to fix that two tier justice system of yrs……no healthy society can exist under such a system.

A Masterful Performance !

Posted by Ororeef @ 22:44 on February 20, 2020  

Its pretty clear

Posted by Ororeef @ 22:35 on February 20, 2020  

the FIX was in for Roger Stones trial just as soon as JURY AND JUDGE WERE SELECTED  ….jury forman was an Anti Trump advocate and the Judge knew it….Justice DEPARTMENT needs to clean along house with the FBI..

RETRIAL is mandated ….

I guess Scruffy didn’t make it.

Posted by Maddog @ 21:58 on February 20, 2020  

Which means he didn’t get to see what is going on now, in what he always called Kalifornica….he would not be that surprised.

On Leaving California: “I’ve Watched Grown Adults Dress Up As Vaginas & Parade The Streets”


‘Deforestation can continue!’ German court allows Tesla to chop down trees for Berlin ‘Gigafactory’, overruling local activists

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:02 on February 20, 2020  



Posted by treefrog @ 20:00 on February 20, 2020  


Posted by Buygold @ 19:03 on February 20, 2020  

Buygold-I got a scenario–the mkt closes down 150 to 200–then opens tomorrow with a 100 pt DOW pop-then rolls over hard & starts a crash sequence.

You got the first half of this right today. We’ll see what tomorrow looks like. Right now the SM futures are down a bit. What happens if the SM futures open down and keep falling?

Is it possible that the crash sequence has already started and what we’ve seen on the last few Friday’s were minor earthquakes warning us that a big one is coming?

PPT better be at the ready…LOL 🙂


Roubini=The white swan harbingers of global economic crisis are already here

Posted by Richard640 @ 17:54 on February 20, 2020  

Even someone who I recall as an arch gold bear, renowned economist Nouriel Roubini, writing in the UK’s Guardian, (See: The white swan harbingers of global economic crisis are already here)now sees a role for gold ahead as a replacement for U.S. Treasuries held by potentially hostile (to the U.S.) superpowers like China and Russia. He sees many financial and geopolitical problems which could all blow up in 2020. The final paragraphs of his article make for alarming reading in the least:

“As of early 2020, this is where we stand: the US and Iran have already had a military confrontation that will likely soon escalate; China is in the grip of a viral outbreak that could become a global pandemic; cyberwarfare is ongoing; major holders of US Treasuries are pursuing diversification strategies; the Democratic presidential primary is exposing rifts in the opposition to Trump and already casting doubt on vote-counting processes; rivalries between the US and four revisionist powers are escalating; and the real-world costs of climate change and other environmental trends are mounting.

This list is hardly exhaustive but it points to what one can reasonably expect for 2020. Financial markets, meanwhile, remain blissfully in denial of the risks, convinced that a calm if not happy year awaits major economies and global markets.”

Should Roubini’s fears be even half realised then the gold and silver markets could be in for an extremely wild ride.



Posted by treefrog @ 17:03 on February 20, 2020  

today is as close to sideways as it gets.  my portfolio, totaling my account and some trust accounts i manage for my kids is down a little less than two dollars.

Interest Rates Down Dollar Up, Gold Up Dollar Up, Is This One More Major Reversal Of The Past 60 Years??

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:05 on February 20, 2020  

And, opposite the US Dollar over priced in the sky, we have an extremely LOW Euro. Back in the 1970s for various reasons, I used to think, what the hell are we?? The United States of Europe?

They have been mooching on us since WW I and WW II. They absorbed half our gold reserves via trade imbalance, between 1934 and 1971, when they were FINALLY thrown off the gravy train.

Unfortunately, with their influence, after that DAY? They and Japan and later China, took away many tax paying businesses and jobs. Then later all the others gang banged us like India Bangladesh and now Vietnam of all places is getting our work.

By the looks of the Euro chart so low, I have to assume Europe is in power, in charge, and THEY think, they are more entitled to the lower Euro “punch bowl” than we are because of their very costly socialist system.


We could be looking at the old ways and the new Trump ways at the same time. Because by the jaw boning sound or constant rhetoric of how great the US Economy is doing, sounds like a panic situation to me. The rest of the world’s economies are supposedly slumping, and without the USA their problems will get worse.

Think of the global economy as the CAR, and the USA as the Battery and it needs a fast charge.

Batteries don’t last like they used to, and don’t take a charge. And you can bet your ass a decent percent of the US jobs are gov’t or taxpayer supported. Some jobs are “victim” supported. Like when you get a ticket in the mail for not stopping totally making a right turn on red.

Or that stupid check engine light that costs money. And the 30% cost of electronic parts in your car that you don’t need. If I could save $1,000 or $2,000 and not have an airbag I’d do that.  Who needs those tire pressure sensors?? Try to get a stripped down car with a rubber floor crank windows, and no power locks.

Richard640 @ 15:22

Posted by Captain Hook @ 15:48 on February 20, 2020  

Options expire tomorrow so anything can happen next week.

Thing is, even with the buybacks, the declines in phone/chip sales are so dramatic tech companies cannot buy back enough stock to prevent an absolute massacre this quarter. And if tech snaps off, so will everything else.

Not that such concerns matter to the crazies on either coast.



Posted by Buygold @ 15:24 on February 20, 2020  

That theory sounds as good as any.

If we do have another ugly Friday, it sure seems like it will be tough to resuscitate on another Monday.


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:23 on February 20, 2020  

Trump treats people who work for him a lot better than Bloomberg who can’t seem to distinguish between friends and enemies. If was worker has a problem or something came along Bloomberg won’t problem solve but finger point or make it worse. Little skills so will do bad in debates. Like the woman who was pregnant said just kill it.
He did make a point about communists but he or any of them wouldn’t be strong enough to deal with these uncivilized or communist countries on the sidelines.
Most of all he wouldn’t even be able to deal with the democrats because he’s not as crazed left as them. Just wonder what he thinks he’s planning on getting out of it. Open the borders and go after your second amendment so you can’t protect yourself while their at it?

Now dumbing down kids in school then to vote their rights, jobs, and country away. Have them listen to movie starts who’s most of their kids especially on the left are messed up so what do they do try to normalize it by messing up other kids head so they won’t look bad I guess.
The difference between the Trump voters and Democrat voters is the Trump voters aren’t wanting too much out of it, they are voting to save their country. The demo voters are voting for themselves. Free school, free healthcare not knowing what they would do to healthcare or school where they’d be in a 20 year waiting list. They’d sell their country away for personal gain. Entitlement mentality without even seeing the consequences.

Captain–sentiment is ready for a 10-20% drop–u wanna issue an official call yet?

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:22 on February 20, 2020  

Whatever “wall of worry” that has served as a tailwind for stock prices of late has been completely demolished. At least, according to data from the options market. And unlike the UM survey that we highlighted last week wherein consumers were merely their voicing their optimism, this data shows that traders are actually putting money where their bullish mouths are.

Buygold-I got a scenario–the mkt closes down 150 to 200–then opens tomorrow with a 100 pt DOW pop-then rolls over hard & starts a crash sequence.

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:17 on February 20, 2020  

2:58=just heard on FOX

“Not enough stock out there to satisfy demand…all the buybacks…they can’t even fill the Wilshire 5000…where is all that money gonna go?”
Lots of signs of a top lately…Prince at Davos=the boom bust cycle is dead…today Morgan Stanley buys E-Trade for a 30% premium

This might be an interesting close

Posted by Buygold @ 14:58 on February 20, 2020  

They tried to kill us mid-day, but haven’t been completely successful.

NEM and AEM are carrying the HUI.

RGLD looks like it finally bottomed, after some bad earnings. WPM keeps marching forward.

Looking good Billy Ray.

ororeef, amen!

Posted by treefrog @ 14:46 on February 20, 2020  

Bloomberg is finding out

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:22 on February 20, 2020  

He’s NO Donald Trump   !   Trump beat all the Republic contenders hands down…Bloomberg hasent a clue how he did it…   Theres more to Donald Trump than just money  ..He knows how to control the media  …he plays them like a card shark  …Bloomberg is no Trump  ,he’s out of his league …The Donald is a Master player….

Maddog @ 11:37 on February 20, 2020

Posted by Ororeef @ 14:14 on February 20, 2020  

Wheres Avenotti Lawyer when they need him….they all deserve each other .

Argentina in financial trouble … check

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:14 on February 20, 2020  

IMF calls Argentine debt ‘unsustainable,’ says bondholders must help resolve crisis


Ororeef @ 11:4

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:57 on February 20, 2020  

My heart bleeds for em! 🙂

Ororeef @ 11:45 Harry and Meghan Seem To Be Very Much In Lust, er Love. :)

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:16 on February 20, 2020  


Posted by Buygold @ 12:07 on February 20, 2020  

Looks like you’re right about the bottom for today as it seems the PPT may have arrived to test the resolve of the sellers and try to reverse the enthusiasm in the pm’s and pm shares, although it’s still pretty volatile.

I see the VXX is up about 5%

You could be right about another ugly Friday, which would be what? 3rd or 4th in a row?

P.S.–trannies never went red–they fell to about +15…now up 54

Posted by Richard640 @ 11:57 on February 20, 2020  

Buygold–WOW! it’s hard to catch a top…they say it’s the virus–what a joke–the mkt

Posted by Richard640 @ 11:56 on February 20, 2020  

ignored all the virus news…so why now??

Anyway another sign of a top==Morgan Stanley buys E-trade for a 30% premium…

.but this sudden drop is an earnest of things to come….looks like a bottoms in for now…gotta watch the last hour…

So will this be a 1987 rerun–tomorrow down hard…then sunday nite starts a world-wide crash?

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