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Posted by goldielocks @ 6:39 on October 10, 2015  

See your still getting stoned.

Heres some ideas this site has it pretty summed up. Also try not mixing water with meals or oils with water. Milk, juice with food ” oils”  drink the water beverages after about hour and at least hour before preferably two and try to avoid coffee. Try to avoid sugary drinks and foods for now think crystalization. Don’t know how well that oil lemon juice works.

This site gives on page two things that may help including pain from spasms. If the ones that apply don’t work well try taking culprim metallicum with it. ” Copper” About 5 pilulues  a day if severe for about three days then about one a day but not to take everyday rest of your life as is copper do DD on it. They used to make copper cups for this reason.  Once the levels up pain in control you can stop for awhile and will depend on you. It’s a old remedy for different things including muscle spasms or cramping pain and works breathing problems  ect. Biggest thing is getting through the pain and without other problems like infection. Try options on this site first page 2.



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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.