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Was the Tehran jet crash a criminal act?

Posted by ipso facto @ 20:01 on January 8, 2020  



Posted by ipso facto @ 19:26 on January 8, 2020  


IPSO : 17:17

Posted by Samb @ 19:25 on January 8, 2020  

Those are misses because they were meant to miss and just didn’t.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:47 on January 8, 2020  

Nope. Then the west will have to move all their ancient relics to the ME because the backwards people will be moving in building mosques. What will that be called? EU of Islam ? Islam of Canada? After Trumps gone United States of Islam? Nauseating.


Posted by ipso facto @ 17:17 on January 8, 2020  

I was reading something today and the guy was saying that in a few months or so one of Iran’s proxies will do some bloody bombing or attack and that will be the real revenge. Iran will deny any responsibility.

Looking at the aerial photos of the missile damage on the US base it sure doesn’t look like misses to me.

R640 – Maybe, Hard to say

Posted by Buygold @ 16:42 on January 8, 2020  

I’m sure there’s a lot of rogue militia in Iraq and other countries that weren’t exactly happy with the results of the missile strike. Likewise, I’m sure Israel would like an even greater US presence in the region and may not be satisfied with just taking out the General and not the Nuke sites. Pretty fluid situation.


Iran-Backed Militia Fires Three Rockets At US Embassy In Baghdad

Loud explosions heard in Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone which houses government buildings and foreign missions in Iraq

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Posted by Richard640 @ 16:35 on January 8, 2020  

goldielocks @ 13:55 re know a doctor from Iran.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:34 on January 8, 2020  

I have a friend Zeev that was born and raised in Israel. I told him I think of Israel like a European colony, because it sounds like most of the people there came from Europe or USSR. He agreed telling me even his parents did migrate there.

Another view the place could be thought of like the Jamestown Virginia 1607 or Plymouth Rock colony in Massachusetts 1620. From there they expanded. Maybe over the next 100-200 years, they move the backward people on reservations, and Israel grows completely across the Middle East like the USA, a new country called the United States of Arabia, or U.S of Israel?

Buygold–U r probably right…but the nuke issue remains and must be soon resolved

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:50 on January 8, 2020  

I think Iran is making nice cause they intend to rush into production their 1st nuke and will test it for all the world to see…then they will get very hostile…but that is a longer term event and doesn’t warrant my 10 day trade idea…which isn’t looking so hot as of 3:49pm


Posted by Buygold @ 15:41 on January 8, 2020  

Would be crazy to re-escalate now after Trump is seemingly letting them off the hook.

They played it smart by intentionally missing those targets.
Trump played the whole game even smarter by getting rid of Soleimani. Huge win for Trump if both sides stand down.

The action in pm’s today sucks but it’s totally predictable. Pretty soon we’ll be hearing about more Repo-not QE.

As far as war goes, it’s up to Iran’s proxies and Israel to stand down now.


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:14 on January 8, 2020  

Read the alternative but some is not in place. They could get it from us too via ships guarded by marines like in the days of Jefferson who wasn’t gonna pay not to be robbed like the past weaklings of today but hunted them down instead.


Posted by goldielocks @ 15:07 on January 8, 2020  

That sounds like a problem. What would be the alternative? Hope they have a back up plan in WCS.


Posted by Maddog @ 14:36 on January 8, 2020  

A serious shooting war in the ME would cut supplies worldwide, as no-one would insure the tankers, or send ’em in, apart from cowboys….the Straights of Hormuz are at their narrowest only 21 miles wide, 30 % of the worlds Nat Gas and 25 % of it’s crude passes daily……


Iran could make it impassable very easily and only a land invasion could really stop it.

Wise old Ollie the Trader Owl hoots:

Posted by Richard640 @ 14:25 on January 8, 2020  

BETTER LOAD UP ON THOSE JAN 17 VXX $18 calls for 9 or 10 or 11 bucks a piece before the close today as a just in case trade—why so far outa the money??  Cause this is a long-shot trade that is based on a geo-political event happening…VXX is at a new 52 wk low today—its high was 42.49…if action flared up in the next few days the DOW could open up down an ald 1000 or 1500 depending and u could see $25 or $30 in a hurry on VXX….I didn’t buy before Trumps speech and glad I didn’t

Looking at the crude and gold action now at 2:24pm…there seems to be no reason to be long volatility…but I’ll buy  anyway before the close…

Gold above $1550, Silver above $18 (barely)

Posted by Buygold @ 14:21 on January 8, 2020  

Sure seems like the shares have been overcooked a bit today.

Picked up some RGLD and WPM.

We’ll see what happens. Shouldn’t the DOW be up 500?


Posted by goldielocks @ 14:03 on January 8, 2020  

Warned before we aren’t as dependent on ME oil. Trump also announced we don’t need their oil. For decades we were buying their oil while preserving our own pretty much. I was thinking they would continue doing so until ME ran low first.
Now we have growing alternatives which is a good thing to look at when their is a mark up in oil demand as far as stocks but otherwise still not as efficient.
I’m guessing if things heated up it could still drive it up but not likely like 08 where it was starving people.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:55 on January 8, 2020  

I know a doctor from Iran. He came her pre mass immigration when we took decent people instead of the fugitives. He’s one of the best doctors around. I actually feel for him right now.


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:47 on January 8, 2020  

Yep and think they don’t want to show their true colors about now.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:43 on January 8, 2020  

I hear yeah but there’s a difference to me between self defense and a power hungry lunatic that’s not even a good aim. Can you see it now. Syria or Iraq wants peace. Achmed says silence I have nukes I kill you! I just nuked your neighbor. Oops With any luck it will go up and fall back down,

@Houstan! I Think WE Have A Dip. :)

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:37 on January 8, 2020  


Posted by Maddog @ 13:36 on January 8, 2020  

events are moving too fast for the UN …..thankfully.

goldielocks @ 12:43 re Iraq Iran

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:34 on January 8, 2020  

Roger that. I know I think in strange ways. Sometimes I think of countries that want nuclear weapons, like a country’s second amendment right to self defense. Even if a country HAS no nuclear they should LIE and SAY they have nuclear to deter attack. I believe Saddam Hussein may have lied when he said he had weapons of mass destruction. Or somebody else lied. 🙂

oil chart is setting up a super bearish outlook, on the weekly

Posted by Maddog @ 13:27 on January 8, 2020  

We have a potential double top @ 65/66 and as of now we have a 3 Weekly Key Reversal on….this rally may well have been a B wave, which means we might have to suffer a C wave, that will attack the $ 42 low area !!!!

The mkt is betting an awful lot on no more trouble in the ME !!!!


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:17 on January 8, 2020  

Ever wondered where is the UN right now? Is it putting a damper on their infiltration plans?

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:43 on January 8, 2020  

Now that’s a “real”!by any means possible cause.Lol
Interesting read. I was busy with young children then and nursing the sick.
I strongly feel one thing. If Iran gets nukes no country will be safe. That includes his Muslim neighbors they will bully too. You see them now trying to dictate to Iraq and kept the wars going on and on.

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