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IPSO meanwhile back in the states

Posted by goldielocks @ 13:01 on March 30, 2017  

Idaho prosecutor Grant Lobes downplays sex assault of 5 year old girl.

Says it was exaggerated. What part was exaggerated. The nurse who witnessed and stopped it that didn’t know the girl, the physical evidence or the videotape rein acting their hero IS that could only be learned by their environment not ours. The guy should be fired. Then allowing the victims parents and victim to be harassed because they won’t back down. If this was in reverse a American even without evidence they’d lie really exaggerate and throw the book at him. In this case they further terrorize a little girl. If I were the mom Id use it to get a conceal carry. Actually if I was her mom knowing they already caused other threats to girls and this same just-us system had it covered up Id be in jail and the treat would of been neutralized. Hope it don’t go the way of Sweden andtheir colonozing maybe getting kickbacks from that muslim yogurt factory owner Whos lobbying other companies to hire muslims so he can bring in more.

Lacy Peterson and her husband, Levi, have endured nearly 10 months of public shaming and lies told against their family. Even county prosecutor Grant Loebs has used local media to downplay the savagery of what happened to their little girl last June. That’s when two boys from Iraq stripped the girl naked and molested her while the third boy, from Sudan, filmed the incident.

If it had not been for an alert elderly resident of the low-income apartment complex, there is no telling how much worse the assault may have been.


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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.