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wanka needs some of this for his lawn ornament (it’s bacon scented)

Posted by treefrog @ 23:18 on March 10, 2017  



Posted by Maddog @ 22:04 on March 10, 2017  

Bond mkt is in major bear phase. it may well see a large easing, in a 2nd wave quite soon….but rates are heading higher, big time long term.

Poll Found on Tweeter.

Posted by commish @ 18:58 on March 10, 2017  


Epic US, Russian, Turkish military summit on Syria

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:24 on March 10, 2017  

EXCLUSIVE: For the first time ever, the top soldiers of the United States, Russia and Turkey are holding a secret meeting in the Turkish town of Antalya for an urgent two-day effort to avert a clash between their three armies, which stand ominously face to face in northern Syria.

(See debkafile’s exclusive disclosure on March 6)

Gen. Joseph Dunford, Chairman of the US Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Valery Gerasimov, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian armed forces, and Gen. Hulusi Akar, Chief of Staff of the Turkish army sat down together on Tuesday, March 7.

cont. http://debka.com/article/25954/Epic-US-Russian-Turkish-military-summit-on-Syria


Posted by Buygold @ 16:39 on March 10, 2017  

Yes. The fact gold wasn’t up 10-15 considering the dollar weakness should bother everyone.

Glad to see pm’s were positive but it should have been better. Way better.

It’s a good thing, IMO

Posted by Maya @ 16:33 on March 10, 2017  

Bitcoin Crashes Below $1000 After SEC Rejects ETF

The Winklevoss twins have a huge hoard of BTC… maybe the single biggest holding.  Their ambition has been to become the ‘Wall Street of Bitcoins’ and form an ETF.   In my opinion, this could only be bad for bitcoin, inducing the well documented manipulation tricks into the pricing of BTC.   An unregulated, free market in BTC is true price-discovery!  It has already begun to recover, and Chinese demand continues.

Well that wasn’t so bad

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:21 on March 10, 2017  

Have a great weekend everyone!

Nice finish on JNUG-gold ALWAYS does numerous intra-day head fakes to shake people out

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:58 on March 10, 2017  

The fact is that gold has been signaling that it’s sold out the entire past week–what bothers me is that it didn’t even end up 5 or 10 bucks…it’s been that way all week–

Posted by Richard640 @ 8:22 on March 10, 2017 -edit-
15 minutes to the report and gold’s down only 6.50—the report is “known” already so why isn’t gold down 20-30 $s—Looks like a buy right here…one thing, the psychologically important 1200 and 17 $ levels have been breached…gold firming a bit just now…

RIP Paul H. Kangas

Posted by Maya @ 15:52 on March 10, 2017  

Business News broadcaster Paul Kangas was also a ham radio operator, W4LAA.


FYI New Kid On The Block, Ticker OR, Osisko Gold Royalties Ltd Founded April 29 2014

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:49 on March 10, 2017  

It doesn’t look bad, $1.1 Bil/mkt cap. Pays a div 1.14%, P/E 39. Looks like Van Eck Associates bought a boat load of it. In April 29 2014, Gold was $1400, and OR was $15, now it’s $10.66, with gold at $12.02. I might buy a small amt.



ten minute silver at netdania

Posted by treefrog @ 15:10 on March 10, 2017  

eve and adam bottom forming

@Farmboy re 14:11 Agreed on that. This is extremely STRONG action on the shares.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:08 on March 10, 2017  

I doubt very much the spot gold action was normal. The relentless day after day drops reminded me of the time TPTB abruptly manually “re-adjusted” the dollar upward from 80-85 area up to 100 in few months starting in June 2014. It was a relentless stead climb, day after day, week after week, with no dips.

Dollar Chart.


The Corbett Report, FWIW. Not Trump friendly but his honest opinion

Posted by silverngold @ 14:26 on March 10, 2017  

Calling It Early, But Today Was a Win For The Goldbugs

Posted by Farmboy @ 14:11 on March 10, 2017  

JNUG looking good with two hours to go. Ditto for the PHiz and miners showing a set. A Good day !

Don’t think will need the JDST afterall so its gone. All in all, unless the miners sell off at the end, my trading day was pretty much a wash. I will take it after the week we just went through.

Wishing everyone a great weekend. Its warm, sunny, and I’m sure I can find something better to do with the rest of the day. 🙂

Back in the Pool

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:37 on March 10, 2017  

Gold is Tapping Around Looking for a Tradable Bottom

Bob Moriarty


treefrog @ 12:06 Thanks For The Invite, Headed To PC Next Weekend

Posted by Farmboy @ 12:18 on March 10, 2017  

So need you to take care of the weather. I like it sunny. And hoping that Floridagold rounds up his gators before I get there. 🙂

Buygold @ 11:39 Been A Very Tough Week

Posted by Farmboy @ 12:12 on March 10, 2017  

But so far for today, its probably the best day of the week. GDX,GDXJ,HUI, & XAU are all in the green. Some of the miners showing some strength, (MUX +4%), and the Phiz is not taking the beating we seen earlier in the week. So far….it looks like we got the bleeders clamped off, and the PM patient is stabilizing. I see some sign of recovery if the rest of today continues to hold in same fashion. My best WAG. Hanging onto the JDST to after Yellen speaks, and to see if we get he normal sell off of stocks in last hour of Friday trading.

So far, feeling better about our chances for next week. TGIF !! This is starting to feel too much like work. 🙂

visit florida

Posted by treefrog @ 12:06 on March 10, 2017  

sun, beaches, alligators.   hungry alligators!



winedoc, 6:09, Yup, that a Bonnerville all right.

Posted by macroman3 @ 11:51 on March 10, 2017  

So the ten year TNX just hit the line-in-the-sand 2.6%. Is the 1/4 point rise built in already or will it go to 2.85% on Wed?

Posted by macroman3 @ 11:46 on March 10, 2017  

TIA all you bond gurus.


Posted by Buygold @ 11:39 on March 10, 2017  

yeah, I don’t see any good thing happening today with JNUG, glad I’m out for now.

What is ridiculous is that the USD is getting smashed pretty good and yet the metals are down again.

All those guys talking about gold as insurance are probably right. Other than that, I don’t see how the scum will ever let you make money holding it or the miners. Miners have to be traded.

Another week…


Ororeef @ 11:19 No Worries, Obama Is Going To Forgive Those Student Loans

Posted by Farmboy @ 11:24 on March 10, 2017  

OH wait, Obama is not the President anymore. No wonder the snowflakes are so angry.

Crank Up The Volume

Posted by Farmboy @ 11:22 on March 10, 2017  

Volume in the Mining Shares is pretty anemic. If we are going to rally, or try to hold the line even, we need to see the volume crank up the rest of the day. Phiz getting some support from a falling dollar.

TOO BIG to Fail Works ! Thats what they Learned !

Posted by Ororeef @ 11:19 on March 10, 2017  

31% Of College Students Spend Their Loans On Spring Break

Tyler Durden's picture

As Washington D.C. liberals continue their fight for ‘free’ college education for all (which, of course, is just a nicer way of saying largely useless community college education crammed down the throats of taxpayers) and student loan forgiveness programs, a new study from LendEDU reveals some of the shocking realities behind where college students are really spending their $1.3 trillion worth of student debt.

Per a survey of 500 college co-eds, LendEDU found that 31% of students, or roughly 2.4 million kids, admitted to using student loan money to fund their binge drinking trips to Cancun and Daytona Beach for spring break.

ipso facto @ 10:50 Thanks !

Posted by Farmboy @ 11:11 on March 10, 2017  

Just proves that I don’t have to be all that smart, just have friends that are ! 🙂

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