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Not much negative bias there

Posted by ipso facto @ 23:26 on March 26, 2017  

10 day gold

Recent earnings of the mining companies haven’t been much to write home about. Seems to me even most of the good companies haven’t been doing much better than break even. This must be one of the factors of the recent gold share underperformance. Not to minimize the thumb on the scale of course. Higher gold and silver prices benefit the mining cos shares in the future no way around it.

Excellent post! I agree with most of it. Love the white race!!

Posted by Richard640 @ 22:58 on March 26, 2017  

I do like this – if it continues into tomorrow

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 22:16 on March 26, 2017  


Why don’t they want to hear this whistleblower ?

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 22:10 on March 26, 2017  


Ides of March begins – this is where the scum goes after Trump in earnest IMHO

Posted by Buygold @ 21:47 on March 26, 2017  

U.S. Stock Futures

S&P -17.30  /  -0.74%
Level 2,327.50
Fair Value 2,340.45
Difference -12.95
Data as of 9:31pm ET
Nasdaq -5.75  /  -0.11%
Level 5,373.00
Fair Value 5,366.07
Difference 6.93
Data as of Mar 24
Dow -120.00  /  -0.58%
Level 20,455.00

No big surprise, and one man’s comment

Posted by Buygold @ 21:19 on March 26, 2017  

Why Middle Class Whites Are Dying Faster (In 6 Painful Charts)

“…researchers weave a narrative of “cumulative disadvantage” over a lifetime for white people ages 45 through 54, particularly those with low levels of education… Along with worsening job prospects over the past several decades, this group has seen their chances of a stable marriage and family decline, along with their overall health. To manage their despair about the gap between their hopes and what’s come of their lives, they’ve often turned to drugs, alcohol, and suicide.

That is absolutely correct. The problem is whites watch the TELEVITZ and, literally, are brainwashed by that and movies and schools, and God help us, CHURCHES. They are all instruments of the (((DEEP STATE)))

A young man’s view of today’s America:
When the White working middle class dies off

And we younger whites are obstructed in achieving career goals despite college level education – So have no means with which to support a growing family complete with white babies – add to this, drugs, miscegenation, 36 different fucking genders, transgender self mutilations, individual suicides,etc

Then we have the perfect storm in which White Genocide is accomplished on an industrial scale far beyond the fervid imaginings of jews’ muh holocaust™

The big difference is our Genocide won’t be memorialized by an Oscar winning film

This explains what happened to America, to the Whites:
Professor Kevin MacDonald’s ‘The Culture of Critique’ Reviewed emeritus professor of psychology at California State University – Long Beach

When you have non-Whites deciding immigration policy, I think you’ve reached game-over as a country.
Oriental Double-Team: Other Oriental “Judge” Orientals-Over Trump Moslem Ban

And the forest I want people to see, the big picture I want them to understand, even though it is a simplified picture, is this: Without Jews there would have been no Bolshevik Revolution and subsequent selective murder of two generations of the best and brightest of the Russians. Without Jews as an organized community pushing “multiculturalism” and “diversity” and open borders and racial mixing in the United States, White Americans would not now be facing the prospect of becoming a minority in their own country in the near future.

A Closer Look at the Enemy William Pierce PhD (Physics) former-physics professor at Oregon State University Broadcast Date: October 3, 1998

@Richey re 19:17 This is it, gang, after 25 yrs=Gold’s time has come

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 20:31 on March 26, 2017  

Ya know, the Dines letter I get said he thinks this latest up-wave that started late ’15 or early ’16, is probably going to be the last wave up, peaking somewhere between $3,000 and $5,000. I know it sounds crazy, but he also said Silver will be the same price as gold. That I find very hard to believe, but hey, there’s a lot of unspent paper money out there. He also said at that point they would sell out.

R640 – Love the optimism

Posted by Buygold @ 19:27 on March 26, 2017  

but we’ve seen potentially gold positive stuff like this for years.

I’m not even sure why this would be so positive other than the USD is taking a hit.

Tomorrow am will tell the tale. We’ll see.

Equisetum-everything is different now-it can’t be repaired-gold’s moment is here-the filth have gone

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:24 on March 26, 2017  

too far–the Koch bros– the politicos and the bankers etc etc they’ve killed the goose that laid the golden egg.

This is it, gang, after 25 yrs=Gold’s time has come! Cabal-Shmabal–gold’s about to launch

Posted by Richard640 @ 19:17 on March 26, 2017  

I’m loading the boat as soon as pre-mkt trading starts-no matter how much or little gold is up over night.


Mark Lundeen writes=

The above chart of best grade corporate and muni bond yields shows a historic market anomaly, an anomaly that has now gone on for 334 weeks.

Muni bond coupon payments are tax free, while corporate bonds are taxable. For this reason, yields in muni bonds were below those of corporate bonds, and with few exceptions, have always been since 1938 when Barron’s began publishing this data. Then came November 2010, and as you can see in the chart above, all that has changed.

When the Federal Reserve pushed short-term interest rates down to almost zero in 2008, people have been dying for income. Yet the market clearly prefers lower yielding taxable corporate bond income to higher yielding tax-free income from muni bonds.

This is the bond market’s warning of pending problems in the finances of local and state governments. People purchasing bonds issued by cities like Chicago, or states like California because they currently offer higher yields to corporate bonds, will one day regret holding the IOUs of the crypto-commies running the Democratic Party’s political machines.

Of course Wall Street has bundled these muni-bonds with a credit-default swap, exactly as they did with sub-prime mortgages in 2007. And we remember how that worked out. When mortgage defaults began to rise in 2007-08, Wall Street couldn’t make good on its obligations to its counter-parties to those swaps because they spent all the money instead of holding reserves. People should have gone to prison! Instead Congress and the Federal Reserve came in to bail these criminals out.

Gold is looking pretty good in its step sum chart below. Hopefully it will clear its $1,250 level next week, but if it doesn’t, I’ll just have to live with that. It looks as if its lows of last December are going to hold. But even if that doesn’t, I could even live with that too.

The key thing to keep in mind with holding gold and silver is that our world is heavily indebted by weak credits and rickety banks; and so is pregnant with counter-party risk. Gold and silver have no counter-party risks. The day is coming when trillions of dollars in flight capital are going to flee the deflating financial asset markets, and attempt to squeeze into the tiny gold and silver markets. I believe a day is coming when the price of gold and silver will rise to levels that are simply unbelievable to people today.

Well Holy Heck Equisetum – thanks for bringing that to my attention!!!!

Posted by Buygold @ 18:45 on March 26, 2017  

Looks pretty good so far, hopefully it continues and we build on the gains!

Silver looks good too, and the USD may just be breaking down.

24 hr gold chart


Goldcountry – and then of course, there’s this. The Russians didn’t hack the DNC as Assange said…

Posted by Buygold @ 18:41 on March 26, 2017  

The Evidence That Russia Hacked The DNC Is Collapsing

The allegation – now accepted as incontrovertible fact by the “mainstream” media – that the Russian intelligence services hacked the Democratic National Committee (and John Podesta’s emails) in an effort to help Donald Trump get elected recently suffered a blow from which it may not recover.

Buygold, it is 31 minutes since the Sunday afternoon opening of the

Posted by Equisetum @ 18:36 on March 26, 2017  

posted fiat price of an ounce of gold and I thought I should come onto this forum to check if you were pleased with the different Sunday opening price now showing.  Havent seen your approval yet but assuming you like the gold price action at this time when it usually is experiencing a knock-down at this time on a Sunday.  Looking OK to me.

Hey Goldcountry

Posted by Buygold @ 18:33 on March 26, 2017  

I’m not a twitter (or Facebook) kinda guy but I should be able to pull up some info from Wictor.

We really live in amazing times. I like this Tony Shaffer guy and agree with him. We’ll see my friend.

“Much Worse Than Watergate”, Former CIA Officer Admits Trump ‘Wiretapping’ Likely True

The “basic fundamental idea and claim is true,” the ‘political appointees’ in the intelligence community knew exactly what they were surveilling for, Shaffer said, adding that the case is “much worse than Watergate by an order of magnitude.”

Hey Goldie

Posted by Buygold @ 18:27 on March 26, 2017  

Those were some good stomping grounds, glad to hear they were yours as well!

Huntington Beach and Orange County in general have always bee a bastion of conservatism, I was just glad to see that march for Trump included some folks that just weren’t going to cower from the bullshit that these ANTIFA punks are doling out.

Believe it or not I lived about a half mile from Bolsa Chica and definitely would have been on that March with my police officer buddy from up the road. This is what we need to do, stand up for ourselves and Trump. Enough with these nutball snowflakes and those seeking to insight violence that are funded by Soro’s. I expect this will get worse and both sides larger.


Hi Buygold

Posted by goldcountry @ 18:12 on March 26, 2017  

Yes I know the Feinstein briefing was ostensibly about the Russia thing, but I don’t believe that is all that was covered. Why wouldn’t the DNC allow the FBI to secure their computer system? Trump tweeted about that: (“What about all of the contact with the Clinton campaign and the Russians? Also, is it true that the DNC would not let the FBI in to look?”) And he also tweeted that Obama is bad, or “sick,” for tapping his phones during the campaign. Interesting choice of words, no? Trump’s tweets are not random. I did read the Montgomery info you posted as well, but I think it’s naive to believe that Nunes knows more than Trump. It’s quite possible that Obama was using a private agency for his skullduggery.

If you are on Twitter at all I’d recommend checking out Thomas Wictor. Very insightful guy.

Hey Goldcountry

Posted by Buygold @ 17:36 on March 26, 2017  

We tend to agree on a lot of things and Trump certainly isn’t stupid. I hope you’re right about Comey. I know Rogers went to Trump Tower after the election to presumably report on the survellience activities of the Obama administration of the Trump transition team.

Pretty wicked web they weave. The thing is that your video talks about the grim faces of Grassley and Feinstein regarding the Russia-Trump investigation, NOT the unmasking and subsequent leak. I don’t trust Grassley or Feinstein, maybe they are grim because there is no evidence of Trump collusion with Russia and they can’t hang him.

Please read the my earlier post where Larry Klayman gave Grassley the intel of the former CIA guy Montgomery. Grassley blew Klayman off and didn’t want to hear it. Grassley has been in the Senate forever, why wouldn’t he take that info and run with it and a chance to hang the Obozo administration?

This is a big swamp, and unfortunately guys like Ryan and McConnell, maybe Grassley, but certainly Feinstein are big creatures that need to be dealt with. If not, this will be a very long four years.

Going to watch your body language video now – thank you!


Buygold–more on body language

Posted by goldcountry @ 14:48 on March 26, 2017  

Here’s a video that analyses Comey and Rogers’ body language. Well worth the 20 minutes. I posted it a few days ago but maybe you missed it. The woman who does the analysis is very good.


Maya…Stop reading my mind!

Posted by Auandag @ 14:46 on March 26, 2017  


Posted by goldcountry @ 14:39 on March 26, 2017  

You said “I watched Comey being questioned, he looks down and away as he’s being asked about Clapper, Brennan, Ben Rhoades, Susan Rice and Sally Yates. He’s lying, there’s absolutely no doubt about it. In the beginning of this clip.”

I don’t agree that he is lying. He is saying all that he can, given that the information is still classified at this time. All of this was explained at the beginning of the hearing. Nevertheless, his body language does reveal much. Comey really is working for Trump, and Trump kept him on for a reason. Trump is not stupid, as you know. Comey gave a briefing to Grassley and Feinstein last week, after which Feinstein looked like she had seen a ghost. Comey certainly briefed them on some very dirty deeds by Obama. I think it will all come out, and very soon.



Posted by Maya @ 14:23 on March 26, 2017  

Looks like we collided at the same time.  Great minds think alike.

I’m really happy to see Trump acknowledge Pirro.  She can really rip into the establishment.

Maya….Good timing….Great minds think alike LOL

Posted by Auandag @ 14:22 on March 26, 2017  

Steve Bannon. Winner.

Posted by commish @ 14:21 on March 26, 2017  


Trump & Judge Pirro

Posted by Maya @ 14:18 on March 26, 2017  

Looks like he’s got his own media attack dog now.  Let ‘er rip!



Jeanine Blasts Ryan

Posted by Auandag @ 14:18 on March 26, 2017  

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