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Posted by Moggy @ 21:35 on March 18, 2017  

He isn’t wrong when he says it will be the end of the powers that be, Pluto in Capricorn is guaranteed to bring governments tumbling.  But he overlooks that Saturn’s entrance into Capricorn while Pluto is still ensconced there means we will be facing stark reality as early as January 2018 when transiting Saturn opposes the U.S. 7th house Venus…death to our currency, and severe suffering for the people who aren’t holding physical gold and silver.

But the statement he made that I found to be ignorant is this:

” No more revolutions Pluto/Uranus out of orb.”

Pluto and Uranus were not in orb in 1776, but that shot heard round the world certainly constituted a revolution.

Well heck Moggy

Posted by Buygold @ 20:35 on March 18, 2017  

That’s too bad. I kinda liked his outcome…

I guess we’re screwed no matter what…



Posted by Moggy @ 19:25 on March 18, 2017  

“There’s this guy on Zerohedge named Chris Dakota. I am wondering what you think about his abilities.”

Not much, lol.

Capricorn represents structure.  Pluto represents demolition.  Pluto in Capricorn means structure – especially government structure – rots away.

Neptune represents secrets, hidden things.  Pisces represents mystical ideals.  Neptune in Pisces on the negative side means brainwashing of the public, over indulgence in alcohol, drugs and self-pity.  It will bring events in which large numbers of people suffer.  Neptune in Pisces on the positive side means spiritual awakening.  Neptune has been in Pisces since 2011.

Hey Moggy

Posted by Buygold @ 16:41 on March 18, 2017  

There’s this guy on Zerohedge named Chris Dakota. I am wondering what you think about his abilities.

If I recall correctly interpreters of Nostradamus also pegged 2020 as a time of fiat collapse/new era

Here it is:

Chris Dakota jmack Mar 18, 2017 12:57 AM

Told you guys 1.5 yrs ago that no lie will stand now that Neptune is home in the house of truth…Pisces.

This is why the news is so repulsive now, the ugly truth is emerging along with Pluto Capricorn, soon Saturn joins in Capricorn (winter solstice 2017) and hot damn its going to be the end of the powers that be, due to the truth.

Pluto our soul mate who loves us so much he will put on elbow length latex gloves and stick his arm up our ass to pull out that which is diseased. He loves us so much he will kill us if it is for our own good. We can see 6000 yrs, 3000 back and 3000 forward and their is no other time like this time. I guess you are seeing daily the amazing events, almost like a horror show/love story all in one at one time.

No more revolutions Pluto/Uranus out of orb.

Now it is cleaning the nasty crap. When you clean the closet at the end you get all the ugly stuff at the bottom, where we are now.

2020 we have a whole new financial system, the wars are done. I suspect no more American Empire, it will be a shared world most likely USA, China, Russia.

Do what you like, but the outcome will be the same.


Posted by old-timer @ 16:37 on March 18, 2017  

To the group, I offer this link to what I think is a really neat update on the Oroville Dam…

@ Maya @ 14:52 on March 17, 2017

Posted by old-timer @ 16:34 on March 18, 2017  

Thank you very much for posting those videos.

Yesterday was yet another dark, cold, and wet day here, so it was a real treat to just “ride” in the sun and see all that powerful nature.

Those kids had a trip they will never forget, and the guy who did that video did it just right, without a lot of jumping around and visual exercises.

It was so nice to escape the immediate physical environment and the psychological “doom has arrived, fake news at eleven” one as well.

I don’t have a lot to contribute, so I just stop by every day to see what’s up and to see your train pics.

Thank you.

Auandag, samb

Posted by Buygold @ 16:27 on March 18, 2017  

Auandag – I’m not sure, seems odd that demand is down and could be that there is less available. I will say that the COT Report is looking better – a lot better – for the second week in a row, and this is prior to the Wednesday – Friday pop.


The only reason I could think demand is down is as the author says. Complacency. Everyone is complacent until their not. 🙂

samb – I re-read R640’s post as well, doubt he is the buyer, just inquiring about who would be as “demented as he is” to make such a trade. I suspect it was just more OpEx squaring after hours.

This road with pm’s is long. I suspect we’ll have no idea when SHTF until it actually does, and pm’s go no-bid. If that happens, we either have physical or we don’t. The crap shoot is the shares only because we won’t know if there will be a stock market…

Anyone who hasn’t seen this before

Posted by goldielocks @ 14:48 on March 18, 2017  

How squatters can steal your home while your away.

Online Observers Accuse Obama Of Improper Intervention In Hawaii Immigration Ruling

Posted by Maya @ 13:58 on March 18, 2017  



Thanks Mr. Copper

Posted by Samb @ 13:38 on March 18, 2017  

That clarifies it for me.

Samb @ 12:49 re your “Richard 640 bought, some 500,000 shares of JNUG”

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:28 on March 18, 2017  

I thought the same thing, at first, when he posted that, but after looking at the [fine print] [like me] means not him. He asked.

“any-O-u big time traders with a sophisticated platform can verify this? TIA” I’m thinking maybe it was a big brokerage squaring off their books.

Moggy @ 11:12

Posted by Maya @ 13:27 on March 18, 2017  

The natives here are none too bright about political things and consequences.  Officially, this is the ‘Land of Aloha’, and that’s the excuse for the judge doing as he did.  But under the surface, with all the homeless problem, the locals are seeing their life slip away to the rich foreign people buying up Hawaii.  Muz invaders would either have to be rich, or end up in the homeless camps here.   Their life expectancy in the homeless camps would be limited, IMO.

U.S. Mint Releases Annual Report for FY 2016

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:14 on March 18, 2017  

Parts, missing bar charts:

Demand for silver bullion coins remained strong, surging late in the year. Almost 44 million ounces of gold, silver, and platinum bullion were sold in FY 2016, a slight decrease from the record-setting 49 million ounces sold in FY 2015.

In FY 2016, the Mint sold 45,163,000 ounces of bullion, down 4,585,000 ounces (9.2%) from the previous, record-breaking year. Revenue from the bullion program dropped from FY 2015’s $2,126.1 million to $2,085.3 million—a decrease of 1.9%. Net income for FY 2016 was $55.3 million, down 9.3% from $61 million.

Gold Bullion—Gold-bullion sales stayed flat compared to FY 2015, coming in at 1,018 thousand ounces. This includes a 1.1% increase in American Gold Eagle ounces and a 4.3% drop in gold Buffalo ounces. Revenue from gold bullion increased overall by 3.7%, to $1,277.9 million, thanks to a 5.5% increase in AGE revenue. Gold Buffalo revenue, however, dropped by 3.2%. From a net-income perspective, gold bullion decreased $1.2 million (4.6%), thanks to a $0.9 million (4.1%) drop in AGE earnings. Gold Buffalo earnings fell by $0.3 million (6.7%).

Silver Bullion—Silver-bullion sales dropped by 9.4%, to 44,125,000 ounces. American Silver Eagle sales, in particular, fell by 11.3% compared to 2015. Net income from silver bullion decreased by 10.8%, thanks to a $4.1 million drop in ASE earnings—this despite a $0.3 million (37.5%) increase in earnings for America the Beautiful 5-ounce silver bullion coins. The better part of ATB sales came from the year’s first issue, the Shawnee National Forest coin. Shawnee’s sales (525,000 ounces) were the highest for any single ATB 5-ounce coin since the 2011 Glacier National Park and Gettysburg Military Park issues (at 633,500 ounces each). ASE revenue was down by $120.2 million (13.7%) in FY 2016, while ATB revenue was up by $14.1 million (91%). The overall effect was an 11.9% decrease in silver revenue for the year.

Platinum Bullion—According to the annual report, the Mint was able to resume production of platinum bullion in FY 2016 because it finally found a supplier of platinum that could meet the Mint’s delivery requirements. (Prior to 2016, the Mint had not produced an American Eagle Platinum coin since the spring of FY 2014.) The resulting APE coins sold out entirely, with more than 17,000 units being sold within the first 24 hours of their release. The 20,000 ounces of platinum bullion sold generated $22.6 million in revenue, but a net loss of $1.1 million.

U.S. Mint Releases Annual Report for FY 2016

Still shaken am I

Posted by Samb @ 12:49 on March 18, 2017  

Read it twice, then in the middle of the night once again. Wowser! Richard 640 bought, some 500,000 shares of JNUG.  More power too him but, the scale of that entry still has me shaking.


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:05 on March 18, 2017  

Right he should. Obama was seen weak on so many levels and or competitors, parasites and adversary’s see it and why we’re seeing trouble with not only the Mid East but China also a parasite, Russia, Korea and Mexico. A lot of those Mid Easterners don’t even want to come here but being left alone unarmed they have ISIS moving in killing them. Another disfunctional legacy of OPuppet. If they stopped that war, eliminate ISIS and didn’t leave it with another radical Gov they wouldn’t need to come here.

The Dollar sez DOWN

Posted by Ororeef @ 12:03 on March 18, 2017  

.The dow sez DOWN ,but dont have Confirmation on that !  (one signal is down the other sideways)

commish @ 21:56….goldi @ 22:00….Maya @ 0:48

Posted by Moggy @ 11:12 on March 18, 2017  

@ commish:  You must remember that politicians lack intelligence, as proven by their actions.  And the hordes of muslims invading the west aren’t refugees.

@ goldi:  The Hawaiian judge should be removed from the bench for attempting to re-write the Constitution.

@ Maya:  The wild natives cannot have it both ways: to allow an anti-Constitutional judge to counter-act a sitting president that would threaten the safety of those on the mainland while themselves remaining untouched.  The proclamation came from Hawaii…it is only just that Hawaii must also be host to a muz invasion.

Gold demand in India explodes!

Posted by MetalsGuy @ 10:16 on March 18, 2017  

Indian demand

Buygold @ 8:15 Maybe demand is collapsing because none is for sale!

Posted by Auandag @ 9:25 on March 18, 2017  

Contrary Indicator?

Posted by Buygold @ 8:15 on March 18, 2017  

Demand For Physical Gold Is Collapsing

“During the 2008 financial meltdown..There was a total disconnect between the paper price and physical demand. That’s now happening again, but in reverse. The paper price is rising, but physical demand is falling…This strikes me as total madness… There seems to be no fear in the market… no regard for sense or safety.


Posted by goldielocks @ 1:08 on March 18, 2017  

I don’t think that Judge gives a care. It’s just because it was Trump. It’s said Obama was class mates with him but can’t verify that. I suppose you could put them in Level 1 and 2. They are getting money and food stamps and don’t have to work. They can bring other wives and call them extended family and have up to 20 kids so that’s a lot of welfare. Yep that would be trouble.

Moggy @ 20:38

Posted by Maya @ 0:48 on March 18, 2017  

That Hawaii judge is an Obama stooge.  Hello?  Democratic machine Hawaii… Obama’s ‘home’.  They probably played golf when he was here.

I’ve already got an unmaintained jungle lot on one side of the house with lots of large fallen logs, all overgrown.  A body could go missing in there easily.   😉   But the wild natives here wouldn’t tolerate a muz invasion.  It’s hard enough being a white Haole here, even if I’m a ‘local’.

But in the ‘big city’ of Honolulu it’s a different story.  I had a Kuwaiti family move into the apartment above me during the last year I was in town.  She was attending the university.  Had two small girls 8 & 10 years.  Her husband spoke no english, couldn’t find work there, so went back home.  She stayed at school and raising the girls, but suffered a lot of public abuse when she went out with a headscarf.

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