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little lefties have big ears

Posted by treefrog @ 22:06 on March 4, 2017  

trump says obozo wiretapped him. obozo says neither he nor the white house ordered it. a likely conclusion is that the truth is somewhere in between. i am reminded of the case of thomas a’beckett. the king cries out (drunkenly, in the film version) to his barons/cronies, “is there no one who can rid me of this bothersome priest?” the rowdy barons go bash thomas’ head in. did the king “order” it? no. was he guilty? good question. whatever the answer, thomas is just as dead.
likewise, imagine with me if you will, obozo sitting around with some of his czars/cronies, smoking a little ganja, “i wish we knew what the donald is doing at trump tower…” did he “order” it? no. is he guilty? good question…

C’mon Joe

Posted by Buygold @ 20:11 on March 4, 2017  

A little early to start singing Armstrong praises isn’t it?

He’s calling for sub $1K gold is he not? You’ve outlined June 19th as some sort of date.

I do appreciate your post because there are solid dates. Right or wrong they are there for future reference.

Gold and silver tend to make fools out of EVERY prognosticator.

Oh well, silver looks good tonight. One day at a time.

Eeos 10:56

Posted by goldielocks @ 18:31 on March 4, 2017  

That is what should be known to the public. That’s terrible. These usless lying democrat politicans that are bragging how more people being covered but leave those little details out as they always do to misrepresent the disaster they caused. That includes people opting out of needed  tests because they can’t afford the deductibles.

Farmboy and Maya

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:18 on March 4, 2017  

Farmboy …Why does MM3 have so much pull with the spooks? I wonder …

Maya … If I didn’t know better I’d guess that you were doing some extra celebrating!

Good information everyone should know. some language issues in the video!

Posted by silverngold @ 15:02 on March 4, 2017  

Armstrong Benchmark nails it again.

Posted by joe12pack @ 14:51 on March 4, 2017  

Next up: Week of June 19th



Posted by commish @ 14:41 on March 4, 2017  


Farmboy & Ipso

Posted by Maya @ 13:13 on March 4, 2017  

That’s my coffee cup!   No….  that’s ME!

And I can neither confirm nor deny that the glassware is used for other than coffee bean extraction.  🙂

Is it noon yet?

Ipso, No Security Issues This Morning,

Posted by Farmboy @ 12:22 on March 4, 2017  

MM3 must have made a phone call to the spooks. 🙂

Maya @ 4:07

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:49 on March 4, 2017  

It does seem that this Oasis problem is happening to our members on the east coast or at least east of the Mississippi, so perhaps it IS related to the recent cloud problem. Hopefully it resolves itself within a few days.

Members please let us know if you have continuing problems … Thanks.

PS Are you making coffee in that device or perhaps something stronger … microdot? emoji_1f601


Posted by ipso facto @ 11:34 on March 4, 2017  

Trump’s standing in the swamp with swamp creatures biting his ankles. He needs to grab his club and bash them in the noggin!

Would absolutely love to see this blow up in Obama’s face!

Posted by Farmboy @ 10:59 on March 4, 2017  

Buygold @ 10:34 on March 4, 2017

Trump needs to purge all Obama appointees immediately and go on complete offense and have Sessions investigate everything including Pizzagate.”

Amen ! If Trump soon does not take the offense in these matters, his Presidency will be hampered in a big way. Time to start taking names and kicking arse.

Maya @ 4:12 I Know Someone With Way Too Much Free Time

Posted by Farmboy @ 10:52 on March 4, 2017  


Try not to blow up the kitchen. 🙂

Morning Ipso

Posted by Buygold @ 10:34 on March 4, 2017  

It is a big deal.

Since it seems he got a FISA court to give him a warrant on the second try, I’m not sure if it’s illegal, however the big deal is that it might expose the leakers of classified material within the gov’t. which is highly illegal.

For Obama, the appearance of wiretapping a political opponent that he campaigned against smells like Nixon and Watergate.

Trump needs to purge all Obama appointees immediately and go on complete offense and have Sessions investigate everything including Pizzagate.

As someone pointed out, this is Civil War 21st Century style.

Buygold @ 8:11

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:24 on March 4, 2017  

That’s a BIG DEAL!

Sounds like a felony to me. Break out the handcuffs!

Not so good for Gran Columbia Gold

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:22 on March 4, 2017  

Big Win for Colombian Community Against Canadian Mining Giant

The Indigenous and Afro-Colombian community of Marmato won a major court victory in their 10-year fight against a massive Canadian gold mine.

On Tuesday Colombia’s Constitutional Court ruled in favor of the residents of Marmato, a small Indigenous and Afro-Colombian community in the center of the country, in their 10-year fight against a massive open pit mine project by Canadian gold giant Gran Colombia Gold Corporation.

The court ruled that Colombia’s Interior Ministry must first complete community consultations before the Canadian company can proceed with the project, which would require the demolition and relocation of the community.

The court also recognized the land rights of the Indigenous Cartama and Afro-Colombian Asojomar communities, as well as their traditional small-scale mining practices, which had been protected under Colombian law since 1946.

Judge Luis Ernesto Vargas Silva ruled that because 80 percent of the local population depends on subsistence mining activities, and because the project would require the displacement of the entire community, the initial 2007 concession granted to the Canadian mining company had to be reviewed.

cont. http://www.telesurtv.net/english/news/Big-Win-for-Colombian-Community-Against-Canadian-Mining-Giant-20170302-0004.html

WOW – Trump tweets Obama wire-tapped Trump tower

Posted by Buygold @ 8:11 on March 4, 2017  

FOX news reporting his tweets.

During the election, aparently FBI went to the FISA court twice to get approval to wire tap, the first time they were denied, the second time approved.

If true, and Obama ordered this tapping of Trump during the election that is huge news. Can’t imagine Trump would tweet anything like this without proof from the FBI.

Absolutely huge news.

Donald Trump claims Barack Obama ‘had his wires tapped in Trump Tower before US election win’

Posted by Maya @ 4:12 on March 4, 2017  

Since I’m up and playing with the chemistry set, I suppose I could make some coffee bean extract.  Bring your own beaker or flask to drink from.  Farmboy has a toilet bowl… just like ‘ole Taterhead.



Spooks must be watching me, too

Posted by Maya @ 4:07 on March 4, 2017  

…but then, they have been for my whole life since I was one, briefly.  Seriously I had a devil of a time posting my last pix of Mauna Kea summit.  Got stuck in a ‘verify you’re not a robot’ loop when trying to publish is.  Almost like there’s a bug in the verification loop.  WordPress virus??

I’m wondering if it is related to the big ‘Amazon Cloud’ failure that disrupted the eastern coast internet a few days back.

…or maybe I’m just a pair ‘o noids.

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