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Whoa Buygold, here you are preaching to me not to piss off Moggy and there you are, shorts around your ankles, lighting up a R640 candle…

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:58 on March 19, 2017  

Thanks for taking one for the team….



Posted by treefrog @ 23:36 on March 19, 2017  

massive head and shoulder pattern begins last november.  right shoulder now approaching neckline.  we live in interesting times.


My Apologies MM3

Posted by Buygold @ 20:32 on March 19, 2017  

Pretty clear the semites have one agenda: Destruction of the White European peoples.

Obviously Erdogan is a flaming Zionist.

Erdogan: “Europeans Would Revive The Gas Chambers If They Weren’t Ashamed”

Europe’s “masquerade ball” is over, Erdogan said at yet another demonstration in Istanbul on Sunday, where he slammed Merkel accusing her of engaging in “Nazi practices”, and then shocked his audience when he said “if [Europeans] weren’t ashamed, they would revive the gas chambers.”

Yes Maya

Posted by eeos @ 17:41 on March 19, 2017  

I was looking at the Google Earth Pro version of the line and it’s pretty messed up. Did you all know Google Earth Pro is now free?


They have an amazing 3D feature that’s more advance than it has been in the past. Many larger cities have been captured by LIDAR and the detail is quite amazing. Eagle Eye and I were blown away that you can study and see all kinds of stuff you’d never believe. So go check it out. Not this bridge in particular, but worth looking at. Denver has been scanned.


Tyndall AFB for example. This is the quality you can see, very easy to see anything going on. It’s clear as day folks, in 3D for the world to see. It’s way beyond a satellite grainy shot


This Old Bridge

Posted by Maya @ 17:14 on March 19, 2017  

Goat Canyon Trestle on the Carrizo Gorge this month. The line has deteriorated in the two years since ‘El Roco’ took his motorcycle and camera into the area. Numerous rockfalls block the line now.


Greg Hunter interviews Catherine Austin Fitts

Posted by Moggy @ 14:45 on March 19, 2017  

Always a good listen…sure wish she was one of Trump’s advisers.


Posted by Moggy @ 14:44 on March 19, 2017  

You are welcome.  I meant to post about your joke re the Navy the other day, too funny!


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:37 on March 19, 2017  

Thanks for your input. Interesting to read and seems pretty right on with current events.


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:34 on March 19, 2017  

Yep the Fed  claims they don’t speculate base their decisions on numbers. Numbers that don’t even include real inflation like food, utilities, housing. Yet that’s exactly what their doing, speculating. Speculating wages will go up so that’s a reason to start raising interest rates. Until the house comes tumbling down best to speculate yourself on the outcome and invest or not accordingly. One thing is clear it’s not about americans first. It’s about bankers, debt, special interest, golbal interests, and spending other people money as the dominos fall. Just more of their speculation on how to come out on top with the mess and debt they created for us.

What the Hell is the FED Talking about ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 9:50 on March 19, 2017  

Rising wages are the excuse for raising interest rates  ..say what ? ??????    I though the Trump objective was to do just that !  Raise US WAGES..

How can HealthCare be implimented without raising WAGES ?..It CANT !     Seems like the FED is trying to KILL HealthCare !  by making it too expensive for average workers !    The FED is the real impediment to implimenting HealthCare.   So they have finally shown their Hand !

The Americans have been used to support the rest of the World by giving their jobs away ..now the FED DENYS them HealthCare when every other Nation HAS it  except the US… The FED cant manage to figure out how its going to pay for US HEALTHCARE while supporting the Socialists of the World..   Trump needs to remind  the FED who comes FIRST !   ……America !FIRST !


Posted by Moggy @ 9:42 on March 19, 2017  

Making jokes about things you don’t understand is beneath someone of your exceptionalism, MM3. So here’s an introduction to the planet that gives you giggles:

Uranus expresses in human thought as Individuality because its primary expression relates to originality. The electromagnetic energies generated by the nervous system are expressions of the thought-cells ruled by Uranus and which so powerfully influence originality of thought, and the ability to make marked departures from precedence and custom.  Aspects to Uranus affect the life through sudden events, through the influence of people, and through radical changes.  To the extent that Uranus is active is the life influenced by thoughts of independence, originality, inventions, the unconventional, methods unusual, or methods quite new.  Uranus challenges rigid structures and provides an energy that keeps everything fresh and lively.  It represents the random element of mutation that is necessary for creative innovation.

The energies of Uranus operate suddenly and with extreme eccentricity. Whatever it may affect or symbolize takes the form of something unusual, far different from the everyday world, therefore, can be more truly consciousness-expanding than Jupiter.

Along with associating Uranus with innovative technologies like electronics, computers, and also with sciences such as chemistry, physics, and mathematics – all fields that have brought radical change in our world – I would add Bitcoin…and suggest that anyone with a strong and well-aspected Uranus in their birthchart may be rewarded by obtaining same.

Did I mention that you exhibit the unusual traits of Uranus? LOL!

McCain’s tainted money !

Posted by Ororeef @ 9:15 on March 19, 2017  

Bronfman’s Connections to John McCain

The Bronfmans were the “godfathers” behind the career of Arizona Senator John McCain (R), Israel’s most outspoken advocate in Congress. McCain’s $150 million fortune comes from his marriage to Cindy Hensley, who inherited one of the nation’s largest beer distribution companies from her father, Jim Hensley. Hensley made his money as a henchman of Kemper Marley who, for 40 years, was political boss of Arizona and the Lansky syndicate’s front man in The Grand Canyon State. The Bronfmans set Marley up in business and after Hensley took the rap for Marley in a criminal case, Hensley’s reward was the beer business now in McCain family hands.

Morning Moggy, MM3

Posted by Buygold @ 8:51 on March 19, 2017  

Moggy – OTOH I like your forecast better, we won’t have to wait much longer for our metals to have their true value. 2020 seems like a long ways away, 2018 is just around the corner. 🙂

MM3 – thank you for controlling yourself. Moggy is the last person you should be pissing off…


Sorry, guys, for the confusion. I mean’t “demented” like me only–I did not make that trade.

Posted by Richard640 @ 6:14 on March 19, 2017  

BG/Moggy, here I thought Chris was of the female persuasion. No wonder I can’t follow astrology.

Posted by macroman3 @ 3:25 on March 19, 2017  

Now BG, I’d like to insert a juvenile joke about a fish in Uranus butt I won’t because Moggy will get mad at me again.

Best not to take up RNO’s offer of noodling.

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