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Posted by Ororeef @ 13:10 on March 12, 2017  

reacts just like Japan did ..In their efforts to conceal radiation leaks they make the situation worse ..they stop up the release of Hydrogen Gas to prevent the Public from knowing how incompetent they are and in so doing they create a FAR worse situation of a EXPLOSIVE nature that could become an un stoppable chain of events when it gets started its inevitable that an explosion will occur thats disastrous and will kill people  all because they are dishonest and try to cover up the fact that they design things wrong .Shut down should be on AUTO MATIC PILOT not subject to human decision  and political consequences….They are more afraid of how they will look than keeping control .   They dont use fail SAFE methods ..They uSe cover up methods ..sweep it under the rug mentality ..OPT FOR THE political SOLUTION … UNTIL IT BLOWS UP IN THEIR FACE ..THEN THEY WILL CLAIM IT WAS A FORCE BEYOND ANYONES CONTROL .  POLITICAL MENTALITY HAS NO PLACE IN OR AROUND A NUCLEAR PLANT .  Shut down should have occured LONG AGO !…Now its too late !  Melt down stage is far beyond a controlled situation.     Regulatory Commissions are LIARS ..not safety experts .They should have shut things down at the very hint of a problem …..but that would have made them look like they dont know what they are doing and impressions are more important than people dying …..in their book. so they prove they dont know what they are doing.!

When they call it a  “SPECIAL SITUATION” that means the TALKERS are running the thing .. in America we call them Democrats..

They always DO the WRONG THING…. They try to explain it away except that ….MELT DOWNS ARE FOREVER ! ITS like NUCLEAR FUSION .. There is NO explaining it away !   There is NO shut off switch at that stage !  Do what the Russians did  at Chernobyl ..dump tons of cement on the thing and take your IODINE !

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.