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Bikes Can anyone answer this question?

Posted by goldielocks @ 0:20 on March 10, 2017  

The first Trike? Not really even though I know. It’s how a bike could cause a shock wave through speakers.

Question is when I was in the ER the other day I was sitting next to this lady to find we had some things in our past in common like singing bands and sign language for different reasons. Hers was from going temp deaf she leared sign language where mine was for patients although forgot some she became a interpreter.  Can meet interesting people in ER.

The question is how she became deaf for awhile then suffered Tinnitus but beat that too. She told me it was from a motorcycle. She said she was on stage and a M cycle a loud one came by and blew the speakers and were big speakers. It blew her off stage and killed a band member. It knocked him off his chair and broke his neck. Guessing it was a drummer.Like a shock wave or something.  She didn’t know what was the cause. I can only guess the noise was picked up by the mikes and came out through the speakers but to that degree? Very strange.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.