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Posted by goldielocks @ 22:32 on December 27, 2016  

Thanks for dropping in. Hope your getting the best care you deserve.


Posted by goldielocks @ 22:29 on December 27, 2016  

Thanks for the update with MA.

re Capital flows is what drives markets>>>But What Drives Capital Flows?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:01 on December 27, 2016  

Tax incentives? Currency exchange rate differential. A major oil discovery? re Right now capital is going into the USD and the US Stock markets and out of Bonds. Note also add real estate.

How long can that sudden recent trend into dollars and out of bonds last? And the driver was the imagined prosperity of future because of the election results. The fantasy is always or often, better than the reality. Right?

And news? For example, how many times did we hear news about a frost situation going to Florida, and capital flows into orange juice contracts. And higher retail prices. And then the frost didn’t come.

Remember “peak oil” news? And “Twilight in the Desert”?  “reveals a Saudi oil and production industry that could soon approach a serious, irreversible decline. In this exhaustively researched book, veteran oil industry analyst Matthew Simmons draws on…”

Result? $145/bbl oil and later hit $26/bbl. Plenty of oil these days.

I think the future looks better, but will be “weird” first.

Looks like this Sick depravity is systemic through out government

Posted by Auandag @ 21:07 on December 27, 2016  

This video needs to go viral- Somebody has to put a stop to these Bastards

Watch all these Armstrong dates.

Posted by joe12pack @ 20:29 on December 27, 2016  



Posted by joe12pack @ 20:28 on December 27, 2016  

He doesn’t know if the price will be a low or high ahead of time. All he knows is that there is a turn coming. Gold and silver have different cycles and during the weeks of Nov 30 (Silver)/Dec 7 (Gold) of 2015 these cycles converged. He told his subscribers about this before this happened. And sure enough it was the exact low. The safe thing to do is wait for the cycle weeks to pass and if you had done that in mid-December 2015 it would have been clear that it was a low after a relentless 5 year decline.

Armstrong has studied cycles and has his computer models to back him up.

And if you are still thinking “News” drives the price of anything.. then your approach to investing is clearly misguided. At any given time there is simultaneously bearish and bullish news.

Capital flows is what drives markets. And capital will slosh around from one market to another. Right now it’s going into the USD and the US Stock markets and out of Bonds. Which is what Marty has been calling for (Dow 24k minimum and as high as 40k). The USD is going to challenge its old 1985 highs and this is what will push gold to sub $1000 (Ideally $850). Only when gold goes sub $1000 is when the last gold bug throws in the towel and then we can start our way back up and onto higher highs (at least $2500 and most likely between 2020-2022).

joe12pack @ 19:18 re Martin Armstrong – The Low in Gold

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 19:57 on December 27, 2016  

I can’t stop smiling here. How can anyone know ahead of time, what the news will be? And or what the supply situation will be? It’s always the news, extreme shortage, or an extreme surplus, or dollar index or emotions that determines values.

Gold is the pituitary gland of the financial system. If Gold goes to $681 in 2018, copper steel, zinc ,aluminum, oil, lumber etc etc will also all be a lot cheaper and dollars in short supply.

The only way he could be right, is a total reversal of the 100 year trend of the Dopey/Dollar losing value, with a reversal for a new 100 year trend of restoring the US Dollar to its 1913 original value.

New Ford $500, new house $2,000, one days pay $2.50 to $5.00, Gold $20/oz, Silver $1 /oz Oil $1/bbl etc etc.

Martin Armstrong – The Low in Gold

Posted by joe12pack @ 19:18 on December 27, 2016  

From Marty’s Gold Report (the previous gold report called the low in Gold the Week of 12/7/2015 and it was spot on). The next big date for Gold is not due until the week of Sept 10, 2018.

The gold price at the end of December (in a few days) will tell us how this should play out.
Scenario #1: We close the end of the year under $1060.
2016 will mark the low on an annual basis.
The intraday low will occur in 2017. Ideally the intraday low under $1000 will retest the highs of 1980 @ $875. The first opportunity for this low will come in January.

Scenario #2: We close the end of the year above $1060.
2017 will mark the low on an annual basis.
The intraday low will occur in early 2018 during the next convergence of Benchmark dates.

Worst case we go as low as $681 in 2018 and then we slingshot out of this low.


Posted by Maddog @ 18:52 on December 27, 2016  

Interesting call, saw another one that says the same thing, even looking for new Hi’s in a 3rd wave.

They want a dollar turn to the downside, to help confirm the move.

Good luck and Cheers.

He’s Been Identified

Posted by commish @ 18:30 on December 27, 2016  

jeremy_freedmanThe trader who will prevent any Gold rally.

This is a very informative and eye opening presentation. You’ll gain a lot of knowledge and become aware of many “coincidences” you were not aware of.

Posted by silverngold @ 17:56 on December 27, 2016  

I hope a few will watch it and learn from it. Walter Veith makes his facts very well presented.

Very busy right now but..

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:01 on December 27, 2016  

Checkled into news for a minute to see Trump Tower Evacuated. So called peaceful left. Theyre about as peacful as a angry mob of African bees or pizzed iff rattlesnake.

NAK UP 31% Today, + 57% Since 12/16

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:55 on December 27, 2016  

Trump win ignites hope for stalled Alaska copper, gold mine.

Ronald Thiessen, chief executive officer and president of Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd, said he expected the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to announce in the first quarter of 2017 that it will let the application process proceed for the controversial project. He said the company has held discussions with Trump’s transition team, including Myron Ebell, who heads the EPA transition.

Richard640 @ 13:08

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:38 on December 27, 2016  

re your:

“there are no reliable “cues” for the bottom pickers…we/they just have to steel their nerves and step up and buy”.

I know what you mean. On short term trades, you have to be right, and very soon. Strange abnormal market action. Strange artificial values. We just have to be patient. Until the Brexit and Trump disruptions peter out. Maybe very soon. One thing for SURE. The long dollar trade, long Dow trade, short Bond trade etc. are all over crowded trades.

MADDOG–Yes, the scum are relentless–today was a good example…

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:29 on December 27, 2016  

but we’ve seen these days when PM stocks do well and seem to be leading Crimex futures…but then there is no follow thru…

Yes Samb & Silverngold

Posted by Buygold @ 15:49 on December 27, 2016  

You both get votes too!!

The only comment I have is that rules don’t apply to pm’s. The predictive ability of anything pm related is zero.

No doubt there is a developing war on cash – see India, Australia and I guess now China?

Silver and Gold has about as much interest and appeal right now as rotting roadkill…… But my intuition tells me this……

Posted by silverngold @ 15:26 on December 27, 2016  

When almost every guru is saying “avoid gold, it ain’t going nowhere”, IMO it’s time to back up the truck, scrape up that roadkill, apply some CPR, and watch it come back to life. Silver and Gold has more lives than a bag full of cats just trying to break out of that bag, and when it does you better already be in it or you’ll sit there dumbfounded and wondering how YOU became the roadkill!!  All the best from Silverngold in 2017!!

Hey, I get a a vote also

Posted by Samb @ 14:43 on December 27, 2016  

Bottom was made last week and its a higher low from last December.  New Int Cycle now on the table and plus $1400 Gold dead ahead. Enjoy!

from Zero Hedge

Posted by deer79 @ 14:36 on December 27, 2016  

Hot on the heels of China gold import restrictions, and India’s demonetization and gold confiscations, The European Commission proposed tightening controls on cash and precious metals transfers from outside the EU under the guise of shutting down one route for funding of militant attacks on the continent, following the Berlin Christmas attack.


Posted by Maddog @ 13:41 on December 27, 2016  

A mkt that is down 7 weeks running and closed most of those weeks below the weekly bollingers, is way oversold.

Plus the mkt has been falling since July, so it would be safe to say that some short covering is likely around year end. Now any normal seller would wait,to see if any of that pans out, in order to get higher prices etc.

Yet the Scum won’t even allow that “normalcy”, it is as if they wish to break the mkt permanently and watching their attempts to banish cash, maybe that is their plan…..though they seem to have forgotten the Russians and the Chinese.

Mr. Copper–Buygold-Maddog–gold is $13 off it’s high–the maddening thing about trading PMs is that

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:08 on December 27, 2016  

they never start a SUSTAINED rally on any news or when “they should”–just like a schizophrenic, gold changes, with no transition,  its personality and starts to rally–so that there just seems to be no downside in the mkt….just like now there seems to be no upside–and there are no reliable “cues” for the bottom pickers…we/they just have to steel their nerves and step up and buy…set their stops and take their kick in the rump if such be the case…

Thanks Farmboy!

Posted by Buygold @ 11:53 on December 27, 2016  

Not much mind left to keep sharp anymore. 🙂

Can hardly believe another year has passed…

Buygold, Something To Keep Your Mind Sharp While Waiting For The PM Rally :)

Posted by Farmboy @ 11:17 on December 27, 2016  

Guess I will start a new jig saw puzzle soon as I clear off the coffee table. Thought you might could use a mental project to break up the trading today. 🙂


Richard640 @ 10:11 re Rick Ackerman comments

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:14 on December 27, 2016  

re part: “U.S. abstain from the Security Council vote ”

Comment: That there is another major reversal of the past 60 years. Whoever or what ever was doing good (Retail, Real estate, defense, Maddoff, China, immigration etc) will do worse.

Whoever what ever was doing bad, (USA manufacturing, private sector profits and wages, gold, metals etc) will do better. The manipulated artificial past created a lot of bad results. Everything simply went too far, and that big crash in ’08 brought everything onto the radar screen.

Good Question!

Posted by Farmboy @ 11:07 on December 27, 2016  

Maddog @ 10:54 on December 27, 2016  

Just what are they so scared of .

The beat down in PM’s seems a bit, no make that a whole lot, over done. I am beginning to wonder if they are front running something yet to happen? I pooh poohed the Doug Casey hype about the Muslims going bonkers for gold after the first of the year, but now I am beginning to wonder??

One thing for sure, the banksters are still 100% in control. And I don’t look for much to change until after the New Year anyway. Gonna call this the ‘lost week’.


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