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Posted by Ororeef @ 23:45 on December 3, 2016  

trying to flood the US with MUZZIES while he can …..Democrats vindictive for loss of Power !

Hey people, something’s going down!! 4 minute video you need to watch!!

Posted by silverngold @ 22:59 on December 3, 2016  

Massive group of black Muslim migrants, mostly young men, flooding Mexico and getting admitted to the USA, and happening right now!!

Anti-Christ UNVEILED: The Sun Rising in the West

Posted by silverngold @ 21:02 on December 3, 2016  

Maybe not a good time to close your eyes, but it’s your call!!

Moggy @ 13:27

Posted by Maya @ 19:31 on December 3, 2016  

Thanks Moggy!  It looks like I will just make it before the stuff hits the fan.  The ranch area gets 150 inches of rain a year, so catchment water is possible… even common in the area.  My subdivision has a deep well in the lava rock aquifer of Mauna Loa, so we have pipe water to the house, which relieves a lot of headaches with catchment systems.  Lots of garden space, and ocean fishing just a couple miles down the road.  Ah, the joy of a paid up home and a social security check, no debt, and lots of ‘tools’.    Now we’ll see how long THAT lasts!  🙂

Elderly Are Being Targeted

Posted by commish @ 18:55 on December 3, 2016  

The Corbett Report, New World Next Week. Several interesting stories worth your time IMO!!

Posted by silverngold @ 18:29 on December 3, 2016  


Posted by newtogold @ 18:05 on December 3, 2016  

Another reason to get rid of the illegal immigrants. I paid into this SS stuff and the clowns just roll in and get more than people like you and me. Screw PC and the so called “American Way”! Americans first and limit those coming in . If they don’t have anyone to help them settle in and find them jobs like my parents did when they came to this country in 1951, they shouldn’t come here at all.  My parents never got any handouts. Time to eliminate this “free ride” that takes money away from all Americans.


Posted by molyminer @ 17:00 on December 3, 2016  

If you really like the .3% raise we will be getting. When you find out that each immigrant Obummer brings in gets 1500 a month.  Which is more than the average senior gets about 1200 a month.

Whoo Hoo !! Deutsche Bank Pays $60 Million To Settle Gold-Manipulation Lawsuit

Posted by drb2 @ 16:33 on December 3, 2016  

I have so much to say about this that I would be writing for the rest of the day; besides the RCs cover many of the points.


bottom line

  • “look Skeptics – we are doing something.  You can trust the system…”
  • An absolute pittance; cost of doing business
  • No one went to jail
  • Only the connected and lawyers will see $

I know it’s Allisdair Macleod but it’s an interesting read. Can only hope this is 1970 redux but will they let gold rise?

Posted by Buygold @ 16:02 on December 3, 2016  


“Gold rose from $35 to $197.50 between 1970 and the end of 1974, an increase of more than four times. During that period, as mentioned above, the Bank of England’s base rate rose from 5% to 13%. The Fed’s discount rate was 4.5% in 1972 and rose to 8% in August 1974. So, a rising gold price was accompanied by a rising interest rate, contradicting the conventional wisdom of today. Gold went on to hit a peak price of $850 at the afternoon fix of 21 January 1980, when the Fed’s discount rate was at an elevated 12%.

The current belief that rising interest rates are bad for gold was disproved by those events. The reason gold rose had little to do with interest rates, and everything to do with accelerating price inflation. The only way a rising gold price could be halted was to raise interest rates high enough and sharply enough to collapse economic activity, which is what Paul Volcker did in 1980-81. In other words, until the Fed abandons all pretentions to supporting economic growth, people will continue to increase their preferences for owning goods over holding dollars, thereby continuingly reducing its purchasing power.

Another way of looking at the prospective gold price is to think of it in terms of raw material prices, which tend in the long run to be more stable when measured in gold, than when measured in fiat currencies. Given the outlook for commodity prices, as both China and America compete for raw materials and expand the quantity of money to pay for them, the gold price is more likely to maintain a level of purchasing power against rising commodity prices, instead of it declining with paper currencies. China has prepared herself for this event, having embarked on a longstanding policy of stockpiling gold since 1983. The amount she has accumulated in addition to declared reserves is a state secret, but my estimate is at least 20,000 tonnes. In 2002, the State had presumably secured enough physical gold for itself to allow its own citizens to join in, because that is the year the Peoples Bank established the Shanghai Gold Exchange, and the ban on private ownership of gold in China was lifted.

Over the last fourteen years, private individuals and businesses in China have accumulated at least another 10,000 tonnes, and China has become the largest producer and refiner of gold by far. We can truly say that China has prepared herself and her citizens well in advance for the collapse in purchasing power of the paper currencies that her demand for commodities is likely to engender. The only thing she must do is to get rid of her accumulation of US Treasuries before they become worthless, which she is now doing.

America, by contrast, is wholly unprepared for higher commodity prices. Her gold reserves, assuming they are as stated, are insufficient to underwrite a declining dollar, and in any event conversion into gold is not on offer to holders of dollars. In terms of commodity demand, America will be playing second fiddle to China in the coming years anyway, only making a bad price situation potentially worse.

Because of continuing non-cyclical Chinese demand for commodities, there is a significant risk that not even a debt-liquidating slump brought about by significantly higher interest rates will kill price inflation in western currencies. Unlike the 1970s, when the dollar was the tune to which all the others danced, China, Russia and all nations tied to them by trade no longer dance exclusively to the dollar’s tune. Consequently, US monetary policy no longer exercises absolute control over global price inflation, measured in fiat currencies.

Price inflation pressures could therefore persist, despite a US debt-liquidating slump. The possibility that the price environment for the dollar will continue to be inflationary in a US economic slump, despite the Fed’s monetary policy, cannot be ruled out. But before that possibility is put to the test, the likelihood of a systemic collapse in the Eurozone is a more immediate and threatening risk.


We currently face the prospect of a reallocation of capital from America’s financial sector into government and non-financial activities, driven by President-elect Trump’s expansionary plans. These plans, if pursued, will lead to money flowing from purely financial activities and will have a profoundly negative effect on asset prices. Furthermore, price inflation, the result of fiscal expansion, will raise consumer prices to unanticipated levels, forcing the Fed to raise interest rates more than expected today. This article has pointed out why rising interest rates in the expansionary phase of the credit cycle do not undermine the gold price, unless, and this is no longer certain, interest rates are raised to the point where the US economy is driven into a slump. However, the world is no longer dependant solely on US economic and monetary factors, because Asian demand for industrial materials has become the principal engine of commodity demand. We can therefore no longer be sure a Volcker-style shock from the Fed will kill price inflation at the end of the upcoming expansionary credit cycle.

As all experience from the past clearly demonstrates, it is a mistake to believe that the gold price is set solely by dollar interest rates, or its relative strength in other currencies. This being the case, the current weakness of the gold price is simply a reflection of temporary dollar shortages, and nothing more.”


newtogold @ 14:01 on December 3, 2016

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:44 on December 3, 2016  

Its actually Negative ….when you consider  the Medicare Supplement Plan F   that I have   more than offset any increase..

The harder I work..The behinder I get !

How about that rise in the Social Security checks for 2017

Posted by newtogold @ 14:01 on December 3, 2016  

The official increase is .3% . After last years no change in amount, I guess I should be overwhelmed with joy. Sadly the increase I will be receiving is basically offset by the increase in the cost of Medicare. Way to go Federal Goobers. Hoping Trump can do something about this. It is “criminal” what the crooks are doing to seniors on fixed incomes.

I love Snoopy and Woodstock…for you, Maya

Posted by Moggy @ 13:27 on December 3, 2016  

and may you be safely ensconced in your new home before it hits the fan…Merry Christmas to you.

Image result for picture of snoopy drinking coffee

It must be past noon, but …

Posted by Maya @ 12:51 on December 3, 2016  



Posted by ipso facto @ 12:51 on December 3, 2016  

Can you say: Bad Governance! The idea that the taxpayer can afford to pay such extravagant pensions is just INSANE. I would love to see the states (many have underfunded pension funds) be forced to cope with the results of their own stupidity but I think it’s likely that the Fed gov will bail them out. Unfortunately.

More can kicking until it’s impossible to do so.

I believe it’s already happened in Puerto Rico.

Actually drb2, Ipso

Posted by Buygold @ 12:24 on December 3, 2016  

drb2 – That’s actually a brilliant plan, wouldn’t surprise me in the least if that’s what they do, crash the dollar, create some massive inflation, goose the DOW and keep gold in check. Wouldn’t surprise me at all.

Ipso – Well, you pay Lifeguards $200K in retirement, firefighters $250K, select Sheriffs and other career gov’t employees between $300 – 600K, that’s what happens. Liberals have always assumed the tax base was endless.

I guess that situation ends in one of two ways, 1) drb’s scenario 2) a collapse and reduction of benefits in the Pension fund. In the meantime, I expect the meathead liberals in CA. will tax everything they can get their filthy hands on.

Breaking: Another Holistic Florida MD Found Dead

Posted by silverngold @ 12:23 on December 3, 2016  

(Note from Erin: Here is the list and photos of the 60+ doctors who have died since last year. Many are still unsolved and criminal cases remain open. Several families have hired their own detectives/investigators as well and many are our friends. Click here to read.)

We are so sorry to announce the death of Laura Skellchock, MD of Boca Raton, Florida.

There is an ongoing investigation into the case and the toxicology reports will take a few months (late November) until they are complete. Detective Nitsch, with whom I’ve spoken, from BSO Broward County, is handling the case: # 17-1611000583. 

I was also told, “Dr Skellchock was working as a professional witness concerning laser damage. I have a couple friends who were recommended to her from a lawyer in Miami whose wife won a lawsuit against Fraxel with (name omitted)”. We’ll let you know if this holds out to be true or not. See story below.

Dr Laura Skellchock, a holistic MD, based here on the East Coast of Florida, has died.

We have very little details at this time. Her website was called Integrative Dermatology and she had done a number of videos and articles about integrative practices, natural health, and nutrition. Like most of the self-described integrative or holistic MDs who died, Dr. Skellchock also did procedures that were not 100% holistic, some were of a cosmetic nature.

Thus far, in all the 61 doctors I’ve reported on, none [of the official causes of death] have come back as cancer and most (if not alleged suicide or murder) are still mysterious and many investigations have been opened by the families and even a few by authorities.

I’ve just done a national show for the Discovery Channel discussing these deaths and keep in close contact with family members of several of the deceased doctors.

My heart goes out to her family, friends, and patients, who are mourning her loss.

It’s especially difficult writing about this after just spending Thanksgiving day with my better half, a well known holistic doctor. Though there is never an easy time to write about such things.

I’ll update you as soon as I have any further information.


Erin Elizabeth, East Coast Florida

P.S. A video of the late Dr Skellchock discussing natural treatments for acne is below.

Dr Skellchock’s site: Integrative Dermatology 

Dr Skellchock’s natural health and medicine blog



Posted by ipso facto @ 12:16 on December 3, 2016  

It’s time to give Jerry a call! 🙂

@Ipso – Pensions Underfunded

Posted by drb2 @ 11:56 on December 3, 2016  

No big deal – easy fix

1)       Pump the DOW to 30,0000

2)       Devalue the $

Problem Solved <sarc>

Of course they’ll want the Feds (everyone else) to pay for them

Posted by ipso facto @ 11:14 on December 3, 2016  

Stanford Study Reveals California Pensions Underfunded By $1 Trillion Or $93k Per Household


If you think the Clinton’s aren’t evil, watch this!

Posted by silverngold @ 9:50 on December 3, 2016  

Morning Farmboy

Posted by Buygold @ 9:36 on December 3, 2016  

Yeah ol’ Trump is driving them batsh!t isn’t he? So the Taiwanese President CALLS HIM and now it’s an international incident. These Dems and MSM folks have gone past the point of hysteria.

I see Trump interviewed the CEO of Exxon Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State, I’ll say this, I’d rather have him than Romney, Giuliani, especially Bolton or Petraeus. Course my first choice is Tulsi Gabbard, she doesn’t want regime change in Syria and she’s easy on the eyes… 🙂

Don’t know if you caught his “Thank you” speech in Cincinnati but it was awesome. The man has a gift, pretty incredible speech.

He still has to contend with the likes of Lindsay Graham and Rat Ryan but I think he’ll make them out to be the fools they are. If you want to smile, read the reader comments below on this CBS article about Ryan’s interview with 60 Minutes.


Buygold, So Far So Good, Let Trump Be Trump,

Posted by Farmboy @ 8:43 on December 3, 2016  

he is already doing things a little different and its driving the media crazy. Check out the New York Times story. lol

How Trump’s Calls to World Leaders
Are Upsetting Decades of Diplomacy


Morning Commish

Posted by Buygold @ 8:25 on December 3, 2016  

Ha Ha another gem. We’ve set our sights high for Trump, let’s hope he delivers.

Equisetum @ 15:36 My Rifle, My Pony, & Me

Posted by Farmboy @ 8:11 on December 3, 2016  

Good Morning, grab a cup of coffee and pull up a tractor seat, it’s a lazy Saturday morning.

I call em ponies, because they are still young, and have a ways to grow. Some will be quarter horses, good for work and maybe even a few will in their own time, even make a run for the roses. We will see what the next couple years will bring?

Been a good week, so I’m just going to kick back this morning and let the day come to me.

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