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We do have a MAN coming to the White HOUSE ..its about TIME !

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:42 on December 6, 2016  

NO more GIRLY MEN..  Thats OVER !

I grew up in the Forty’S & FIFTY’s

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:31 on December 6, 2016  

There was NO welfare ,no food stamps and there were PLENTY of JOBS  ….everybody worked ….Its back to the FUTURE …The Fifty’s were the BEST years this Country ever had… !     No Freeloaders ,No excuses ,NO free FOOD , Everybody worked !  including me even every day after school and Saturday .I was 14 and paid for my own clothes,shoes,blue Jeans ,paid for my own car and insurance at 17 …..  Oh yes that 1948 Chevy  with vacuum shift ..I remember it well..!  haha…

Health CARE ….Dr SHAPIRO made house calls for $3.00 and a shot of Penicillin cost $5.00 including the house call fee.

A Dentist visit was $2.00 !  to get a tooth filled….  REALLY where did we go wrong ? DAD bought a two family house for $11,000 …At 17 I had $3000.00 in the BANK earning 3/14 % from my own savings ..I had saved $20.00 a week since I was 14 and still had spending money !  TAXES were almost non existent ….Thats the KEY !


He he, BG, this was Farmboy after he punched the Roo. Back in his drinkin days…in fact, is that not you sitting beside FB wondering why you weren’t the one kissed?

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:26 on December 6, 2016  

JAPAN wants to invest 90 BILLION in the US

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:10 on December 6, 2016  

and Create 50,000 THOUSAND JOBS ….and FORD wants to build CARS in Mexico …how StupiD   is THAT !

JAPAN will build twice as many cars here than FORD does  …FORD and GM had better reconsider because JAPAN is ready to take up the SLACK   !    It kind of reminds me of HOW STUPID JIMMY CARTER was when he warned MAO

to let his PEOPLE GO  !  MAO responded “How many do you want ? ,50 million …100 million!   JiMMY shut his stupid mouth real FAST   !     Mr FORD     “how many cars do you want to produce in Mexico?”   YA better think before YA answer that one ! YER not dealing with OBAMA now   !

Ororeef @ 22:45 I agree with all you say in that post.

Posted by silverngold @ 22:53 on December 6, 2016  

No more something for nothing. Get off your dead ass you freeloaders and work for what you get!!

Classic – I think this is Farmboy

Posted by Buygold @ 22:47 on December 6, 2016  

Auandag @ 17:01 on December 6, 2016 Do Democrats really want to change the TAX system ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 22:45 on December 6, 2016  

Trump will say “MAKE MY DAY”  Its the democrats that want the INCOME TAX !   soak the rich ,punish the productive sector !

Trumps response will simply be  an Import TAX on everything,and or a National Sales TAX …..where everybody that SPENDS money will pay the TAX  ..that will include the Free Loaders ,the Drug addicts,the prostitutes ,the Poor on fixed income ,MAYBE its time has come where EVERYBODY has the DUTY to pay something for the privilege of being in America …..and stop the “IM POOR excuse for being a freeloader”   GO ahead and MAKE his DAY ! MAYBE it TIME has COME !   He’s gonna brings back jobs and the so called “POOR” will have to pay their own way ! and be forced to accept whatever jobs are available .After he deports the illegals force everybody to take a job !no matter what the PAY!    Go AHEAD refuse to pay TAXES  ..you’ll see what happens you dummies….and you’ll get a “MAKE MY DAY “response !

Remember Reagan’s response to the AIR Traffic Controllers ?   Thats the LAST time we had a REAL MAN in the White House  instead of a wuess !

treefrog @ 20:37

Posted by ipso facto @ 21:17 on December 6, 2016  

It sure doesn’t. The fish is rotting from the head.

ipso, throwing money at the problem doesn’t seem to help either.

Posted by treefrog @ 20:37 on December 6, 2016  



Posted by ipso facto @ 18:39 on December 6, 2016  

‘Everything is just going down’: US students are getting WORSE at math as science and reading skills stagnate

Americans students are having major math problems and have fallen behind the rest of the world, a new study has revealed.

The latest global snapshot of student performance shows declining math scores in the U.S., while performances in science and reading stagnated.

The concerning findings were part of the 2015 Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) study, which looks into the performance of more than 500,000 15-year-olds across schools in more than 70 countries. Just under 6,000 students took part in American schools.

The top performing country in all three categories was Singapore, while Hong Kong and Macau were second and third in mathematics. Japan and Estonia, and Canada and Hong Kong rounded out the top-three in science and reading, respectively.

The U.S. ranked 40th in math, 24th in reading, and 25th in science.

cont. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4004874/Math-concern-US-teens-science-reading-flat-test.html

Former Senator D’Amato (3:49)

Posted by commish @ 18:38 on December 6, 2016  

Ororeef @ 16:54. I like your upward heading about SLW.

Posted by Equisetum @ 18:30 on December 6, 2016  

We added more SLW to our portfolio this morning.  I like this company’s business plan, and it has been in our portfolio since Silver Wheaton first started trading .  Also dipped our toes into Inca One Gold for the first time today.

VIX Below 12, Time To Short The Dow ?

Posted by Farmboy @ 17:28 on December 6, 2016  

Santa Rally or not, looking hard at those SDOW shares. Hmmmm?? Looks to me like the Wall St folks are getting a little too complacent these days. See what tomorrow brings.

Ororeef @ 16:13 And Besides Not Getting Ripped Off By Boeing,

Posted by Farmboy @ 17:24 on December 6, 2016  

Rush Limbaugh says Boeing was big contributor to Clinton Foundation. Clinton’s helped Boeing get a deal with Iran.

Just never ceases huh?

Draining the Swamp, and he aint even in office yet. Go Trump !

I got News for time…..Most dem voters are on the dole and don’t pay taxes now! LOL!

Posted by Auandag @ 17:01 on December 6, 2016  

Time Urges 65 Million Americans Who Voted For Hillary Not To Pay Taxes


SLW headed up

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:54 on December 6, 2016  


The Italians know what they are doing

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:44 on December 6, 2016  

65 Governments since WW2  …thats perfection !  Throw the BUMS out ….Italy has always been a country of CITY STATES always competeting with each other ..Its the competition that keeps them Smart !     If you ask are you Italian ? they always respond Im Roman,Milanaise or Venetian or what their citi State is !     Dont ya just love that ..they are not afraid to Trow DA BUMS OUT as they say in Brooklyn…  Government is always broke and the people Rich thats the way it should be !

Why They Want To Make America Great Again? Because they all NEED It.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:39 on December 6, 2016  

When we crashed in 1929, the whole world went down. When the USA crashed in the summer of 08? The whole world crashed with us. I just saw someone from Japan pledging I think a $50 million? investment in the USA, and 50 thousand jobs for the USA. And the guy said with an accent…”We want America great again”.

I remember writing a post years ago, re the big trade deficits we have, that if we can’t pass laws and revoke old trade deals, promptly, the US would have to use a media campaign, to re-educate the US masses.

Guess what? That’s what is going on. Trump thru the whole campaign was “re-educating” the public. Then the Carrier air conditioning (owned by UTX Defense contractor) hoopla, now Boeing wants $4 billion for a new Air Force One, and Trump says cancel it too much money. (both owned by defense contractors) Boeing should GIVE the USA a free Air force One.

TPTB and the markets are depending on psychology and HOPE to avoid reality. But hope is not a good trading strategy and neither is psychology, depending on mind over mater. What are these bozos thinking?

So far, between the abnormal low rates and the abnormal strong dollar, they got the masses to buy houses, new cars, and stocks. The recent Trump and related coming good times hoopla is probably intended to make people “feel good” and start spending their “strong dollars” on cheap high quality imports at the shopping malls.

Trump sez

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:13 on December 6, 2016  


Air Force one should be cancelled  ,it costs too much.

The Art of the DEAL is alive & WELL !   Always be prepared to walk away from a BAD DEAL is Trumps motto….thats why he makes a lot of money !  I WANT HIM WORKING FOR ME !   HAHA

Italy never happened….Dow closes at new record Hi..how long before 20 K is taken out ????? …just ask the Scum.

Posted by Maddog @ 16:12 on December 6, 2016  


Posted by Maddog @ 16:08 on December 6, 2016  

Japan may have a high IQ…but they have had damn all growth for decades…they are praying Trump can do what they have failed to do since 1989, when their SM peaked.

They swept it all under the carpet and never let the bad deals go bust, just like we did in 2000 and 2007…consequently we have had low/no growth ever since.


Posted by Ororeef @ 16:02 on December 6, 2016  

The old joke used to be with Russia that our German engineers were better than their German engineers ..!

Me thinks the new joke will be our Jewish Financiers are better than their Jewish Financiers …

If only we could get rid of the Communist Jews out of Politics like JILL STEIN and keep the GOOD JEWS like Trump is hiring !

Portugeezer @ 15:16 on December 6, 2016

Posted by Ororeef @ 15:53 on December 6, 2016  

you may be right if the US gold hoard is a lie !    Also the Chinese reported gold holdings may only be whats required for imf membership ,it could be substantially higher and most likely is because the Chinese arent stupid they need to keep their currency value low in order to export and support their employment.  So the question becomes when trump gets the real Numbers  on the state of the economy watch what he does ,that’ll be the tip off as what the truth is.

I think I just heard JAPAN is investing 90 BILLION in the US …..they got the highest IQ ‘s and they know something …! TRUMPS IQ is 156   ..He aint so stupid either ..If we can get those media people to shut up the public will get on board the train !

The MEDIA is going to be irrelevant ,Trumps by passing them !

LOOK for the countries with the HIGH IQ ‘s to join him  ! JAPAN has already made its decision TO GIVE 90 BILLION DOLLARS AND 50,000 JOBS TO AMERICA    ,TAIWAN the other HIGH IQ country has called him !….I betcha they follow up with an investment offer too.   We are going to have so much money coming in its going to be a problem !   Trump has let loose a TIGER ,can he control it ?

drb2….agreed re Sharia etc

Posted by Maddog @ 15:03 on December 6, 2016  

World Gold Council has always been a sad joke and GLD as u say is the devils work…as they issue unlimited shares backed by, at best paper promises, at worst bugger all.

IS CHINA READY ? here comes Trump !

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:58 on December 6, 2016  


  • ]
  • They love the junk Smythe, 4:03:57 10/07/16 Fri
    Here¡¯s the problem: If you took the lid off of gold, ended the price manipulation and let gold find its level, China would be left in the dust. It wouldn¡¯t have enough gold relative to the other countries, and because the price of gold would be skyrocketing, they could never acquire it fast enough. They could never catch up. All the other countries would be on the bus while the Chinese would be off.
    When you have this reset, and when everyone sits down around the table, China¡¯s the second largest economy in the world. They have to be on the bus. That¡¯s why the global effort has been to keep the lid on the price of gold through manipulation. I tell people, if I were running the manipulation, I¡¯d be embarrassed because it¡¯s so obvious at this point.
    The price is being suppressed until China gets the gold that they need. Once China gets the right amount of gold, then the cap on gold¡¯s price can come off. At that point, it doesn¡¯t matter where gold goes because all the major countries will be in the same boat. As of right now, however, they¡¯re not, so China has though
    [ Edit | View ]
  • Texas hold ’em Smythe, 4:00:28 10/07/16 Fri
    China¡¯s Hidden Plan to Accumulate Gold
    China wants to do what the U.S. has done, which is to remain on a paper currency standard but make that currency important enough in world finance and trade to give China leverage over the behavior of other countries.
    The best way to do that is to increase its voting power at the IMF and have the yuan included in the IMF basket for determining the value of the special drawing right. Getting those two things required the approval of the United States because the U.S. has veto power over important changes at the IMF. The U.S. can stand in the way of Chinese ambitions.
    China accomplished that last November when the IMF agreed to include the yuan in its basket of currencies. That officially happened just a few days ago, Sept. 30.
    The rules of the game also say you need a lot of gold to play, but you don¡¯t recognize the gold or discuss it publicly. Above all, you do not treat gold as money, even though gold has always been money.
    The members of the club keep their gold handy just in case, but otherwise, they publicly disparage it and pretend it has no role in the international monetary system. China is expected to do the same. It¡¯s important to note that China will not act in the best interests of gold investors; it will act in the best interests of China.
    Right now, China officially does not have enough gold to have a ¡°seat at the table¡± with other world leaders. Think of global politics as a game of Texas Hold¡¯em.
    What do want in a poker game? You want a big pile of chips.
    Gold serves as political chips on the world¡¯s financial stage. It doesn¡¯t mean that you automatically have a gold standard, but that the gold you have will give you a voice among major national players sitting at the table.



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