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Anybody not noticing this happening all around North America, and governments trying to deny it??

Posted by silverngold @ 23:03 on December 2, 2016  
On Monday I told the story of what happened to our Christian pilgrimage to the Temple Mount when we tried to pray on the holiest site of Judaism and one of great significance to followers of Jesus.

We were chased out of the courtyard – escorted by representatives of the Islamic Waqf who lectured us about the entire site being an exclusively Muslim holy place.

What seemed to bother them most was a reference by messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn, my partner in the annual tours we conduct, to the Temple Mount being the site where history tells us the First and Second Temples rested.

This kind of spiritual revisionism and coercion offered a microcosmic view of what life under Islamic Shariah law would be like for non-Muslims.

Keep in mind, Israelis captured the Temple Mount and all of Jerusalem in 1967 from the Jordanians who empowered the Waqf to administer affairs on the site. It was only a goodwill gesture by Israeli leadership that permitted to the Waqf to continue to play a role there, given the existence of the Dome of the Rock shrine and the al-Aqsa Mosque – ensuring continued access to Muslims.

But, as I have written before, give the Muslims an inch and they take a mile.

Under their rules for the Temple Mount, neither Jews nor Christians are permitted to pray on a site that is holy to Judaism and Christianity and one that pre-existed Islam by more than 1,000 years.

Jews and Christians were not even welcome as visitors before the Israeli government opened up the site to them. Not wishing to provoke violence or mayhem, Israelis have tried for decades to take a middle-ground approach – opening up the Temple Mount to all.

I can recall in the 1980s and early 1990s being pummeled with stones by Waqf officials when I tried to visit the Temple Mount.

Unfortunately, all too often, this is the kind of behavior we have come to expect when Muslims have any authority – even limited authority – over real estate.

When they have total authority, the situation can be much worse.

In Mecca, non-Muslims are not permitted at any time.

In Saudi Arabia, no churches or synagogues are permitted to be built, Bibles are not allowed, and Christian and Jewish prayer is forbidden.

Throughout the Islamic world, Christians and Jews are considered, at best, to be second-class citizens, subject to the rulings of Islamic law, taxed to support the Islamic system and regularly, routinely and arbitrarily subjected to harsh treatment and court rulings. The situation can even be worse for others who are not “people of the book.”

Keep in mind, Islam is a minority religion in Israel – as it is in the United States.

This should be reason for concern when you see wealthy, oil-rich Islamic powers buying influence in non-Muslim countries like the U.S., a nation founded on the principle of Judeo-Christian pluralism.

Experience more of Joseph Farah’s no-nonsense truth-telling in his books, audio and video products, featured in the WND Superstore

Major, money-hungry universities are accepting hundreds of millions of dollars to create Islamic studies departments, with the professors and deans hand-picked by radical jihadists from Saudi Arabia.

They are also buying their way in to positions of great influence in the U.S. media.

Mosques are springing up all over the country.

We’re even subsidizing with our tax dollars the recruitment of Muslim “refugees” into the West by the hundreds of thousands.

This isn’t multiculturalism, as it is often branded. It’s national suicide, as we have seen throughout Europe, where the Muslim population is reaching the tipping point at which effective control of formerly Christian nations becomes a reality.

Does this sound like Islamophobia?

Open your eyes.

Islam is more than a religion. It is a complete, systematic way of life. If you want to live under it, there are dozens of nations you can travel to, even immigrate to, to be a part of its rigid lifestyle, which denies the inherent rights of women and religious minorities.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2016/12/a-glimpse-of-a-world-under-shariah-law/#WYChhYThyB0vsRHG.99

Come on!! We all know America is a free country….that is as long as what is said is pro Muslim and anti Christian!!

Posted by silverngold @ 22:45 on December 2, 2016  

The controversial Council on American-Islamic Relations – an unindicted co-conspirator in a terror-funding scheme – is boasting of preventing an outspoken retired general from speaking at an upcoming prayer breakfast at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

Retired Lt. Gen. William G. “Jerry” Boykin, a strong critic of CAIR, has recommended a WND Books bestseller, “Muslim Mafia, that exposes the group’s role as a front group in the U.S. for the Muslim Brotherhood, the originator of most of the world’s major Islamic terrorist groups, including al-Qaida and Hamas.

Fox News reported that while West Point defended its invitation to Boykin, the retired general voluntarily withdrew amid pressure from CAIR and VoteVets.org, who complained of his “Islamophobic” views.

Make a donation of $25 to protect the free flow of information about threats to America’s security and get both the e-book and the hardcover edition of the book that exposes the Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR, “Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld That’s Conspiring to Islamize America.”

CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad said in a statement that his group welcomed the withdrawal and hoped that “the speaker who replaces him will offer cadets a spiritual message that promotes tolerance and mutual understanding.”

Boykin, former U.S. deputy undersecretary of defense for intelligence, is a professor at Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia and author of “Never Surrender: A Soldier’s Journey to the Crossroads of Faith and Freedom.”

He has played a role in almost every major American military operation in recent decades – serving in Grenada, Somalia and Iraq

Before Boykin’s withdrawal, West Point spokeswoman Lt. Col. Sherri Reed explained in an interview with the Associated Press that the National Prayer Breakfast Service “will be pluralistic with Christians, Jewish, and Muslim cadets participating.”

“We are comfortable and confident that what retired Lt. Gen. Boykin will share about prayer, soldier care and selfless service, will be in keeping with the broad range of ideas normally considered by our cadets,” she said.

In 2010 speech, seen below, Boykin said the book exposing CAIR,”“Muslim Mafia”, will open your eyes. This book will shake you. What this book says is frightening.”

Boykin noted the book’s disclosure of internal documents obtained in a daring six-month undercover operation that show CAIR misleading and deceiving the FBI on behalf of terrorism suspects.

The book presents evidence that CAIR is more closely tied to al-Qaida than previously reported and that its sister fronts are funded by foreign Muslim Brotherhood sources.

CAIR leaders, Boykin has pointed out, share the Muslim Brotherhood’s ultimate goal of replacing the U.S. Constitution with Islamic law.

CAIR is suing a co-author of “Muslim Mafia” and his son, who conducted the undercover probe that came up with 12,000 pages of internal documents confirming CAIR’s role as a front for the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas in the U.S. .

The CAIR attacks on critics are far from over. WND needs your help in supporting the defense of “Muslim Mafia” co-author P. David Gaubatz, as well as his investigator son Chris, against CAIR’s lawsuit. The book’s revelations have led to formal congressional demands for three different federal investigations of CAIR. In the meantime, however, someone has to defend these two courageous investigators who have, at great personal risk, revealed so much about this dangerous group. Although WND has procured the best First Amendment attorneys in the country for their defense, we can’t do it without your help. Please donate to WND’s Legal Defense Fund now.

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2012/01/muslims-force-general-from-west-point-prayer-breakfast/#Ky4GRvqjGRYf2U7Q.99


Posted by goldielocks @ 20:51 on December 2, 2016  

From the pictures I saw it’s quite pretty and basically the last of large base wilderness. I hope it stays that way. Not just for our sake but for nature and the ecosystem.


Posted by Ororeef @ 19:40 on December 2, 2016  

spike-bottom-lexvfa different type of Chart showing the upward Spike on NOV 23 indicating a bottom

Sine Wave Renko Chart for LEXVF bottomd on NOV 25

Posted by Ororeef @ 19:21 on December 2, 2016  

sinewave-renko-lexvfa good advance signal for todays 20 % move

The SINE WAVE of Gold portrayed on a RENKO CHART bottomed nov 11

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:56 on December 2, 2016  

sine-gold-renkoThe Chart is identical for SLW  ..Nov 11 bottom

$BPGDM Gold Miners

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:29 on December 2, 2016  

bullish-dec2Spikes in solid black line up occur when bottoms are in place,its never failed ! Its based on how many oz of gold it will buy ..when it reaches MAX  of its Range ..the Bottom is in ..simple but elegant !

On a RENKO chart it occured Nov 17-25 .Renko filters out slight variations.

Most Wonderful Time

Posted by commish @ 18:26 on December 2, 2016  

Sounds like a hands on kinda guy

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:14 on December 2, 2016  

A Look into the Mind of Gen. James Mattis: 15 Quotes from Trump’s Secretary of Defense Pick


Buygold @ 17:24 on December 2, 2016

Posted by Ororeef @ 18:08 on December 2, 2016  

LEXVF had a 20.45 %    + day today  NICE !  I’ll take it !

From Schiffgold

Posted by silverngold @ 17:25 on December 2, 2016  

Man Finds Gold Horde Worth $3.7 Million in Deceased Relative’s Home


A man from the French region of Normandy recently inherited a house from a deceased relative, only to discover his newly acquired home was actually a secret gold depository. Throughout the house, the man found a total of 220 lbs (3208.33 Troy oz.) of gold coins and bars totaling $3.7 million.

The man’s identity has yet to be released, but reports indicate he was in the process of preparing furniture for sale when he stumbled upon part of the horde.

Local auctioneer, Nicolas Fierfort, who had visited the home in order to appraise the furniture confirmed “5,000 gold pieces, two bars of 12 kilos and 37 ingots of 1 kilo” were found in total.

gold bar on blue background

Fierfort also said the golden contents were “extremely well hidden” and scattered throughout the rest of the residence.

The first stash was a tin box of coins, which had been screwed to the underside of a piece of furniture. Like breadcrumbs leading the way home, the man continued finding gold coins in places like boxes to hold whiskey bottles, “under piles of linen, in the bathroom … everywhere,” according to Fierfort. Eventually, the two modern day Conquistadors stumbled upon the mother lode: 2 – 12 kilo gold bars. That’s 386 Troy ounces each.

A little detective work dated the gold’s purchase to sometime in the 1950s and 1960s. After the gold dust settled, the newly minted millionaire was able to locate the certificates of authenticity within the dead relative’s estate papers and eventually sell it to various buyers.

However, this story of good fortune doesn’t end as happily as we would like. Along with death comes taxes. It seems the French government will be hitting the man for a 45% inheritance tax along with charging him 3 years of back taxes because his deceased relative failed to declare the gold.

Just noticed

Posted by Buygold @ 17:24 on December 2, 2016  

JNUG and NUGT were up on pretty heavy volume today.

GPL had a nice day on heavy volume as well.

Hope the bottom is near and the miners start to lead.


Posted by Moggy @ 16:55 on December 2, 2016  

The Great Smoky Mountains are named for the blue fog or mist that hangs over the mountains and in the valleys, the Smokies were originally settled by the Cherokee. Shaconage, or “place of the blue smoke,” is what they called this range of the Appalachians.



Posted by ipso facto @ 16:08 on December 2, 2016  

I have most of those as well. AG is one of the best. Looks like we had a decent day today. A rarity soon to be commonplace!


Ipso. Thanks. I just edited the posting because I had forgotten to list my favorite holding, First Majestic.

Posted by Equisetum @ 15:57 on December 2, 2016  


Posted by ipso facto @ 15:53 on December 2, 2016  

Very poetic. I like it! emoji_1f601

and if a few of our ponies ramble on and breaking restraints ride roughshod over multiple JPM riggers then so much the better!

Farmboy @ 13:26 and ipso_facto @ 14:24.

Posted by Equisetum @ 15:36 on December 2, 2016  

I am with you  in optimism that junior PM mining stocks will have a good year in 2017 and, I suspect, even some very good performance before this calendar year ends.  If I adopt Farmboy’s term of calling them his ‘ponies’ then the ponies owned by me and by Mrs. Equiz have brands on their right rear flanks that signify the top individual shareholders of these ponies are  R. McEwen and K. Neumeyer.   Aside from the MUX and FF brand marks, other brands we are holding in our portfolios in high expectation for 2017 go under the ownership names of Sandstorm, Silver Wheaton, Americas Silver,  Endeavor Silver and,  one of the most handsome of all, First Majestic.

On my Dad’s farm where I grew up in the short-grass region of the North American high plains, I seem to remember that ponies sometimes get very frisky when the first chinook winds sweep east off the Rocky Mountains in early spring. Wishing the best for you  and your PM portfolios.   Equiz.


Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:17 on December 2, 2016  

US Dollar. USA must have the biggest debt in the world re $19 Trillion. The $19 Trillion also exposes the INABILITY of the United States gov’t to raise taxes. It’s commonly known, that a currency is only as good as the gov’t ability to collect taxes.

So the “ability” has been curtailed. The $19 tril national debt along with over valued Dopey/Dollar are a ticking time bomb. That’s why all the global elite are SCRABLING to create prosperity in the USA ONLY. They all have the most to lose. Not us little people who they all depend on for their survival.

Dopey Dollar Chart:

Now, 10 year treasury yield 2.4%. Assuming the US dollar is paying the highest yield these days among our so called trading partners euro, yen etc, the highest yield suggests the weakest currency.

10 yr treasury bond.

Here comes Gold. The entire global economy is in failure mode, imploding, falling apart. Currency volatility is totally off the charts. All devaluing in a fools race to the bottom. And gold is DROPPING???????

GOLD chart:

Widely held opinions are generally WRONG. The above charts are clearly showing WIDELY HELD OPINIONS, and they are all wrong.

I’m Mr. Copper And I Approve This Message.

Paul Craig Roberts…give Mnuchin a chance

Posted by Maddog @ 14:48 on December 2, 2016  

Trump’s Appointments — Paul Craig Roberts

Farmboy @ 13:26

Posted by ipso facto @ 14:24 on December 2, 2016  

It does seem a lot harder to make a few bucks in the PMs than previously. Perhaps it is on account of the present denizen of the WH. He was dishonest in many things and the rig seems to have been especially powerful during his Presidency.

I’m looking forward to 2017 as well. I think it’s going to be a good year for us.


Newtogold, We’ll Just Hide Him Out At Redneckokie’s Place and

Posted by Farmboy @ 14:01 on December 2, 2016  

assign Buygold as his security detail. 🙂

Shanghai Silver Rockin & Rollin

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:56 on December 2, 2016  


Farmboy re: Treasury Sec choice by Trump

Posted by newtogold @ 13:50 on December 2, 2016  

Based on his comments on the Fed and Gold, he should be listed as a “dead man walking”. He could have the biggest bulls eye on his back since JFK. I like what I hear though but worry about his longevity.

Iv come to the conclusion

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:48 on December 2, 2016  

that I can live with the booms and busts of a FREE economy ,but a managed economy is HELL from any perspective because nobody has  integrety enough to accomplish it and it becomes a corruption of the worst sort from the managers .Therefore BOOMS & BUSTS are preferable to persistent CORRUPTION….

If we must choose between

Posted by Ororeef @ 13:41 on December 2, 2016  

Communists and Fascists in each election ..then the shorter the term the better  !  Throw them out at every opportunity !  until we can get back to what the Founders created.     Obama wouldent have been so destructive if he only had one term !    Reagan accomplished most of his agenda in the first term  .This makes term limits a good thing for the country from any perspective.!

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