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On the 12-01-2016, if you drop first and last, 201, 201. Dropped 1 and 6, upside down mirrored, 19….

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:46 on December 1, 2016  

03-06-2009…3 sixes thus 666.

201-201 is either 3+3=6 or 3×3=9, sixes and nines is what binds

This Galactic algebra is a cinch.

For $19.95 a month…

So on 12-01-2016, the Dow is at 19191.9. On 03-06-2009, the SnG, sorry S+P, bottomed out in Hell at 666.

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:27 on December 1, 2016  

Moggy, yer up

FWIW: The New World Order has assassinated Julian Assange

Posted by silverngold @ 23:05 on December 1, 2016  


Anyone catch the closing print on the DowCow? 19191.9

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:05 on December 1, 2016  

Not exactly the 2009 bottom of 666, but turn today’s print upside down, lose the ones…

That’s the best technical analysis I can provide for my thesis, THIS IS IT! Timber!

goldielocks @ 20:35

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 21:30 on December 1, 2016  

Hi goldilocks. I’m not sure what you are implying. The only points I can make, for one your “$11/hr in Mexico versus our $30/hr.” I believe $1 buys 20 Pesos. So $11/hr gives Mexicans 220 Peso/hr. I don’t know haw many Pesos per week a Mexican needs to live.

Re for your…”Well have to be careful with nafta because Agriculture is also exported there duty free.” That there is bad for Mexico’s farmers. They’d probably like to ban imported farmed goods, same as we should ban imports of things we can make ourselves. If you can cook and feed yourself, why go to a diner or restaurant every night and waste money?

re your “We need to be more competitive ” amongst ourselves” You must be very young. When I left high school, (1962) and got my first job, I needed a calculator. It cost me a weeks pay. Also needed a Vernier dial caliper, also cost me one weeks pay. (to a fellow American) Married in ’65, two kids by ’67, wife not working, no medical insurance needed.

We paid each other highly. Everything was “home made” in the USA and we all lived better. I had a new ’63 Pontiac LeMans $2589, on a three year loan. Later on, the calipers and calculators came from Japan, just as good, for one DAYS pay. We were happy, but found out later on, imports are like rat poison. They eat it and die later. In our case it was a very slow insidious death for millions of Americans.

My view is all countries like all Indian Tribes, would be better off if they produced all their own needs. Only trade for or import what they can’t get or make themselves. And over ride all these “promiscuous” cross border arbitrage middle men business activities.

winedoc @1818

Posted by Aguila @ 21:29 on December 1, 2016  

A monumental day wish I could join you.  I would spout advice that wouldn’t be remembered until 20+ years later, if ever, and relish every moment.

Equisetum @ 19:45 The Chart Looks Good, Thanks.

Posted by Farmboy @ 21:02 on December 1, 2016  

With a little luck tomorrow, or by Monday, will move some of the profits from JUNG into that one.

Thank you for the heads up on that one.

Best to you this evening, from Farmboy who is working on filling up the stable with ponies.

Bull Feathers !

Posted by Farmboy @ 20:47 on December 1, 2016  

I see this evening not all are buying into the slap down.

Go Gators, Go Gold and Silver !


Maya, You Are Welcome ! It Was Either The Branding Iron Or Curtains, …

Posted by Farmboy @ 20:45 on December 1, 2016  

I figured the branding iron with your ranch logo was more fitting. 🙂

Now about that chicken rustling, I suggest you BBQ any evidence.

Get your digs moved and set up. You got trains to run on time.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 20:35 on December 1, 2016  

Re: Mexico special interests BRIBED Carrier to move there.

You have to look at issues here with cost compared to there.

From what I know Carrier employees get 30 a hour. They were going to pay Mexicos workers 11 dollars a hour. It’s not the only issue but one of the biggest is pushing for higher wages especially by unions. Then the other issues here. With Nafta there is no duty exporting things here and vise versa.

Well have to be careful with nafta because Agriculture is also exported there duty free. Also services. In the end we’re still losing because of the outsourcing including other things like the cost to park shipping to China, Japan etc for goods is uneven as far as I know. We need to be more competitive ” amongst ourselves” with everyday prices that are ready to reach in your pockets Everytime cost of living wages go up. At the same time people need fair pay vs skill needed, but not get carried away and scare their jobs away. Not saying that’s what Carriers workers did but one of the main motivators other than personal greed or Wall Street pressure to keep those earning rising even if it means laying people off. What the heck is wrong with consistent earnings? Thanks to them we have to pay 700 for a cell phone. Gotta stop..

Sub Prime Auto Loans…..6 million past due

Posted by Auandag @ 19:51 on December 1, 2016  

Here’s two more!


Every once in a little while I get renewed hope that First Mining Finance will come out of its slumber.

Posted by Equisetum @ 19:45 on December 1, 2016  

Will this be the time it does come to life?


eeos @ 18:18

Posted by Maya @ 19:26 on December 1, 2016  

I haven’t got a lot of details, but my understanding was the Gov’t issued a subpoena to the largest BTC exchange,


asking for customer records.  I believe they were fighting it.  It would be almost impossible for gov’t control totally, because BTC is a peer-to-peer transaction between two individuals.  So they go after the big exchanges, looking for money laundering or tax evasion.

Eeos 18:18

Posted by winedoc @ 18:48 on December 1, 2016  

War on cash, War on Bitcoin, war on Gold

Its all playing out

‘Evening Friends

Winedoc Jr is 21 today,  taking him out to the Pub

Onward Pilgrims


PS:  So awesome to see Augirl back, if even for a cameo 🙂


Posted by eeos @ 18:18 on December 1, 2016  

Did you weigh in about all Bitcoin transactions being subpoenaed by the United States concerning taxes?

Boycott Kellogg’s!

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:04 on December 1, 2016  

Kellogg’s Pulls Ads From Breitbart for ‘Not Aligning’ With Their Values

Let’s put this into perspective. The maker of poisonous breakfast cereals pulled their ads from Breitbart, a very popular news site associated with the Trump campaign, because it didn’t align with their values — set forth in their advertising guidelines.

They said associating with brands like Breitbart wasn’t ‘consistent with their brand or corporate image.’


The usual last minute sell-off

Posted by Buygold @ 17:36 on December 1, 2016  

Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

Maddog-Buygold=Screw it! It came back too far-I’ll wait for the jobs report at 8:30

Posted by Richard640 @ 16:13 on December 1, 2016  

It’s gonna be fairly strong-so if there’s a hard dump at 8:30–and silver does NOT tank as much and the $ does NOT soar much, I’ll prolly buy that low…

12/1/2016 3:58:25 PM ET JNUG Sold 10000 JNUG @ $6.70 Executed

Scum all over PM rally

Posted by Maddog @ 16:06 on December 1, 2016  

made damn sure we closed nowhere near Hi’s….monster offers in GDX…..

But Dollar looking sick….Nasdaq as well and Bonds have scum by the balls and are squeeeeeeeeezing hard.

The world is changing.

No doubt Scum will engineer SM overnight rally…..but World is dumping Nasdog…v heavy all day.


Posted by Ororeef @ 15:58 on December 1, 2016  

are saying state of Indiana are going to subsidize  Carrier  ..to make trump look like he made a deal ?

Theres no end to thier SPIN !

Maddog, R640

Posted by Buygold @ 15:55 on December 1, 2016  

I have some extra for Hillary.


R640- that’s the 64K question. So far, so good. Just get through the jobs report tomorrow and you’re golden.

With the way the dollar looks we should be doing a lot better. Something has to give.

Bitcoin rising, too

Posted by Maya @ 15:22 on December 1, 2016  

Now $754.

R640 will soon have the answer to the $64,000 question!  Good Luck.

IPSO=This works out to be my ideal trade–buy in-it immediately goes up–andgives me a cushion

Posted by Richard640 @ 15:21 on December 1, 2016  

I may get stopped out before the close–if so no harm done

I think this rally was squashed cause the jobs report tomorrow–the $ is down over 400 bps-c’mon!! gold can’t even go green 3 bucks? Something’s gotta give…


Carrier, Owned By United Technologies, A Defense Contractor

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:18 on December 1, 2016  

THEY OWE US! And they owe it to themselves. That company gets tax dollars. Why let taxable jobs leave? Less taxes here to give to them. It’s in their best interests to make America great again. If they all want the gravy train. I’m wondering WHO or What Mexico special interests BRIBED Carrier to move there.

Remember, nothing is the way it looks or sounds these days.

Richard640 @ 14:47

Posted by ipso facto @ 15:07 on December 1, 2016  

Good luck! You must have some strong convictions … no not the felony kind. 🙂

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