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$bpgdm Bullish % index continues it climb

Posted by Ororeef @ 20:06 on December 7, 2016  



Posted by goldielocks @ 19:52 on December 7, 2016  

That explains why a girl I met in the 60s only a year or two older than me while helping her make poppy seed bread at her house while a I was visiting in Colorado relatives who visited them lol told me something about it. We were teens then. I didn’t ask too much questions but she told me that her family escaped through the woods and she could hear children out there crying. She was young at the time. I thought later she was too young to leave during WW11. Just pieces after a bad fever later took some of my memory. My G grandma was able to get some of her things out and three kids. I remember briefly a president here told them if they wanted to get out and come here do it now. She already through teouble in politics saw trouble coming so got out. I don’t remember when that was though. They left behind homes and about everything. I don’t remember what region they were from though.  I have one of her hand made hungarian outfits passed down from my mother packed away I plan to donate someday as she was well known amounst the Hungarians to my understanding. Have to take it out and look for patterns as different districts had different patterns. Something like that and try bring back enough information to pass down.actually can start with some of the patterns I remember a lot of red colors.

Goldie-Our family home in my youth had Hungarian Freedom Fighters living with us

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 19:29 on December 7, 2016  

This was in Canada, starting in 1956 after the quashed revolt in Hungary . It is true , they all left behind their jobs , kinfolk , and even status to seek freedom . I remember one , Lazlo , who had to leave behind his wife ( who later was able to get out and joined him ) . He lived for the infrequent letters she could get out of the country to him . Another was a young graduate chemist , but had to leave his papers and diploma behind in Hungary , so had no proof of his graduation . He got a job as a laborer at Dow Chemical and eventually worked his way up to being a unit operator , but never a lab researcher as he was actually qualified to be . Another was grey haired ( maybe 60 years old ?). I heard that he was eventually able to get his wife and college aged daughters out to Canada  as well . Hearing their stories of oppression under Communism at the dinner table made a permanent mark on my young mind . Later in life I worked briefly in the Czech Republic as they were closing the doors on Communism , and saw the great disparity in quality of work between the free in Western Europe and North America , compared to the oppressed , virtually hopeless folk under Communism .

True or not? Syrians?

Posted by ipso facto @ 18:31 on December 7, 2016  

War Planes Striking Turkish Army In Syria

Mad Dog Stock Rally

Posted by commish @ 17:24 on December 7, 2016  



Posted by Maddog @ 17:00 on December 7, 2016  

SM is now in melt up territory…tdy was just more insanity…..As for India…just insane, as my wife just said, they will buy even more Gold…..Modi obviously has a desire to be lynched, that is if he is lucky.

What’s up with the DOW

Posted by Buygold @ 16:44 on December 7, 2016  

Can’t really figure out why the SM exploded higher today. Weird that the VIX actually was up a little. Course pm’s other than silver did nothing.

These aren’t markets – not even close.

I see on ZH the Indian government is raiding homes and taking gold and jewelry- no questions asked. There will be an uprising there at some point.

Trump Elected Markets Will Tank…

Posted by commish @ 16:13 on December 7, 2016  

Closing today.


DOW up 294

S&P 500 up 28


The Tennessee fires that killed 14 people

Posted by Moggy @ 15:44 on December 7, 2016  

Two juveniles were arrested Wednesday on aggravated arson charges in the Tennessee wildfire that killed 14 people, and more charges are possible, authorities said Wednesday.

The suspects weren’t identified because they’re minors. Authorities would say only that they are residents of Tennessee but not of Sevier County, where the fire caused significant damage and forced the evacuations of thousands of residents around Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Sevier County District Attorney James Dunn said the suspects were being held pending a detention hearing at which a juvenile court judge will decide bond.

Authorities said the suspects could be charged as adults and that other charges “are on the table.”

Anyone Remember The Japanese Dow Run Up To 40,000? 1989?

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:24 on December 7, 2016  

Japan was never the same after that. Plus China took a lot of their jobs after that.

Monthly Nikkei 225 Index:

Long Term Dow Chart, Looks Ripe To Me.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:11 on December 7, 2016  

Look at the March 2000 and 2008 meltdowns. These people are cruising for a brusin. The two prior crashes the later one went lower than the prior crash. If a panic sets in and makes a lower low it would be a huge megaphone formation. Maybe that why the rates were pushed up lately. So the Bozos have some room to lower rates on the next swan dive.


What happened to light the fire

Posted by newtogold @ 14:36 on December 7, 2016  

under the Dow anyway? When is a good time to short the Dow etc? Just before rate hike by Fed ?  Maybe never? Dow to 20K or more looks like no problem after today’s move.

Geez, Are These Dow SnP and Nasdaq People Serious???

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 14:30 on December 7, 2016  

They had better watch out. Awful big assumptions going on there


The Corbett Report: Trump Fills the Swamp With Steven Mnuchin. Hmmmm??

Posted by silverngold @ 14:30 on December 7, 2016  

Interesting background beyond Goldman….does not sound good IMO!! Hope I’m wrong!! Like Samb said, maybe has to dance with the devil to get the job done??


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:55 on December 7, 2016  

Yes they do as I was one of them lol We all worked hard especially night shift in those days. The nuns needed rest and put in as much as 16 hour days day after day. Hopefully things are better and kniw they are in some ways due to labor laws but also brough up costs. The patients were humble strong and proud and would do as much for self as possible and biggest fear was dependence unlike tiday and many would will themselves to die at that point in those days also no stranger to hard work that showed on some of there bodies sometime. No one these days knows of malformations or injuries causing them to slump over from a woman driving buggies by themselves starting at a young age. They were strong in their beliefs and kept their rosearies  by their side and prayed a lot.

My great grand mother hungarian and her daughter my great aunt who migrated or escaped from Hungary to Illinois  also donated there as my G grandmother owned her own sewing shop where peopke from all over the world including the elitist would custom order hand made and beaded dresses, coats and hats. They would also donate their time and money  with the church handing out food and besides the depression people were escaping Europe as  and came with nothing. I remember one Hungarian man told me he had to swim across a river to get out of certain death and when he got to the other side he flipped them off. They had to leave all behind except their memories and skills. Some people  didn’t make it across that river. Another told me how they with children had to get through a bobbed wire fence with German soilders picking them off. Broke my heart hearing the stories and how close they came to never making it and their sadness to those who didn’t.

Maya @ 11:35….About Cliff High’s $125 Silver top next year…

Posted by silverngold @ 13:39 on December 7, 2016  

That’s very close to my price of $120 for the next top before another major consolidation. I hope he is correct that it will be in 2017 but my charting  pins down the price of the tops (but not the time they will hit), or the time of the bottoms (but not the bottom price). It seems to me “they” have specific targets for the tops but when those tops are reached they will then take the PM’s down until time is up within that cycle.

If Cliff is correct that silver hits its high next year then I expect gold to hit its high also in 2017, as well as the HUI and XAU indices…..but if that should happen I would expect a prolonged consolidation lasting until late 2022 before PM’s again head for a higher top.

My price for them is as follows:





All the Best from Silverngold


Appears to be a happening play

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:05 on December 7, 2016  

Resource Capital Gold Corp. (TSXV:RCG) – Eric Sprott’s Most Recent Investment – And You’ve Never Heard Of Them

Resource Capital Gold Corp. (TSXV:RCG) – Eric Sprott’s Most Recent Investment – And You’ve Never Heard Of Them

Goldie–thanks for that-very interesting-especially about your grueling job

Posted by Richard640 @ 13:00 on December 7, 2016  

caring for the elderly and infirm–catholic institutions do a lot of compassionate service to the community–in education and elder care-I donate yearly to the convent in Peoria where I went to nursery school for 2 yrs-[1946 thru 8]–


Posted by ipso facto @ 12:56 on December 7, 2016  

Roger that.

Thanks Richard

Posted by eeos @ 12:55 on December 7, 2016  

I relate and love it. I’m from another generation but I get it.

treefrog @ 11:51

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:41 on December 7, 2016  

🙂 Watch out the PC guys’ll getcha!

Chile rejects attempt to block modified Barrick Gold mine project

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:35 on December 7, 2016  

SANTIAGO, Dec 7 (Reuters) – A ministerial committee in Chile has rejected an attempt by local communities to block modifications needed to keep Barrick Gold’s controversial Pascua Lama project alive, a resolution by the committee showed on Wednesday.

The gold and silver Pascua Lama project, which straddles the border of Argentina and Chile in the Andes Mountains, was put on hold in 2013 due to environmental issues, political opposition, labor unrest and development costs that ballooned to $8.5 billion.


Maya @ 11:35

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:29 on December 7, 2016  

Silver “$125”

Works for me! emoji_1f601

* as long as all the grocery stores aren’t burnt down …

Portugeezer @ 11:32

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:25 on December 7, 2016  

Very glad to hear that the project’s progressing. I’m sure it has been 10 million headaches for you. At least the end of construction is now in sight although all the details I know can take ages.

I have a word of advice. Don’t let all this work stuff interfere with your music! emoji_1f601

Now I’m off to check out your magazines.


Alex Valdor @ 11:13

Posted by ipso facto @ 12:17 on December 7, 2016  

LOL God forbid I ever live anywhere where they tax you to dance!

Lots of little steps towards total insanity and the BIG BLOW UP!

Glad to hear from you Alex. I hope all’s well.


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