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Posted by goldielocks @ 23:49 on August 6, 2022  

Ps I have to add the demos appear to be United in corruption to put it lightly right now. The Repubs shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that all they need. They better have plans for results of putting Americans first and start holding these criminals and incompetents responsible.
The Demos assume they won’t and brag about sticking together. That’s fine and makes it easy. There just like a bunch of bowling pins and we have the ball. So the repubs better be in the ball.


Posted by goldielocks @ 23:22 on August 6, 2022  

I know but that’s their plan. To unconstitutionally expand government at tax payers expense not just to destroy the private sector but use them to enforce their marxist attempts of not just force us to pay for their reckless use of the printing machine but power over the people.
Where apparently Soros and Klaus Schwab come in to aid them with promises they can stay in power indefinitely while they work on elections next or eliminating them.
They have succeeded in splitting the nation into party’s although going on for some time is worse now.
Now people don’t even look at what the persons about just what party there in. That’s why the demos are currently paying for that mistake in certain city’s right now.
Also why Trump endorsed candidate’s tend to do better as they’re slowly figuring out it’s just not the party they claim but what they stand for.

In Ukraine

Posted by Ororeef @ 23:11 on August 6, 2022  

You have a Jewish leader that steals as much money that he can ,he has 3 mansions,how did he make millions when he was a Stand up Comedian before….Then he has an army of ex NAZIS left over from WW2 that he sacrifices to keep the WAR going !

The US sends him billions to keep his scam going ….the longer it lingers on ..the more NAZIS die and the more he can sell the arms for cash to any body with a BUCK>>>>>   Ukraine had a reputation as the MOST corrupt country in the world …their leader gets RICH as long as the WAR goes on with the BLESSING of the US..The US taxpayer gets screwed and democrats want to raise more taxes to send to them while at home we go broke with SKY high gas,electric and gasoline bills !

Its all a BIG SCAM.. cant let a crisis go to waste ,keep it going until the wheels fall off ….suckers !

Lower power cost at home is still not helping bring food costs down,

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:06 on August 6, 2022  

When you see a dozen brown eggs “ that aren’t really better than white, green or pink eggs” for 7 dollars a dozen.
I went to dinner with my son and daughter in law and grandson few days ago and I ordered salmon. Not a big piece of salmon only a few ounces. It was 27 dollars. I insisted on paying for my dinner with a small argument with my 6’4 something like 20 in biceps or something still can’t win I’m paying. I think their steak dinners were up too each and didn’t want anything sugary or alcohol so they both just had water. Just me and grandson had a beverage bringing my bill to about 35 for a salmon dinner and a glass of ice tea at a regular steakhouse. My daughter in law knows coupons and got on her phone and got the three of them down to about 99 dollars before tip.
Only good thing is no more needing reservations or waiting.
I hope the restaurants survive. They employ a lot of people that like their jobs but work hard.

goldielocks @ 17:13 on August 6, 2022

Posted by Ororeef @ 22:52 on August 6, 2022  

The reason ocasio cortez IRS plan cant work is its unconstitutional !  Thats why they say its voluntary !

Graduated tax is not constitutional it violates equal protection,and many other aspects of the Constitution ….

National Sales tax might be legal ,it dosent discriminate !  Most people never understood whats in the Constitution legally…WE were blessed by the Founders and now we have been dumbed down so they can convince the Stupid ones

to vote for more taxes .They have no idea what they are doing. ! and now our labor is taxed by government at a RATE that is passing 50 % .that means only half the people pay taxes ..the rest are tax consumers as are all government employees ..They dont pay taxes because they are also given the money to pay the supposed tax in their paychecks .ALL Government employees get a free ride .You cant TAX a Government employee when you give him the money so he can claim he pays taxes..

What a rip off to the PRIVATE SECTOR !

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 22:32 on August 6, 2022  

California Sprinter


The Solar buyback scam

Posted by Maya @ 22:31 on August 6, 2022  

Yeah, the electric company ‘buys’ solar inputs at half what they charge for it.  My leased Sunrun system is 3.5kw PV panels, a 7kw inverter, and 9.5kwh LG lithium battery.  They are standardized ‘cookie cutter’ systems that will replace SOME (not all) of your electric usage at a monthly lease rate that is less than you would pay for the equivalent electricity from the grid.  And the more the grid costs go up, the better the lease deal is for the juice received.

My system software and grid tie is capable of selling to the grid at off hours overnight if I have enough battery charge.  But the system is biased to keep and use everything locally at the house.  My electric bill notes that I sell them exactly 1 kwh every month… just to keep the billing system working.  I use all the rest, and still buy some from the grid also.   It varies with solar input days, but looking at my bottom line averaged monthly, it had reduced my electric bill around 60%… for half the cost.


Posted by goldielocks @ 21:29 on August 6, 2022  

If you find a way to reduce usage ..they raise the rate ..they want the same income.

That’s exactly right.
Is there anyway your son make a deal with a competitor so they lose that free power they’ll charge someone else that they’re stealing from him.
Maybe he has enough resources to go off the grid completely by storing that energy himself.
Too bad all those who are giving their energy away under false advertising by that electric company can sue them for sealing their power. That wouldn’t make them look to good when it went public as well as those in politics being California probably selling “climate change” and go solar letting them do it.

My daughter in laws mother bought a hydrogen car. She hasn’t been able to use it for two weeks because they’re out of hydrogen.
I bet someone maybe like your son could come up with converting the hydrogen out of water to run a car on water,
If lake Mead dries up he’s going to need a desalination machine.
He probably doesn’t need to but he could probably charge his neighbors for powering their electric cars and get a extension cord to the street if the power goes out and just call the money donations.

DEL MAR CA nice day at the BEACH !

Posted by Ororeef @ 21:15 on August 6, 2022  

Punk Robbers

Posted by Ororeef @ 20:47 on August 6, 2022  

WE should do what they did in Singapore,I remember a white Punk key scratched a new car.They grabbed his ass took his cloths off gave him a loin cloth to protect his privates..then tied him to a post and CANED him with a bamboo cane in PUBLIC so all Punks could see.. 20 smart whacks to his ass that he wont forget .. A nice flexable cane can work wonders…

Michael Peter Fay (born May 30, 1975) is an American who was sentenced to six strokes of the cane in Singapore in 1994 for theft of road signs and vandalizing 18 cars over a ten-day period in September 1993, which caused a temporary strain in relations between Singapore and the United States.[2] Fay pleaded guilty, but he later claimed that he was advised that such a plea would preclude caning and that his confession was false, that he never vandalized any cars, and that the only crime he committed was stealing road signs.

Although caning is a routine court sentence in Singapore, Fay’s case garnered some controversy and was widely covered in the media in the United States, as it was believed to be the first judicial corporal punishment involving an American citizen.[3] The number of cane strokes in Fay’s sentence was ultimately reduced from six to four after United States officials requested leniency. He was caned on 5 May 1994.

eeos @ 17:27 on August 6, 2022

Posted by Ororeef @ 19:55 on August 6, 2022  

Posted by Ororeef @ 19:53 on August 6, 2022   -edit-

We have a right to consume more than the rest of the world .WE paid to build the infrastructure ,we paid to drill for gas  & oil

WE cleaned the environment better than anyone else .Go breath air in China ! its like fog…

we paid taxes on it all. We made the investment ! Government didnt give us anything free  . Dont feel guilty about anything.

You get what you pay for..We got NO free lunch…


Posted by Ororeef @ 19:38 on August 6, 2022  

in San Diego was getting a credit for install SOLAR ,He’s a Physicist and did the electrical work himself ..He got his bill down to zero,so they changed the rules ..no more credit for solar..he has a min connection fee each month .They wont let your bill go negative even though you pump elec back to them at lower cost than they buy elsewhere . So I  suggested he take out his GAS dryer and get electric dryer and he can still produce enough with his solar to eliminate totally the gas bill . They wont let you not pay something even if your usage is zero ….either way you pay.

If you find a way to reduce usage ..they raise the rate ..they want the same income.

Electric bill

Posted by Ororeef @ 19:08 on August 6, 2022  

last month   183.24  this month  $342.24     3000 sq ft house  2135  kwh.16 kwh I guess im better off than most but my increase was large .(remember my AC was out for two weeks)  finally got that fixed ..


Posted by goldielocks @ 18:18 on August 6, 2022  

It jumps from about .18 kWh to .32kwh during 5 to 8 pm here but I’m sure those who have electric through PGE probably pay more. I had PGE heat so in cold winters when I lived in my home I’d put logs in a trash cans in summer with cover and with winter hit just open the back door and grab it when it was cold.

Then they started banning wood burning fireplaces to gas fireplaces so if you didn’t already have one your weren’t gonna get one. They complicated that with making no burn days which were usually bad weather days.
While there focusing on the heat now which is a real concern but those who are going to have cold winters I hope preparing now since they can’t put in a budget something when that’s now subject to change.

eeos – count your blessings.

Posted by Maya @ 17:37 on August 6, 2022  

A couple years ago my electric bill was $0.37/kwh when we got cheap Russian oil to fire our electric plants.  Now we have to get more expensive oil from Indonesia.  Last month my electric bill was $0.5625/kwh… and rising.  I have a window A/C that I almost never use.  Cooking and laundry are my big power users.  Lighting is totally LED in the house.   And I have a leased ‘Sunrun’ PV system that supplies a little over half my usage, thankfully.

Alex Xcel in CO has a 3 tier power schedule now

Posted by eeos @ 17:27 on August 6, 2022  

Alex Xcel in CO has a 3 tier power rate schedule now. They rip our eyeballs out with some of the highest KW cost in the nation at 27 cents a KW from 3-7pm. You know, when we are under max stress with everyone cooking and returning from work, A/C’s kicking on. We even have a problem with everyone that bought smart thermostats like Nest that have a built in feature that let’s houses cool during cold nights and them ramps back up at 6am. Crazy anyhow. Xcel also collects 17 cents during mid tier and anyone that netmeters only gets paid 8 cents, Excel rips them off.

I think we burn a crap ton of coal and natural gas, in fact we consume more AC that 4 Billion other people do in the rest of world in the USA.

Which Countries Produce the Most Natural Gas?


When they rebalance I’m buying a home battery, soaking up cheap KW’s during off periods and then sell back power during grid-stressed brownouts and collect the 27 cents per KW. Foaming at the mouth with that one. Can’t wait to get in on the game when net metering pays what Xcel charges. Game over soon.

Well here’s the end game of the demos new inflationary bill. They want to end privacy rights and eliminate voluntary filing to they file for you and of course will need to monitor your personal information to do it and automatically deduct what ever they say you owe them from your account abs eventually militarism of the IRS with armed agents. And of course there will be political weaponization.

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:13 on August 6, 2022  

There’s much more in this article of who they’ll target but it won’t be the rich who can hire a army of accountants and lawyers to protect themselves. Here’s the apparent ultimate goal of it starting with the new 87 thousand workers they want to hire to enforce controlling your taxes and violating your 4 th amendment and more.

.. his policy, which has long been a pet project of progressives like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.), would replace the existing system of voluntary compliance, where Americans are responsible for filling out their own tax returns, with a system where the government assesses and files taxes for Americans.
At best, it would require the IRS to collect more personal data to properly assess taxes. A recent report by the Progressive Policy Institute noted that the IRS currently does not have the information it needs to prepare tax returns for American families especially refundable tax credits claimed by millions of low-income taxpayers.
At worst, it would give the IRS more power to intrude in the lives of Americans and create a strong conflict of interest. Americans barely understand the tax code as it stands. Sixty-five percent think the tax code is too complex, compared to 7 percent that think it is too simple.
The IRS would have an incentive to overcharge a taxpayer and that individual would either have to take the government at their word or file themselves. If a taxpayer does decide to contest, there is no guarantee they will be aware of every deduction and credit they are owed unless they hire an expert to assist them. Of course, the IRS will have 80,000 new agents and the bank account information of taxpayers so taxpayers will be at a disadvantage even if they understand the law.
The IRS has proven unwilling or unable to protect taxpayer data. Earlier this year, the progressive group ProPublica announced it had received the stolen private tax returns of thousands of taxpayers covering 15 years. While the IRS and Treasury Department claim to not know how this tax information was obtained, if accurate it was obtained illegally and represents a stunning and alarming leak of taxpayer data.
This leak is not an isolated case — A 2016 Inspector General report found that the IRS had lost track of 1,000 laptops containing sensitive taxpayer data that were used by contract employees while in 2015, hackers stole the personal data of 330,000 taxpayers.
The IRS already has over 2,000 armed agents to enforce tax law. How many of the new 87,000 new agents will be armed? 
Two decades ago, IRS agents came under scrutiny for tactics the New York Times described as “military-style raids” for taxpayers accused of non-violent crimes. A 1998 Washington Post article described how several small business owners were harassed by the IRS: “raiding parties of armed agents from the IRS Criminal Investigation Division barged into their homes or offices, frightened their employees and families — and ultimately came up empty-handed.”                                                                                                     
If President Biden and congressional Democrats are successful, they will double the size of the IRS so that bureaucrats can snoop on the bank accounts of Americans and so the agency can create a new government tax filing system. These vast new powers will not be used to go after wealthy taxpayers but will fall on middle-class families and small businesses for years to come.  


Two more that seem fitting!

Posted by silverngold @ 14:11 on August 6, 2022  

Patience My Ass Cover

Ameritrade and Charles Schwab brokers sitting in the tree discussing  the diehard ETF day trader below??

'Why should I feel bad? We're part of natures original recycling program!'

Uh… Homer?

Posted by Maya @ 0:45 on August 6, 2022  

That’s a Police car you are passing!

patience, pilgrims

Posted by treefrog @ 0:31 on August 6, 2022  

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 0:28 on August 6, 2022  

Horsepower in Gold


Definition of Insanity

Posted by Maya @ 0:24 on August 6, 2022  

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.   (See Buygold for a demonstration 🙂  )

But he’s not alone.

We’re all here because we’re not all there.

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