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COT Report – funds puke shorts, banksters happy to oblidge

Posted by Buygold @ 16:32 on August 5, 2022  

CFTC Commitments of Traders Report – CMX (Futures Only)

All that being said, shares weren’t terrible today and continued to sort of hold the line..barely. Silver is a mess


BG – most homes in this part of FL are on heat pumps in winter . I rarely run mine to avoid making things in the crawl space underneath too attractive for ‘critters’.

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 16:14 on August 5, 2022  

I saw a post today saying Spain was limiting AC in summer , and heating in winter , as well as turning off outside lighting at 10 pm. When I used to do work in Spain , restaurants were just opening up for the dinner trade at 9:30 or 10 pm. I predict a surge in street crime directed against those who do not take their evening meal at home . More trouble for small business !

re Ukraine, A European Annex Atempt, Against The Russian Separatists? (rebels and partiots)

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:41 on August 5, 2022  

In the USA my view, Trump supporters were American speaking separatists also fighting against being annexed led and manipulated by Europe.  Europe is spoiled rotten. They need to fend for themselves. We need sanctions against Europe. What are they doing for the USA?


Posted by Ororeef @ 15:25 on August 5, 2022  

Biden send 40 billion to Zelensky who promptly buys 3 mansions for 30 million each so when he fails  he has somewhere to go…  Thats what a stand up comic does when he’s promoted to President ..The jokes on them ,if he can escape fast enough…he could get away from the lynch mob..  The US sends aid ,he puts the weapons up for sale to get some cash ..he’s got millions stashed away then he can blame Biden for not sending enough aid.. Theres no amount that will  win that war,so now Biden ‘;s going to throw him under the bus  and take the blame…nice friends those democrats .Nice guy Zalensky is selling the arms to steal the cash ..cant let a crisis go to waste..  Ukraine gets what it deserves for all the corruption and bribery sent to Bidens son. They deserve each other…theres no honor among thieves !

Re Energy Oil and Gas Storage and Transport Sector and Trump

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 15:24 on August 5, 2022  

A thought here. When he was in and bullied for domestic production pipelines permits etc oil was around $40/bbl for a couple months was $20/bbl. That was very DEFLATIONARY for the global and domestic economy. Remember?? The Fed was concerned about deflation?? And was striving for 2% at least?

Well, you can figure “somebody” global wanted higher Oil prices, another reason to bash Trump and assassinate him with constant bashing. Also Arabia and other countries need money, income from selling Oil. So its just welfare for other countries, at USA expense. How much longer….

“Are They Going To Get Away With” all the crap they have been getting away with.

And that 500,000 jobs gain bull shit report? I never believe the numbers. I’m too old to be fooled with a numbers game. That high number was the exact same as the Fed increasing another 3/4 point, without actually doing it.

Hi Alex

Posted by Buygold @ 13:30 on August 5, 2022  

My insanity runs deep…like right now I’m thinking that we might close flat on the day in the shares. 🙂 The damage isn’t too bad right now in the shares, the metals of course aren’t coming back – that’s a scum rule.

Hopefully where we live, we won’t have to use the heater so much.

ororeef … saw your message but it looks like you are posting OK now

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:12 on August 5, 2022  

Posted by ipso facto @ 13:08 on August 5, 2022  

Here in Central FL a local (leftie) TV news outlet was reporting on a projected 28% increase in Electricity cost next winter

Posted by Alex Valdor @ 13:04 on August 5, 2022  

No mention of the fact that much of the generation capacity is fueled by natural gas co-gen , and thanks to the Biden shutdown of the Keystone pipeline and now exporting our reserves , NG is going to cost a lot more in the months ahead . The culprit ? Russia , and Putin of course .

It is going to take a lot of DNC cheating to carry the 2022 mid-terms – much more than 2020 .

But then again the RINO’s McConnell , Ronna McDaniels/Romney , Cheney (father and daughter) , Karl Rove et al will do everything in their power to snatch defeat from the very jaws of victory , AGAIN !

Rambus from a week ago

Posted by Buygold @ 12:26 on August 5, 2022  

I’m not sure he’s getting what he wanted to see. Focused on GDXJ and SLV

Markets Update… | Rambus Chartology (rambus1.com)

Markets Update…

We got a little more follow through to the upside in the PM complex today. Not a very exciting day but that is good. You don’t want everyone jumping in at the bottom. The indexes with the H&S and double bottoms are still looking the best. The GDXJ and SLV which have been leading the way higher are now approaching their first real test of resistance which is at the neckline where we may see some hesitation.


“THAT’s the level of how insane I am.”

Posted by Aguila @ 11:30 on August 5, 2022  

Now we know – Buygold’s crazy!

heh heh heh


Posted by goldielocks @ 11:02 on August 5, 2022  

I’m sorry I had to laugh about the head X-ray. If they have a review for that hospital write one about it to warn others. They keep it up they’ll be replaced with robots.
What you had is very painful. My daughter in law had one happen when she was pregnant and took her to the hospital and could tell that she was going to sit there for hours in pain so took her out and somewhere else cuz I pretty much knew what it was so could take that trip and even then I was mad the male nurse didn’t tell the doctor fast enough 20 minutes went by and then talked to him myself. 20 minutes and it took you hours. But even then I told the nurse she needs a UA too cuz she had symptoms of a uti.
American Indian which she is half tend not to show pain less extreme or sudden and you have to ask questions but can see in body language. It doesn’t mean there in less pain. He’s at least trying to save money lol by saying well it’s a kidney stone. I told him think of it as a primary but not assessing your missing a secondary and she has secondary symptoms. It turned out she did have that too,
Is there another hospital around there you can go to instead. Check reviews though,

Of all low lives to come out. Trump likely to be criminally charged in DOJ election probe along with other former White House officials, Obama AG Holder says

Posted by goldielocks @ 10:41 on August 5, 2022  

So a criminal who got out of dodge after he knew demos weren’t gonna win of all people Holder.. The Demond’s are crawling out from under their rocks trying to stop Trump from running again.
Then they can put Pelositosis on the stand under oath and question her about aiding the protesters they claim were rioting by refusing to call in security measures and who told the WH police to let them in. They can put the cop who killed Ashly on the stand and explain his justification and who ordered him. Along with a few other people like what was his name Ebbs telling people to go inside. All in a attempt to set up Trump maybe.


LOL I call BS on that!

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:16 on August 5, 2022  

goldielocks @ 2:07 on August 5, 2022

Posted by Ororeef @ 10:16 on August 5, 2022  

just a little addendum to my post..I complained about abdominal pain and said it was so bad it was making me faint,she said are you dizzy ..from pain I said yes,so what did they do…They ordered HEAD xrays ..what the fuck ,,,,trying to pad the bill? I said the pain is down here ,not in my head forget about Head xRays , give me something for pain..  HEAD xrays for abdominal pain ..what kind of diagnoses is that ?  What medical school did they go to in India ? ……

They also said be sure to wear your mask..you can catch a lot of bad things here… ,so why were so many people allowed in a room without masks ?  nobody was 6 feet away ! They push all the precautions on me ..

Stay out of Hospitals ! ,bad diagnosis ,short of help tests not revant for the problem ….bad practices and bad management.

If the developed countries are going to have civil unrest over the cost of living what happens to the poorer countries?

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:11 on August 5, 2022  

“Widespread Civil Unrest” Looming In UK Over Cost-Of-Living Crisis

The chance of “widespread civil unrest” occurring in the UK as a result of people being unable to afford to pay their bills due to the cost of living crisis is “inevitable,” according to one campaigner.


Hoping for a reversal

Posted by Buygold @ 10:07 on August 5, 2022  

THAT’s the level of how insane I am.

A little hope is a dangerous thing

Good intentions but not so easy

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:41 on August 5, 2022  

Argentina Vows Not To Go Full Weimar, Will Stop Printing Money Amid 60% Inflation

Hours after Argentina’s new Minister of Economy Sergio Massa was sworn into office, he pledged to stop printing money in an attempt to halt a spiraling currency crisis which has seen inflation hit 60% – and has been projected to reach 90% by the end of this year.


Ororeef @ 0:36

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:23 on August 5, 2022  

Sounds like the 3rd world! err or worse

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:20 on August 5, 2022  

IAMGOLD Renews Preliminary Base Shelf Prospectus


Alexco Announces the Filing of Management Information Circular in Connection with Special Meeting to Approve Acquisition by Hecla


International Tower Hill Mines Files 2022 Second Quarter Financial Results


Integra Closes Oversubscribed Overnight Marketed Offering for US$11 Million and Will Draw the US$10 Million Initial Advance on the US$20 Million Convertible Loan Facility With Beedie Capital


Blackrock Silver Announces $5 Million Private Placement


Tombill Completes Near-Surface Drilling and Provides Assessment of Results of Recent Exploration Programs


Fosterville South Reports Assays from Drilling at Comet-New Trojan at Lauriston Project, Golden Mountain Project and Providence Project




Gander Gold Identifies Potential Major New Gold Trend East of Keats and Appleton Zones


Tudor Gold Announces $7 Million Brokered Private Placement Offering


Looks like we’re being served

Posted by Buygold @ 9:07 on August 5, 2022  

Option 2 – go down further…

Rates rippin’, USD rippin’ I expect the SM futures to turn higher though.

Jobs Report a huge beat and a pretty huge surprise – 528K jobs.

scum are saying don’t even think about breaking $ 1800

Posted by Maddog @ 8:55 on August 5, 2022  

good news is the last rally was clear 5 waves up… do we do 3 down here, then run higher again and fast…..could well.


Posted by Maddog @ 8:53 on August 5, 2022  

but we should send them AK47’s to fix their problems where they are…not dump their problems here.

Love it……I guess u missed the Woke class !!!!!!

Jobs day – always fun

Posted by Buygold @ 7:02 on August 5, 2022  

Looks like we’ll be down into the report, which IMHO, may not be a bad thing, it gives us a chance to reverse.

Or I suppose we could go down further… 🙂

Max Igan

Posted by goldielocks @ 3:36 on August 5, 2022  

WiFi mmwaves used as weapons to burn the skin developed for crowd control but we know where that leads. A little research found the 5 G can carry 60 GHz which can burn you plus your eyes.
In the quick research I found something I haven’t found before with mmwaves. That 50 minutes a day on a cell phone due to In “guessing burning up” the glucose in your brain can lead to early dementia. So get lots of sugar.
Anyways it shows how the invisible waves make the people run away from it. He doesn’t trust Trump but he doesn’t consider that Trump didn’t know anymore than a lot of people when it came to vaccines or Klaus Schwab fir that matter until Covid appeared.

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