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Mr Cooper

Posted by goldielocks @ 17:38 on August 4, 2022  

It far worse than just buying imports like when the imports became our once exports.
Except these new imports are copied and made cheaply now.
The housing that started taking in anyone and not much with no down payment deals that get you a higher mortgage but even if they couldn’t afford it with bad credit in about 2005 was a apparently last ditch to bring up the economy that turned corrupt with predatory non fixed loans. I’m guessing 2004 -2005 because I remember around that time people were running around looking at houses and by 2006 people were asking me if I wanted to sell my house. Looks like they did it again now except there leaving blue states alothough even blue states like calif houses were selling in one day and immigrants were buying some of them.
Now there’s people out there with good credit but with artificially inflated prices that the government profits off the added higher taxes can no longer afford it. Mass immigration is part of that problem.
Right now there are thousands of illegals put up in hotels and filling up homeless shelters meant for citizens. They’ll eventually have to get housing somewhere.
This isn’t like Ellis Island and a controlled amount of people coming in and what their intentions are to what’s going on now and no checking for diseases or becoming what they called a public charge burden on us either.
That changed when they allowed welfare, food stamps, housing and free medical for non citizens and their American born children who got automatic citizenship. Then use automatic citizens for Chaim migration and coming for the wrong reasons.
Like Cuba did also unleashing their criminals amongst the refugees and dumping them on us.
Meanwhile the government keeps printing, making it easier to import than export, while driving our jobs out the country and using immigrants to keep wages down here. A scam to hide the inflation taxation building,while substituting them with welfare at our expense while canceling our culture and sovereignty. The ones behijf it now became embolden.
Because people who can’t afford to maintain their buildings or business like you said once were greedy “ shouldn’t have one” if they can’t pay them, If they can’t do it responsibly. Not saying that the cronyism that replaced capitalism by printing and aforementioned imports and outsourcing should get away with making us pay for it with inflation, unsafe over crowded streets, drugs brought in, overpopulation where unemployment numbers and crime go up with it and endless conflicts of interest. Where the city streets smell like sewers.

Trump had to cut off all of the South American country’s welfare they send them every month because they were sending their criminals here like MS13 but wouldn’t take them back, just dumped them on us. With weak people in charge wanting votes at any expense and South America dumping their poor their criminals abs there drugs that’s the kind of people were dealing with. When their welfare check got cut off they were happy to take them back.

Gold Is Spring-Loaded For An End-Of-Summer Bounce July 14 July 21 $1678

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 16:40 on August 4, 2022  

I knew that day it was crazy low. We will probably never see a low of $1700 again. That had to be the last chance re $1700. But it would cost $150 more for Eagles, $1850 anyway. I looked it up on the lows. The dealers raised the commission.



“Peak gold” is a projected date wherein the amount of gold ore extracted from mines around the world reaches a peak, and then goes into decline. Various gold analysts have predicted that gold mining will peak somewhere between 2014 and 2025. While the 2014 call was premature, the chart below indicates gold mining may have peaked in 2019. Notice that with the exception of 2008, there is not a single year past 2007 where the global production of gold declined until 2020, when you have two annual declines in a row.

Blue bar chart for Peak Gold

Author created graph (USGS, Kitco.com)


Posted by Maddog @ 15:13 on August 4, 2022  


Cheers will do mny tks….seems there a number of shipping Co’s paying huge divi’s, like over 20 %….like the big miners Rio etc……

First look shows me a massive base in GOGL and SBLK….which supports huge price increase…

Silver lagging but

Posted by Buygold @ 13:41 on August 4, 2022  

silver shares are doing well, AG is up 11%

Pretty solid rally for the shares. A day at a time I guess.

@goldilocks re your “market is really volatile and choppy”

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:18 on August 4, 2022  

Right, crazy ups and crazy drops. I doubt very much its natural market forces. The computerized pricing has to be involved. Plus share buyers are a different animal than heavy margined easily panicked futures players. Including JP Morgan playing spoofing games.

Unfortunately shares pricing is acting like or controlled by or manipulated by futures pricing.

@goldilocks, I knew back in the day, what was coming, and there was only ONE WAY to block stymie and BEAT the so called deep state global powers. BOYCOTT ALL IMPORTS. I tried spreading the word in the 1970s to no avail. George Carlin tried in the ’70s too. Trump tried in the ’80s, Ross Perot tried in the ’90s to no avail.

It wasn’t until 9/11 and then 2008 crisis that things started changing. Then Trump campaigning in 2016 and finally things changed faster. Why didn’t things change sooner?? Because the USA wasn’t HUMBLED enough. So in a sense, the System allowed Trump to get elected and break the ice.

Things weren’t bad enough when I, Carlin, Perot, and Trump in the ’80s started warning people. The system waited until the masses were poor enough, and nobody had a down payment for a house after 9/11, and they gave 110% loans to poor people. Thats how hard up and bad the US economy got.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 12:02 on August 4, 2022  

We were never a country that cottoned to monarchy’s, especially tyrants. I’d like to see the day they stop just saying I’m glad it’s over now and hold these tyrants accountable.

@ goldielocks 10:52 re your no near term clear path except defensive.

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:01 on August 4, 2022  

Agreed on that whole post. Everything has been acting crazy and schizophrenic. Many totally irrational economic and mechanical things going on.  We are on a moving boat and trying to hit a moving target. I’ve been mostly on the side a long time, waiting for a clear trend. Seems like we can’t trust any sector.

Naturally Gold bullion is the end game, but in the meantime, Energy looks good, sub industry Oil and Gas Storage and Transport sector. But even they can tank. But with a huge growing middle class in China India and other export (to USA) economy countries, there should be and has been more need for energy.

Food Fuel and Metals are the most things needed and consumed by the growing middle class population around the world. BUT, this economic transition going on suggests a lot of things going into reverse. So countries that were doing great, may start doing bad. And countries that were doing bad, like the USA should start doing better.

For example, Mexico must be doing better as lots of their population are leaving for the USA, culling or trimming the herd usually helps the ones left behind. And the way the immigrants are flooding in, its like 1905 Ellis Island all over again. As if an economic boom is coming and we will need workers.

@ ipso facto 9:25 Re Reversal Evidence, The Elite Propaganda Machine Is has been Crumbling

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 11:38 on August 4, 2022  

Good article. Naturally I think we all already noticed this trend, with all the parents making complaints about child brainwashing at school board meetings.

Its time to be happy, and optimistic, seeing things change, reverse for the better, and watch the loud minority special interests (ass holes with power) losing the ability to “Get away with it anymore” Mr. Copper 2008.

Mr Copper

Posted by goldielocks @ 10:52 on August 4, 2022  

I wonder how many bulls got faked out this morning in equities instead of dipping first then going up did the opposite.This market is really volatile and choppy right right now with no near term clear path except defensive.
Looks like the PM longs are fighting back despite the plan to blame the PMs for inflation or to hide it instead of their insane policy’s and printing press at the expense of the whole market and economy.
Some say PMs will go up before the recession. If so I don’t know, perhaps a reflection but not to blame.

Ipso 9:25

Posted by goldielocks @ 10:04 on August 4, 2022  

Like Killery when questioned about Benghazi and her “ narrative,” what difference does it make?
The difference is if that group of fellow Americans. bravely fighting for their country and very lives, if they had a “ competent “ fellow American patriots in power instead of her corrupt incompetent administration deliberately looking the other way to hide a crime of supplying the enemy’s with weapons that would lead back to them they’d still be alive. That’s what difference it would make.
Now it looks like their at it again.

Some reasons for hope. I really enjoyed reading this.

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:25 on August 4, 2022  

10 Promising Signs That The Insidious Mind-Control-Matrix The Elite Have Created Is Starting To Crumble

Authored by Michael Snyder via TheMostImportantNews.com,

Are we witnessing the start of some sort of a mass awakening in the western world? For years, I have been writing about the extremely complex systems that are designed to shape and control what we think. Today, the vast majority of the “news” and “entertainment” that most of us consume is controlled by just a very small handful of immensely powerful corporations. And of course those corporations are ultimately owned and controlled by the elite of the world. To a very large degree, the elite have been able to determine what we focus on, what we think about current events, and how we feel about the world around us. For such a long time, most of the population would take whatever narratives that were pushed upon them by their corporate overlords as the gospel truth, and that always greatly frustrated me. Fortunately, there are indications that times are changing.


Our buds once again

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:20 on August 4, 2022  

US Approves Massive Patriot Missile Deal With Saudis After Biden ‘Rehabilitates’ MbS


Posted by ipso facto @ 8:56 on August 4, 2022  

First Majestic Reports Second Quarter Financial Results and Quarterly Dividend Payment


B2Gold Reports Strong Q2 2022 Results with Cash Operating Costs and All-In Sustaining Costs Below Budget; Full-year 2022 Total Consolidated Gold Production and Cost Guidance Remains Unchanged


New Gold Reports 2022 Second Quarter Results


IAMGOLD Announces Results of Côté Gold Project Update


Coeur Reports Second Quarter 2022 Results


IAMGOLD Reports Second Quarter 2022 Results


Torex Gold Reports Strong Q2 2022 Financial Results


Galane Gold Ltd. Announces the Execution of a New Gold Concentrate Offtake Agreement for its Galaxy Operations and the Establishment of an Unsecured US$3 Million Revolving Finance Facility


Wallbridge Signs Pre-Development Agreement With Cree Nation Partners


Galantas Gold Drills 31.8 g/t Gold Over 4.4 Metres at the Omagh Project


Cabral Gold Identifies New Area of Extensive Gold Mineralization West of Machichie Main Zone, Cuiú Cuiú Gold District


Wallbridge Continues to Add Gold Mineralization Within Fenelon Mineral Resource Footprint Through Infill Sampling Program


Erdene Announces Q2-2022 Results and Provides Khundii Gold District Update


Royal Road Minerals Provides Exploration Update; Colombia


Osisko Metals Reports First Infill Drill Results at Gaspé Copper


Juggernaut Drills 41.34 Meters of Strongly Mineralized Veins and Schist on Its Maiden Drill Program at the Kraken Vein on the Gold Standard Property, BC


O2Gold Announces Regulatory Approval for Return of Machuca Project and Transfer to NEX


Evergold Updates Holy Cross Exploration Model in Advance of Fall Drill Program


Gold $1,804

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 8:25 on August 4, 2022  


$1780 falls

Posted by Buygold @ 8:02 on August 4, 2022  

maybe we have a chance to hold it as rates start to rollover.

Try, try again

Posted by Buygold @ 5:03 on August 4, 2022  

Looks a lot like the last couple of days, starting the day up a little. So far, the last couple of days has stunk up the joint.

$1780 still looms large.

edit: Futures denied the first attempt at $1800, spot still struggling with $1780. USD flattish so who knows what that will do as the day wears on. I believe we have an ADT report this am, hoping for a miss and also a miss on the jobs report tomorrow.

Posted by Maya @ 0:02 on August 4, 2022  


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