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Posted by goldielocks @ 23:11 on August 20, 2022  

Interesting but no ones forcing the dollar up now. The only thing driving it up now despite the swamp spending every penny of our money as they can is it’s worse elsewhere so there running here for now and with the interest rate hikes. It will hurt us and looks like their planning on hunting people to pay for it if they can’t pay their interest rate payments. Eventually they’ll have to reverse course.

This open borders reminds me of something.

Posted by goldielocks @ 21:19 on August 20, 2022  

Has to do with the cartel coming in. They were already causing trouble way Northern California.
Years ago when I was way up north and that was many years ago I had a friend who was a electrician in the teamsters or something. One of his friend also in the same who traveled a lot asked me who was renting a place cuz I wasn’t going to get stuck in a area with little opportunities less retired if I wanted to stay at his ranch house on a lot of land because he’s always away in a job.
I asked why and he said because people are growing pot up there and encroaching on peoples land. That the government instead of going after the people doing it we’re trying to confiscate people property over it and he already had to fight it once. He didn’t get one of his tractors back hunted it down to a cops house who took it for himself and he took a bunch of pictures before the cop put it in hiding, A lot of corruption up there.
All I had to do was watch his land make sure no ones growing anything on it.
So watch your land and boundary’s.

Bill Holter on USA Watchdog. Please don’t pass it up. You’ll regret it if you do!

Posted by silverngold @ 18:54 on August 20, 2022  

World in the Process of Bankrupting – Bill Holter

Gold Train

Posted by Maya @ 2:50 on August 20, 2022  

The Classy Wisconsin & Southern


RNO thanks for that insight.

Posted by goldielocks @ 2:06 on August 20, 2022  

With open borders no one will be better off eventually.
If something isn’t done about these open borders crime will spill out to sparser populated areas especially if there’s land to grow pot like in California, Drug cabal are bringing in workers and sex trafficking,
In California they’re stealing millions of gallons of water a day. People in the country are at risk of encountering these criminals. That includes kidnaps of their daughters. It even happened in Wisconsin by South American field workers decided to kidnap a local girl but the girl a teen escaped before they “ would if eventually “ killed her. People in general all ages at risk and now candy colored Fentanyl.
It makes me wonder if pot consumers that are assumed cause mental illness now if wasn’t already there but is coming from being poisoned by banned toxic pesticides the cartel uses.

…Many people from throughout the state, nation and world come to the Emerald Triangle – the largest cannabis-producing region of the state, consisting of Humboldt, Trinity, and Mendocino counties – to work in the cannabis industry, and many don’t make it out. According to the North Coast Journal, the Emerald Triangle has the highest per-capita rate of people reported missing in California. These numbers are staggering, with local law enforcement outnumbered when combatting these massive, organized crime systems. Legalization has expanded this into neighboring counties and last year the body of a young woman who had been a victim of human trafficking was found in a shallow grave near a grow site. Cartels terrorize rural residents into giving up their land or seize uninhabited public land, destroying wildlife, and fueling crime.  

To cut corners and decrease input costs on their product, cartels bring in toxic chemicals, such as carbofuran, that are banned in the U.S. Without any kind of quality control, particles of these dangerous chemicals remain on the product and are ingested by users. These chemicals are so toxic that they destroy the surrounding plants and wildlife, and seep into the state’s water supply through rivers and streams, poisoning all who consume. These chemicals have turned thousands of acres of land into toxic waste dumps, decimating nearby animals and hospitalizing law enforcement officers who inadvertently encounter it during raids. Trash, illegal pesticides, large amounts of untreated human waste and fuel cover the ground that has been scraped bare of organic matter with nothing left but dust. 

Open-border policies have allowed cartel bosses to come and go at their leisure, bring in banned chemicals, illegal weapons, and trafficking people into the country for forced labor in their grows. Local law enforcement authorities conducting raids on illicit grow sites find foreign workers held against their will in third world conditions while they tend the crops destined for the black market. An estimated 80 percent of what is sold legally originates in the illegal grows. Buyers have no idea what they are ingesting despite the state’s claims of supervision and testing. As the demand for cheap illegal cannabis grows, so does the abuse and exploitation of women who are trafficked for “company” on the isolated farms. 

Why we shouldn’t expect a Biden primary challenge or voluntary drop-out We’ve put America’s children last — and it shows
Areas where the cartels set up their farms are sparsely populated, and local officials don’t have the resources necessary to combat crime at this scale. Siskiyou County in far northern California has seen more than their fair share of cartel caused chaos spill over from the Emerald Triangle. The entire county had less than 44,000 residents in the 2020 census, but it is over five times the size of Rhode Island. There are not enough police, sheriffs, code enforcement agents to enforce our laws and make sure the people who are growing are permitted. Siskiyou County does not issue growing permits and yet there are over 8,000 illegal grows that have sprung up in the county, resulting in gang killings as well as intimidation of residents. 


Beef prices

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 1:13 on August 20, 2022  

As ranchers liquidate their herds , the price of beef will fall. When the herds are liquidated, prices skyrocket. The ranchers just got their herds built back up from the last drought and are liquidating again. This liquidation will permanently remove a lot of the older ranchers who run cow/calf operations because they are too old to go through the cycle again. It takes about three years to go from a newborn calf to that calf having a marketable calf. Most of the pastures are overgrazed so it may be two years before more grass is available.

The wheat farmers have been hit by drought and not fertilizing as much as they normally do. Some are raising other crops or putting wheat land into pasture. This guarantees a short wheat crop next year. Those who can will plant cotton which will cause it to go to half the price it is today. The corn crop this year will also be short.

Plan accordingly, we have a lot of new mouths to feed and no place to house them. Violence is running rampant in some areas. Convenience store clerks will be killing people to stay alive themselves. The self defense for police officers is not arresting the good shooters because they are prosecuted by the DA’s who release the slimeballs.

I’m glad I live where I do. The definition of self defense is getting wider every day.

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