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Robert Campbell this week in money

Posted by overton @ 19:19 on August 13, 2022  


Posted by Maya @ 14:56 on August 13, 2022  

Max Igan there purposely destroying baby formula.

Posted by goldielocks @ 7:24 on August 13, 2022  

About 8 minutes in man trashes car of Doctor after family member dies of Covid jab. Right after father in NZ calls pharmacist asks why they didn’t warn his wife who gave the Covid shot to their 7 yr old son the jab could cause myocarditis. Now he’s in the hospital with heart damage.
The pharmacist answer was she doesn’t want to scare them otherwise they might not take it. And she’s a pharmacist? That’s obvious, they know but want their money anyways. Parents by now should be doing their homework be a MMR vax or Covid they deceive by not warning them of the risk.

Here’s new shocker but not the first time in history they destroyed food to drive prices up and this time since it’s not the case will sicken and starve people. They can’t use climate change on this one.
A woman truck driver discovers piles of baby formula being destroyed and videotapes it. Sounds like she’s in the US with a southern accent. There throwing away baby formula meaning someone is buying it and telling them to be destroyed that can only be the government. About 37:20 min in.
He’s uninformed about Trump though. He has done what he says but same time he’s one person and people need to unite including repub politicians and do what they say their going to do and the left have gone rogue.
Using pejorative language on patriots if the right does something they will be labeled. So what, we have a right to step up and expect them to try to push back. It’s only a way to psych out, scare and strip them of their constitutional rights to take back their country from tyrants.
The same people who call riots and looting using euphemisms peaceful protests as well as making up 50 different names for gender to glamorize the original word queer. The two party’s are not one in the same.
You can’t take a partial ingredient in a cake not using the whole recipe and call it the same cake as the other.

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