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Posted by goldielocks @ 11:02 on August 5, 2022  

I’m sorry I had to laugh about the head X-ray. If they have a review for that hospital write one about it to warn others. They keep it up they’ll be replaced with robots.
What you had is very painful. My daughter in law had one happen when she was pregnant and took her to the hospital and could tell that she was going to sit there for hours in pain so took her out and somewhere else cuz I pretty much knew what it was so could take that trip and even then I was mad the male nurse didn’t tell the doctor fast enough 20 minutes went by and then talked to him myself. 20 minutes and it took you hours. But even then I told the nurse she needs a UA too cuz she had symptoms of a uti.
American Indian which she is half tend not to show pain less extreme or sudden and you have to ask questions but can see in body language. It doesn’t mean there in less pain. He’s at least trying to save money lol by saying well it’s a kidney stone. I told him think of it as a primary but not assessing your missing a secondary and she has secondary symptoms. It turned out she did have that too,
Is there another hospital around there you can go to instead. Check reviews though,

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.