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Mr Cooper

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:43 on March 19, 2015  

You mentioned Japan saying they one have no immigration or crime. That is not correct. I have a friend from Japan who married an American. She told me Koreans are immigrating Japan ” to do jobs no body else wants.japanese don’t particular like it. Also they do have crime and murder ¬†and seemingly more not as death penalty active as here. They have one notorious gang can’t remember name something like yakuza or something. I remember when one young punk got in then proceeded to kidnap a high school girl rape and torchered her as well as brought as many as 100 others to rape her. She was beaten burnt sidimozed you name it and the house he did it at were so afraid of this gang they didn’t report it and could of saved her. Yes there terrible things going on there. They just don’t talk about it. That crazy only got a few years in jail.

As far as the court system here how many have been found to be innocent and many of these plea bargains are made from threats of they don’t and don’t even have to be guilty or charges and sentences exaggerated. Now these people have a hard time getting a job after they’ve been railroaded. Also when jobs go naturally crime goes up.there was just a case somewhere a Judge attacked a defender in a case physically and they never arrested him.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.