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Time for some truth

Posted by Buygold @ 22:28 on March 31, 2015  

Lots going on

Posted by ipso facto @ 22:27 on March 31, 2015  

First Majestic Announces New La Guitarra NI 43-101 Technical Report


Canadian Zinc Reports Financial Results for Fiscal 2014


ASA Gold and Precious Metals Limited Reports Financial Results for the Three Months Ended February 28, 2015


NOVAGOLD Reports Excellent Progress in Permitting Donlin Gold With a 2015 Year-End Target Date to File Draft EIS While Maintaining a Robust Financial Position


Alamos Reports Mineral Reserves and Resources for the Year-Ended 2014 and Announces Sale of El Realito Concessions


SilverCrest Announces Update to Santa Elena Pre-Feasibility Study; Pre-Tax Base Case NPV (5%) of $144 Million, Replaces Reserves and Renews 8 Year Mine Life



Posted by Buygold @ 22:27 on March 31, 2015  

I’m with you 100%

It is the .001% channel, all BS and propaganda all the time.

Buygold @ 20:34

Posted by ipso facto @ 22:15 on March 31, 2015  

re: low bubblevision ratings.

I sure get tired of all the segments devoted to billionaires and their toys. Might as well be watching Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. I’ve got better things to do than watch the 1% stroke themselves.

I’m sure the ones who own the country enjoy it.

WANKA @ 17:33

Posted by ipso facto @ 22:07 on March 31, 2015  

Who’s president is that guy?

That report should be in the msm real quick if true.


Posted by silverngold @ 21:43 on March 31, 2015  

Lamb with face like an ‘angry old man’ avoids the chop following offer from circus

Shock birth ... A farmer in Russia was surprised when he saw the lamb looked like a n old

Shock birth … A farmer in Russia was surprised when he saw the lamb looked like a n old man. Picture: Australscope.Source: australscope

A farmer had the shock of his life when he went to check on his newborn lambs and found one with what he said was a human-like face.

Blasius Lavrentiev, from the village of Chirka in south-western Russia, had been waiting all week for his prized ewe to give birth.

The 45-year-old said: “We had quite a tough winter and when I noticed she was pregnant I was delighted as it meant I would be able to sell the lambs and start making some money again.

“But when I went down to see how it was going I nearly died from shock when I saw what looked like the hairy face of an old man staring up at me.

“Her parents are both normal looking sheep so I have no idea how she ended up looking like this.”

Now the human-faced lamb has become the talk of the village.

Neighbour Dementi Galkin said: “I’ve seen some weird stuff in my time, but nothing like this.

“She looks like an angry old man with a big nose.”

Saved ... A lamb born with a face ‘like an angry old man with a big nose’ has avoided the

Saved … A lamb born with a face ‘like an angry old man with a big nose’ has avoided the chop after a circus made an offer for her. Picture: Australscope Source:australscope

Deformity ... A vet said the lamb’s deformity may have been caused by too much vitamin A

Deformity … A vet said the lamb’s deformity may have been caused by too much vitamin A in its mother’s diet. Picture: Australscope Source: australscope

Villager Dana Mishina aid: “She is both freaky and sweet.

“I don’t know what to make of it really, But she terrifies my grandchildren.”

“It will be interesting to see what she looks like when she gets older.”

Local vet Dorofei Gavrilov said: “From what we can make out the anomaly is the result of the farmer giving the lamb’s mother too much vitamin A.

Proud owner Lavrentiev however has found his shock turn to delight after he was already offered 10 times the normal price, from a local circus, and several other inquiries have also come in since then.

“Whatever has caused it she’s a little beauty and I definitely won’t be selling her for anyone’s dinner table either as the buyers want her on display, Lavrentiev said.

“She’ll be staying with us until then.”

Commish – agree

Posted by Buygold @ 21:25 on March 31, 2015  

Nothing much happened but I do believe the USD was up 8.9% or 9.8%

Should’ve been a lot worse for pm’s

OTOH – things could probably never be worse for pm shares


Posted by commish @ 20:58 on March 31, 2015  

Nothing really did anything in the 1st quarter. The S&P 500 was basically flat. WTI Crude down a bit from 54 dollars to 47.50 today. But the PTB did not want Gold to show any gain.  Not cricket you know in the land of fiat.


Posted by Buygold @ 20:40 on March 31, 2015  

Your post is exactly why I keep stayin’ in. Compared to the USD gold should be much lower and yet it’s not. This is the world’s largest and longest flush.

IMHO if the USD cracks, then pm’s finally rocket. Course my opinion is completely based upon a crack in the USD as reserve status. Hard to tell if China and Russia are in on the con. 🙁

Serve’s the lying bastards right

Posted by Buygold @ 20:34 on March 31, 2015  

CNBC’s SquawkBox Has Lowest Nielsen Rating In Its History

As the following update of CNBC’s perhaps most popular (if least watched, lagging even Mad Money) day breaking segment, SquawkBox, the show that features Joe Kernen, Becky Quick  and Andrew Ross Sorkin just suffered its worst quarterly Nielsen rating in the show’s history.

Damn, this should pump up the USD

Posted by Buygold @ 20:29 on March 31, 2015  

Abewrongics: Nikkei/USDJPY Tankin’ After Terrible Tankan

Bad news isn’t even good news anymore in Japan. A sushi-boat-load of data this evening show once again that Abenomics is failing dismally. In no particular order… Large Manufacturing Index MISS (lowest in 9 months), Large Manufacturing Outlook BIG MISS, Large Services Outlook MISS, Small Manufacturing Index MISS, Small Manufacturing Outlook BIG MISS, and drum roll please… Tankan Large Industry Capex Outlook crashes to -1.2% (from +8.7%) – the lowest in 2 years (since Abewrongics was unleashed). The response… USDJPY and Nikkei are dumping…


First Quarter Results

Posted by commish @ 19:50 on March 31, 2015  

3006131091 Gold started the year at 1184.  Today 1182.70

Silver 15.70  Today 16.65

USD Index closed the year at 90.28   Is now standing at 98.45

Wanka and Puptent

Posted by silverngold @ 19:49 on March 31, 2015  

Thanks Wanka, kinda weird!!

Puptent, I put “roundup” in the search on the right sidebar and came up with several.

help..i think someone posted a lecture about gmo’s and roundup

Posted by puptent @ 19:35 on March 31, 2015  

I can not find it..wanted to share with a friend

Please check this out!!

Posted by silverngold @ 19:20 on March 31, 2015  

I posted an important video at silverngold @ 13:16 on March 31, 2015 (today). A friend emailed me to say there was nothing in the post. If that is the case then the internet and/or the Oasis is being censored in the US and content they don’t want exposed is being blocked. Please let me know if this post is indeed empty. It is NOT empty for me here in Canada. Thank You…..Silverngold

joe12pack 17:16

Posted by Surveyor @ 18:54 on March 31, 2015  

That is a scary headline. Happily, none of mine are on the list.

589 miners that will be out of business soon

Posted by joe12pack @ 17:16 on March 31, 2015  

These all have negative working capital.


589 companies in this spreadsheet: http://ceo.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Sch-A-neg-w-c-resource-companies.xls
These are all going to get flushed down the toilet soon. We need this wipe out to end the bear market.
San Gold used to be $5/share in 2010 and is 2 cents now. It’s on this list.

Oil Jumps As Houthis Enter El-Mandeb Strait Military Base

Posted by Maddog @ 14:31 on March 31, 2015  


The rally has of course been flattened by the Scum Algo’s.

The Oil mkt is now learning what life is like under the Scum Algo’s…..where all bullish news is squashed and any bearish news magnified out of all proportion.

Last Fridays near 6% fall @ the close, was a classic case in point, when set against a back drop of the first stages of a potential war between Saudi Arabia and Iran. Tdy we see more of the same.

Better Listen up folks!! It’s happening!!

Posted by silverngold @ 13:16 on March 31, 2015  

More Evidence of the Master Trading Algorithm

Posted by Maddog @ 11:35 on March 31, 2015  

By Eric Sprott…..


The ones at the top of the pyramid

Posted by commish @ 11:30 on March 31, 2015  

Have held on to power for a long time. It’s global and they have run things their way for centuries.


A great place not to do business

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:35 on March 31, 2015  

South Africa wants to settle mines’ black ownership in court

South African mines minister Ngoako Ramatlhodi said Tuesday courts should decide on whether or not companies can claim they have met their required black-ownership quotas, as the government and the industry didn’t seem to have reached consensus on the matter.

The main point of contention, Reuters reports, is the fact that mining companies believe that once a firm reached a 26% black ownership it meant it effectively complied, even if some investors subsequently sold their stakes, diluting the companies’ black shareholding. The government, in turn, says companies must retain the 26% ratio specified in the Mining Charter enacted in 2004.

The rule requiring firms to sell 26% of their local assets to black South Africans by the end of 2014 was seen as a way to compensate black locals for discrimination suffered during the apartheid era. Some investors that acquired the so-called empowerment stakes at discounts subsequently sold them, diluting the companies’ black shareholding.

Ramatlhodi said that while his ministry is not at war with the companies operating in South Africa, it will bring an urgent, unopposed application to court as it wants finality on the issue

more http://www.mining.com/south-africa-wants-settle-mines-black-ownership-court/

UBS bullish again on gold, gold miners

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:30 on March 31, 2015  



Posted by Moggy @ 9:48 on March 31, 2015  

“and BTW Im an ARIES …does that explain anything ?”


LOL, your passion, if anything.

Silver Train

Posted by Maya @ 9:36 on March 31, 2015  


Silver Train… a Burlington Zephyr stainless locomotive at the
(where else) Gold Coast Railroad Museum in Miami.
Perfect for hauling Wanka’s ‘glumpy bars’ !


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