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Well Obama what would King think about your executive orders and undoing the progress he made including jobs

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:12 on March 7, 2015  

The White House, Washington
Today, Barack, the girls, and I traveled to Selma, Alabama.

There, 50 years ago this month, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Congressman John Lewis, and so many other unsung heroes crossed the Edmund Pettus Bridge — standing up for voting rights and full equality under the law for all Americans.

It was an honor and a privilege to stand on that bridge and commemorate the heroes from a half century ago. But the legacy of Selma is not simply about our history — it’s about the march that continues today


Posted by goldielocks @ 22:59 on March 7, 2015  

Sounds good. Maybe you can purée can them and sell them.

Posted by treefrog @ 19:55 on March 7, 2015  

it’s a lancetilla mango blooming in the greenhouse.  it’s a young tree, only its second year of production.  five pound fruits, sweet, fiberless and tender.  the supermarket produce managers never carry it.  they like small, hard fruit.  it’s easier to manage.   flavor?  well, that’s something that happens after it passes the bar-code scanner, so it’s not a high priority.


Posted by goldielocks @ 19:42 on March 7, 2015  

Well that’s pretty.

treefrog @ 19:17

Posted by silverngold @ 19:37 on March 7, 2015  

The only thing that comes to mind is a Bayleaf plant…………………….  Silverngold

Image result for Bayleaf PicturesImage result for Bayleaf Pictures


Posted by treefrog @ 19:33 on March 7, 2015  

nope, guavas look like this:



Posted by goldielocks @ 19:28 on March 7, 2015  

No idea esp on a cell. Is it a Guava?

botany pop quiz

Posted by treefrog @ 19:17 on March 7, 2015  


name that blossom!

hint: waiting until september was never harder.

A Store of Value ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 19:07 on March 7, 2015  

Banks charge to store Gold and pay no interest on it so why hold it ?

Banks charge  to store cash and pay no interest on it so why hold it ?

Take 10,000 in gold and bury it for 1 year

Take 10,00 in cash and bury it for 1 year

dig both up and you will soon see why gold is a Store of VALUE and CASH is not !

Sounds like he’s talking about the Democrat and Republican parties

Posted by silverngold @ 16:56 on March 7, 2015  


Here’s the Corbett Report I couldn’t play in Canada until now

Posted by silverngold @ 16:45 on March 7, 2015  

I can see why now that I have been able to view it. Corrupt government bullshit so we are not aware they are taking over the internet. I’d suggest you watch and learn. Scroll down to, and click on “The Global Fight Against Internet Censorship. That finally brought up the streaming video, access which is kinda hidden below the picture of North Korea’s little leader. Sorry I’m drawing a blank on his name. Kim??

The Corbett Report updates

Link to The Corbett Report

Selling Stories For War and Profit

Posted: 07 Mar 2015 08:03 AM PST

The Global Fight Against Internet Censorship

Posted: 06 Mar 2015 09:51 AM PST

Money mistakes

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:31 on March 7, 2015  

Paper money was meant to be a medium of exchange …not a store of value ,its not designed for that …its paper !  The faster it exchanges the richer people feel …its an illusion of wealth ..when velocity drys up everyone feels poor even the Government ! They try to overcome that by raising taxes..of coarse its the worst possible time for the people, but Gubberment looks out for themselves not you ! They print more of it when it suits THEM for whatever reason.  The Federal Reserve could have saved the Country when the velocity dried up if they PRINTED enough to replace the fall of credit and drop in velocity ..they did but it never got into circulation …they gave it to the BANKS who loaned it back to the Government  !!!    NOT into the peoples hands  …..They took care of their friends first  (Bank members).Thats why the Stock market booms while the economy sinks ,its all paper driven ,not economic activity .If Bernanke had dropped it from Helocopters  it would have been better ..the people would have bought real items and boosted economic activity ,even if they used it to reduce debt that eventually frees up spending for the real economy.

Only dummies store paper .Tangable assets are a store of value mostly ,but not always..if you buy them in a bubble it could be a long wait to recover ! Real Estate ,Gold,commodities,FOOD,Bottled whiskey has always been a good store of value. Quality ART,if you have a lot to store ! An income stream like an annuitiy can be a store if bought prior to a recession ,but is bad if headed into inflation ! A house purchased BELOW  your means can give you comfort and peace of mind if owned outright ! You cant put a price on that ! Stocks are ownership  assets of a fluctuationg nature ..can become worthless or can multiply 10 fold  ,they require lots of attention ,and good judgement . Income (JOBS)is the BASE that drives it all .

The worst thing government can do to you is give jobs away ,its worse than giving money away ,its worse than “foreign aid” its worse than than unrestrained immigration that only lowers wages .Giving manufacturing away will KILL this country forever ! High Tech will not save us as it always involves manufacturing of a sort eventually .

Politicians that exchange jobs for entry in another countrys Banking system are the worst thing any government can do to its people ..its TREASON  ! Hanging is too lenient !

Corruption, lies, threats, and journalism in Mexico

Posted by silverngold @ 15:49 on March 7, 2015  

Good summation of where we are today in this corrupt financial system. About 12 minutes

Posted by silverngold @ 15:11 on March 7, 2015  

SITUATION CRITICAL: Debt From Thin Air, Economic Meltdown. By Gregory Mannarino

redneckokie1 @ 0:26 and Ororeef @ 1:34 Good Morning Cousin and brother

Posted by silverngold @ 11:06 on March 7, 2015  

RNO, you said “You can be stupid your whole life and be a genius just once and be successful.”

I hear you loud and clear. It also works the other way around.

You can be a genius  your whole  life and be stupid just once and be a failure! 

Well, I never claimed to be a genius but I have been a winner many times in my life simply by working a little harder and longer and smarter than anyone else. I got a good piece of advice from a mentor in my youth. He said “there are two ways to live your life successfully. One is to owe for everything and own nothing. The other is to own everything and owe nothing. Either way can give you a very successful and enjoyable life; it’s when you mix the two that you make yourself vulnerable to failure”.

I chose the second, always owned everything and owed nothing and it has been a most wonderful life….but I didn’t drive a new shiny Cadillac or live in a fancy penthouse like some of my grasshopper friends who never owned much of anything and owed for everything…..and yet they had wonderful lives too.

My point is that my mentor who gave me the above advice was forced to violate his own advice, ended up borrowing against his ranch he had always  kept out of debt, trying to hold his logging business together so his employees didn’t lose their jobs; then due to a downturn in the local economy, defaulted on the mortgage and lost it all.

That’s kinda where I see our countries right now. They have vast wealth in land, natural resources, and technology, but they have been forced to borrow and borrow and borrow until they can no longer afford to pay even the interest on their debt. In other words they have combined the two and they are going to lose it all in the end. All this monetary finagling is only forestalling their bankruptcy a little longer.

Ororeef, IMO you are exactly right. All it amounts to is a reverse split where you own half the shares for twice the price. The difference though is that in the past it has only been this country or that country who has defaulted on their debt and had their “reverse split”. This time TPTB have set up the whole world financial systems to default….so they can usher in the New World Digital Currency. That is why they are calibrating all these countries monetary systems to some prearranged exchange rates….so when their calibration is finished all countries will be forced to accept what is offered them…. A one world currency. I am NOT for it, nor are most who know it is coming, but since all countries have been forced into bankruptcy by the corrupt financial systems they will have no choice but to comply.

IMO the only chance we have to survive this is to know and understand it is coming and to be prepared for it in whatever way we feel is right for us. For me it is stay debt free and…………..Silverngold


But Daddy.

Posted by commish @ 8:57 on March 7, 2015  

index Hunter Biden son of Joe Biden was to run an energy company in Ukraine before fighting broke out.  Now the former Naval Reserve officer who was kicked out for cocaine use is all upset.

Dont live in a right to work state ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 2:24 on March 7, 2015  

Let me tell you about N.J when I lived there .I employed 150 workers in the only non union factory that I know of. How did we do it ?  It was easy in the Garment business the Union receives vacation pay from the Factory owners and they pretend like they are giving the Vac Pay to the workers.Except they cashed the CHECK and refused to pay because they said the money disappeared from the Union Hall safe !    So we told them we would pay the workers directly and would never collect dues again ..it cost us double  ..So what did they do after several years of being out they went to the STATE LABOR Board  and bribed them to tell us they had enough requests for a Union vote which they didn’t have …We said we have the right to see the requests since we needed to verify they worked here  ..The STATE said no need for that we verified it ?

We still refused an election and finally they rented a place across the street to hold an election…One person went to vote of 150 (a plant)  ..Then they came to see us and requested a back room discussion …We said we will here you out !   What they said in private was we dont care if you cut the piece work rates on the workers ..we are only interested in the DUES and since NJ is not a right to work state all the Boss has to do is sign on and the State allows the BOSS  to leagally take DUES from workers pay and give it to the Union .So just sign on and we will leave you alone ! …We threw them out ! They threatened another Union will try to Unionize and then another until one of us gets you !   They sent the Electrical workers Union to stir up trouble for months on end…Finally I went to my employees half of who were C uban exiles(1960’s)  ..After months of fighting lies and threats I explained to the workers that the Electrical workers Union was a Communist Union ..which it was !  and my employees took care of that and I never saw the Union again !  They were willing to sell out their members just to get the dues ..they knew even if the workers didn’t want a Union (and they didn’t)

the State Law forces them to pay as soon as the Boss signes the paper !   Thats what NON RIGHT to WORK MEANS. Forced dues payments…..no worker free choice.!


silverngold @ 0:09 Currency reset dosent bother Me…DEBT RESET ?

Posted by Ororeef @ 1:34 on March 7, 2015  

What does, is How will DEBT  reset ?  There are more people in debt than have savings to calclate reset  !

Hoe do you reset college loans,reverse mortgages ,under water mortgages ,annuities ,Social Security ,lost interest on savings at any age over retirement age .those forced to consume savings at age 77 or any age above 65 ..They wont be able to recover with no prospects of re entering the workforce !  Give me back the last 7 years of purchasing Power you took away from me !    Its only the Government that will benefit and thats all they are interested in ..they take care of Government employees and their Pensions …Put all of them on SS and Obamacare ! and rehypothicate their bank accounts and pensions  …

Isn’t a currency reset just like a REVERSE SPLIT ?…Iv’e never seen one I liked ..if it dosent have EARNINGS you end up with double the price for a short period AND half the shares example a $10.00 stock ina 2-1 reverse split goes to $20.00 with half as many shares but but….. if there are no earnings the price soon drops back to $10.00  with half as many shares  …


Posted by redneckokie1 @ 0:26 on March 7, 2015  

it doesn’t matter what currencies, stocks or bonds do. They are just paper subject to manipulation. When paper goes broke, it never comes back. Money, by definition, is a medium of exchange AND a store of value. How is that storage thing working out? The only paper to worry about is debt paper. Imagine a group of slime balls running up your debt without your permission and the putting you in a position where you can’t service the debt. Now think government borrowing fiat then crashing the economy.

get out of debt, buy phiz and sit back and wait. You can be stupid your whole life and be a genius just once and be successful.



Late Train

Posted by Maya @ 0:13 on March 7, 2015  


Well the Oasis had some trouble online this morning as the train was trying
to make it to the station. Strange that we went down about the time the
metals did a cliff dive. But we got the station cleared out now.


RNO, I just emailed this to a friend. Might as well post it….

Posted by silverngold @ 0:09 on March 7, 2015  

Looking at this page of the different major currencies, this is what it brings to mind. They are calibrating the currencies for an acceptable reset.

They are all getting very close to the following:

CDN………… .75
AUD…………  .75
NZD…………  .75
Suppose this is what “they” are aiming for, and once they achieve the above goal they will reset all currencies and introduce the digital standardized world currency.
Suppose they were reset as follows:
US      -50% = 50
EURO -50%= 50
JPY     -50%=50
CHF    -50%=50
GBP    -70%=50??????
CDN    -30%=50
AUD    -30%=50
NZD    -30%=50
Armstrong is talking about a DOW 35,000 to 40,000 or close to it. Suppose that is achieved by a 50% reset?? Then Gold would reset to $2300.
I don’t know how the BRICC countries would be affected.
Am I brain damaged to be thinking such things?????????????????????????        Silverngold
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