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Alright Maya, watched a ski program today on Hell U Ride…The guide was none other than…Charity Banker. ISYN.

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:46 on March 15, 2015  

You’ve been splendidly displaying Colorado rails…how bout one run by a charity banker?

SnG, ya think anyone in power listens to Kotlikoff, Grant, Williams, Schiff, PCR, Stockton or the bald Austrian living in Thailand?

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It’s Krugman MSM 24/7.

I don’t get why they don’t shut the HELL up until it all becomes ash.

Then they might get an audience…

Oh yeah bank audit dude, David…help me…Bill Buckner?

Email I just received from another goldbug, FWIW

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Economist Kotlikoff: ‘Our Country Is Broke’

Tuesday, March 10, 2015 01:16 PM
By: Dan Weil
To those who say that U.S. government debt is easily manageable, Boston University economist Laurence Kotlikoff has a sobering reply.

“Our country is broke. It’s not broke in 75 years or 50 years or 25 years or 10 years. It’s broke today,” he told the Senate Budget Committee. “Indeed, it may well be in worse fiscal shape than any developed country, including Greece.”

And what about official figures showing that federal government debt is “only” 74 percent of GDP? “Unfortunately, the federal debt is not an economic measure of anything, including our nation’s fiscal position,” Kotlikoff argued. “Instead, the federal debt and its annual change, the deficit, are purely linguistic constructs that reflect how members of Congress choose to label government receipts and payments.”

For example, that figure omits the almost $750 billion the government is collecting this year in Social Security payroll taxes from workers and the future Social Security transfer payments these FICA contributions secure, he explains.

“Were we to go back in time and re-label all past Social Security taxes as borrowing, official federal debt held by the public would not be $13 trillion, but $38 trillion, which is 211 percent of U.S. GDP.”

In reality we’re facing a fiscal gap of $210 trillion, Kotlikoff proclaimed. That’s 16 times larger than official U.S. debt, “which indicates precisely how useless official debt is for understanding our nation’s true fiscal position,” he noted, and almost 12 times the current GDP of $18 trillion.

Looking at the global horizon, from 2007 through the second quarter of 2014, debt grew by $57 trillion, raising the global debt-to-GDP ratio by 17 percentage points to 286 percent, according to the McKinsey Global Institute.

The endgame of this global cesspool won’t be pretty, says Jeremy Warner, assistant editor of The Daily Telegraph. “The world is sinking under a sea of debt, private as well as public, and it is increasingly hard to see how this might end, except in some form of mass default,” he wrote.

And it won’t just be sovereign nations, but the corporate sector as well, Warner says.

“You might have thought that a financial crisis as serious as that of the past seven years would have ended the world economy’s addiction to debt once and for all. It has not. If anything, the position has grown even worse since the collapse of Lehman Brothers [in 2008].”

Governments in advanced economies have borrowed heavily to fund bailouts and boost demand. Private sector debt also has climbed rapidly in many countries.

The massive debt burden makes the global economy very vulnerable to financial crises, Warner maintained.

ipso, sad about the Goldcorp employees…perchance were they Ian Telfer, Jeffery Christian (maybe Moslem) and John Nadler?

Posted by macroman3 @ 23:30 on March 15, 2015  

Mac the Miner’s jet was flying from South America to Toronto. Perhaps a few new entrants for the Juan de Guzman high dive gold metal?

Full on 4.0 from the Russian judge.

My condolences to the families

Posted by ipso facto @ 22:40 on March 15, 2015  

Three Goldcorp miners found dead in troubled Mexico state

(Reuters) – Three employees of Canadian miner Goldcorp Inc were found dead, family members said, after they were believed to have been abducted in restive southwestern Mexico.

The corpses were found on Friday in a mass grave in Guerrero state and showed signs of torture, the relatives said. It was the same state where 43 trainee teachers were abducted late last year and apparently massacred, in an incident that sparked President Enrique Pena Nieto’s deepest political crisis.

State authorities declined to comment when asked about the discovery.

The state prosecutor’s office said on March 6 that four employees of Goldcorp, the world’s biggest gold producer by market value, had possibly been kidnapped. Prior to their disappearance, they were believed to be headed home after finishing their shifts at the Los Filos mine.

The fourth employee has since been freed, according to family members.

“The information available to us about this incident is limited, however the disappearance of the employees was unrelated to their role with Goldcorp,” Goldcorp spokeswoman Christine Marks wrote in an e-mail on Sunday.

“The employees were not at the mine conducting Goldcorp business or in Goldcorp-supplied transportation at the time of the incident,” she added.

(Reporting by Mexico City Newsroom; Writing by Joanna Zuckerman Bernstein; Editing by Simon Gardner and Christian Plumb)


ron paul

Posted by ment17 @ 22:38 on March 15, 2015  

The day will come when we will be forced to give up our role as world policeman and resort to using a little common sense and come home. This will only occur when the American people realize that our presence around the world and the maintenance of our empire has nothing to do with defending our Constitution, preserving our liberties, or fulfilling some imaginary obligation on our part to use force to spread American exceptionalism. A thorough look at our economic conditions, our pending bankruptcy, our veterans hospitals, and how we’re viewed in the world by most other nations, will compel Americans to see things differently and insist that we bring our troops home – the sooner the better.

Silverngold 19:01

Posted by goldielocks @ 22:27 on March 15, 2015  

True but also gets the focus of talk of impeachment off him doesn’t it.

for those who are superstitious…

Posted by treefrog @ 22:19 on March 15, 2015  

the bad news is that today is the ides of march…

but the good news is that we are almost through it, and so far, nobody has been stabbed on the senate floor.

EPA Fraud

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@ silverngold @ 11:35 on March 15, 2015

Posted by old-timer @ 21:16 on March 15, 2015  

Thank you very much for posting the link to that most intriguing set of videos.

The concepts presented, although commonly accepted as stale and useless,

were instead made mysterious and fresh.

What a find!

I’ll watch again, and have forwarded the link to others.

Well wanka, you hook, line and sinkered me at 15:13

Posted by macroman3 @ 20:50 on March 15, 2015  

I think I’ll just chalk that one up ass another Bush fault.

Oh and 16:40, what’s this 2022 crap, I thot we were worried about 2525…


Posted by ipso facto @ 19:10 on March 15, 2015  

Does Hertz think people will just lay down and let that happen? I don’t think most anyone likes to be spied on. It’s just like 1984 but the camera is in your car instead of your living room!

FWIW: American Empire Exposed………One picture = 1000 words!!

Posted by silverngold @ 19:01 on March 15, 2015  

The American Empire is a Threat to Every Nation’s Security

President Obama just declared Venezuela a threat to US national security, which is code word for any smaller, less powerful nation possessing balls enough to thumb its nose at the Empire bully America. The lie of accusing another sovereign nation as a threat to US national security like clockwork is the first step toward levying economic sanctions. Cuba, Iran, Syria and Russia come readily to mind. This petty, tit for tat politics game comes only a week after Venezuela’s president Nicolas Maduro announced a drastic downsizing of US Embassy employees and that tourist visas for any Americans traveling to his country would be required, not exactly actions posing much of a “threat” to America. In fact Maduro is exercising remarkable restraint considering that Canada and the US attempted to overthrow the Venezuelan president on Valentine’s Day last month. But with rejuvenated resolve and concerted focus the United States is once again intent on bringing Maduro down.
Obama has been hypocritically playing the ethics card again, accusing the Maduro government of being corrupt and guilty of egregious human rights violations, everything that the US is guilty of in
spades. Again Obama can hardly take any higher moral ground on human rights issues when he leads the nation that imprisons one quarter of the world’s prison population despite comprising only 5% of the total global population. Civil liberties are fast disappearing in the prison-industrial complex of America amidst an increasing hostile police state where US law enforcement’s been steadily arming and militarizing to make war against its own citizens who risk death from police bullets at a rate 55 times greater than from any so called terrorist and 100 times more likely to be killed by police than citizens from any other industrialized nation. Where half the current prison population is of the same race he is, Obama should be the last one to criticize any nation for its human rights record when a stronger case can be argued that it’s the United States that is the worst human rights violator on the planet. No other nation on earth has violated and destroyed more human lives and nations than US Empire’s killing machine. According to a study nearly a decade ago, the USA has accounted for an estimated 30 million deaths around the globe just since World War II. With thousands more US inflicted casualties since that statistic was released, the murder capital of the world with all its exceptionalism just keeps on killing. And no other nation on earth even remotely comes close to the dubious distinction of being at war 93% of its time in existence.
Every single country in this world that in any way resists the Empire’s relentless onslaught to make it another indebted globalist puppet state is targeted in its crosshairs. While the neocon overthrow in Ukraine was unfolding last year, the double hat trick in-the-making to also remove from power Venezuela’s Maduro was barely being thwarted but successfully averted. All the same subversive US tactics were being simultaneously deployed in both countries with different outcomes – pouring unlimited cash into the nations (per Victoria Neuland $5 billion in Ukraine alone) through CIA and State Department NGO’s, inside false flag snipers murdering street protesters in order to blame government security forces, a steady feed of social media lies and propaganda, and monetary manipulation through high inflation while creating acute food supply shortages. It was close to a coup in Caracas but no cigar for the US neocon criminals last month or last year.
Similar to Syria’s Bashir al Assad, Nicolas Maduro’s post- Chavez government has remained in power much to Empire’s chagrin despite being permanently targeted for regime change. All the more reason a year later to hone in on twisting the screws a little tighter on Venezuela. With civil liberties and human rights declining across the boards globally, Venezuela has been the only nation close to democracy with its own nationalized oil company. Up until his death two years ago, during his 14 years as head of state despite a couple unsuccessful US sponsored coup attempts, Hugo Chavez brought significant economic and social progress to his country. Containing the world’s largest reserves of crude oil and owning the US company Citgo as its subsidiary, the big boys like Exxon and Shell have been locked out of the richest oil nation on earth and for that reason alone, Chavez and Maduro’s Venezuela has long been the biggest hemispheric thorn in America’s side. Under Hugo Chavez, oil profits went to the people of Venezuela to build schools and hospitals and improve their quality of life rather than filling the filthy rich pockets of Big Oil or OPEC allies that finance and sponsor terrorism. And that made war criminals George W. and his pal Dick Cheney hopping mad, especially after Hugo addressing the United Nations General Assembly nearly a decade ago brazenly yet accurately “outed” Bush as “the devil.”  And ever since Chavez’ successor replaced him, the United States has been gunning to overthrow Nicolas Maduro.
But then seeking (or more like causing) regime changes at will has long been a United States foreign policy trademark. Even prior to this century, Wesley Clark’s 2007 revelation spilled the beans on that infamous neocon list to take down seven sovereign nations in five years that to this day under Obama is still being faithfully executed. With sole exceptions Syria and Iran still marked as unfinished business, puppet Obama has dutifully followed the same neocon agenda as his Bush-Cheney predecessor. Be it through CIA and/or other government rogue agency insiders, US coups d’état through violent assassination of democratically elected leaders (Iran in 1953, JFK in 1963, Chile’s Allende in 1973) abound. Even more common are the dozens of politically conventional CIA-State Department induced overthrows like Ukraine last year. Whether the 1954 coup in Guatemala or 1964 in Brazil or Ghana in 1966, several more recently in Haiti against democratically elected Aristide or even more recent in 2009 Honduras when the US pushed out yet another democratically elected leader replaced by a corrupt military junta in bed with the drug cartel. No accident last year that 50,000 kids showed up at the US border when US backed murder and mayhem have been allowed to rule in Central America for decades. But then neither the British nor American Empires were ever averse to seizing control and profiting from the multi-billion dollar international drug smuggling trade. For more than a century the US Empire has been steeped in the tradition of regime change all over the world in order to increase and maintain ruthless hegemonic control at all cost. Chalk it up to USA exceptionalism.
Be it Syria, Iran, Russia (though Putin has proven both smarter and stronger than US ever estimated), North Korea or Cuba, all of these nations have shown far more resilience, self-sufficiency and defiant independence than the United States would ever care to admit. Despite years of economic sanctions, countless threats and demonizing propaganda, these stubborn nations have managed to survive and in some cases even thrive despite the relentless brute force tactics displayed by the global village bully turned self-anointed sole global superpower. At enormous risk of collapsing under continued Empire siege, all these nations are still standing tall despite being targeted with nonstop superpower aggression.
Rarely has such open defiance against Empire imperialism survived. Look what happened to onetime US allies Iraq and Libya. After dumping the US petrodollar, both Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi quickly fell victim to Empire wrath that has willfully destroyed those two once stable, prosperous, oil producing giants. Crime partnering with the likes of Israel, Saudi Arabia and al Qaeda-ISIS, the globalist Empire wrecking crew has chewed up and spit out Iraq and Libya onto the heap of its growing failed state graveyard.
But now the geopolitics chessboard is tipping decidedly in favor of the East. With the hording gold run picking up momentum, China and India have accumulated thousands of tons of gold. According to renowned geopolitical expert F. William Engdahl, Russia is experiencing a surprisingly remarkable renaissance. The formidable economic alliance of the emerging powerhouse BRICS nations coalescing behind the renewed partnership strength of Russia and China are leading the way toward global independence from the Western central banking cabal’s US dollar chokehold as standard international currency, and as a result, the global balance of power is dramatically shifting. Upon high command order from western oligarchs, the US Empire is desperately lashing out as it rapidly freefalls towards impending economic collapse.
Despot Netanyahu recently commanded a standing ovation on Capitol Hill from his enraptured captured audience of treasonous pro-Zionist US Congress, threatening and demanding war against Iran (despite it not building or possessing nuclear weapons). Meanwhile, the Kiev government’s being taken over by neo Nazi dual Israeli citizens (like the US already has beendemanding war against Putin over Ukraine. These seemingly suicidal gestures risking nuclear annihilation underscore the psychopathic severity of brain damage these megalomaniacs in control are truly suffering from. With counterterrorism measures in the name of national security exponentially taking tyrannical hold throughout the Western bloc – in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea and Europe, globalized NWO totalitarianism is moving in for its kill. With a big bang the United States and Europe as the WWIII warfront appear to be going down as the Western ruling elite’s sacrificial lambs. The Middle Eastern front of course is Iran and Syria where their alliance with Russia and China will bring them into world war in the Gulf.
The sad but very sobering fact that if any sovereign nation on this planet dares to refuse to play this predatory internationalist game bent on obliterating its autonomy actively opposing forced acquisition into Empire fiefdom, then bar none that nation becomes a so called “threat to US national security,” now synonymous with New World Order. That’s how Empiric imperialism operates as the big fish gobbles up the little fish in the increasingly toxic global pond cesspool. The might makes right, “my dick’s bigger than yours” syndrome that’s always characterized violence in human history is nothing but political, economic and military Darwinism at its lowest and most base. In the modern tradition of the British and American Empires, even the propaganda whitewash brainwash that always perfumed the stench of murderous bullies spreading their lies of freedom and democracy no longer can possibly cover up the sheer ugliness and brutality of globalized exploitation, mass genocide and world order slavery that currently has the planet suffocating from a tightening NWO death grip.
With repeated calls for yet more oppression in the name of national security, Obama never fails to justify all his actions by trumpeting America’s exceptionalism. The world’s only superpower is free to commit murder, war crimes, regime changes, invasions, occupations and wars at will simply because it can get away with it. Empire exceptionalism permits it to stand alone in violation of every known international law, treaty, UN Charter and Geneva Convention rule in total defiance of every world court and tribunal only because it can. Obama’s incessantly citing US exceptionalism is always accompanied by his worn-out rhetoric and jingoistic masturbation touting the greatness of America and its blessed people. He never fails to emphasize the urgent need for the United States to take the lead in imparting its brand of democracy to the waiting rest of the world. Of course he must always also pay tribute to our brave young men and women in uniform loyally defending our coveted freedom that the so called terrorists are always so jealous of. This hubris of deception and hypocrisy behind his ad nauseam lies spewing forth is wearing ever so thin to the fast growing crowd of outraged Americans joining the rest of the planet that for a long time have painfully known that it’s the United States of America that’s the real threat to every nation’s security on this earth and that it’s the current criminal syndicate of US Empire posing as the rogue globalist government that urgently needs a complete “regime change” overhaul.


Latest on Putin (must have been vaccinated?? (lol)

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The latest explanation for Vladimir Putin’s mystery disappearance … flu

Following wild rumours of his death or a botched cosmetic procedure, TV report says Russian president has flu while Austrian newpaper suggests back problems

Russian president Vladimir Putin meeting the regional leader of Karelia on 11 March
 The Kremlin’s press service released this image of Russian president Vladimir Putin meeting the regional leader of Karelia on 11 March in an effort to dispel rumours about his health. An anonymous source suggested the meeting had taken place a week earlier. Photograph: Alexei Druzhinin/AP


The Corbett Report

Posted by silverngold @ 17:32 on March 15, 2015  

Very interesting video looking into the future!! (I hope)……Silverngold

The Hidden Culprit Behind Your Age-Related Diseases and Health Problems

Posted by silverngold @ 16:49 on March 15, 2015  
How to Put an End to the Culprit and
Restore Yourself to Perfect Health

There’s a health culprit that sneaks up on you when you’re not looking—one that could erupt into a chronic problem with serious, and often devastating, health consequences.  That problem is calledacidosis.

Acidosis is a health condition in the body characterized by increased acidity in the blood and other body tissues.  When your pH levels are too low, it means acid is eating away at your heart, brain cells, muscles, bones, joints—and practically every organ of your body—causing an untold number of health problems such as arthritis, cancer, diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, depression, joint pain, osteoporosis, bladder and kidney conditions, digestive problems—and even premature aging.  Fortunately, you can easily identify acidosis and reverse it with proven, simple steps before it ruins your health.

This is Your Body on Acid 

Acidosis affects all cellular activities and functions.  You may remember from your high school chemistry class that the pH scale ranges from 0 to 14.  This scale shows how acidic or alkalizing a substance is. 

The pH Scale Simplified
Substances with a pH over 7 are alkalizing
Substances with a pH under 7 are acidic
Substances with a pH of 7 are neutral

     In order for our blood to effectively transport oxygen and other vital nutrients, its pH needs to stay within a very narrow range—7.36 to 7.44, though the closer to 7.4 exactly, the better.  Deviations too far in either direction can be dangerous.  Most tissues in our body are naturally alkaline.  However, when we eat acid-forming foods … or when we work our muscles… when we’re exposed to acid rain from the environment, or pollutants in the air or water … when we take prescription drugs… or even when we just breathe, we generate acid.  That acid must then be neutralized to keep the pH of our blood balanced.

The 10-Fold Difference 

One important fact to know about the pH scale is that there is a 10-fold difference between each number.  So, a liquid with a pH of 6 is 10 times more acidic than pure water, which is generally agreed to have a pH of 7, and a liquid with a pH of 5 is 100 times more acidic than water.

The next time you reach for a can of soda, keep in mind that the typical soft drink has a pH of 3, meaning it is a whopping 10,000 times more acidic than water.

Soda is not the only highly acidic staple of the standard American diet.  Other offenders include… 

  • Coffee
  • Eggs
  • Most types of bread and pasta
  • Seafood
  • Flesh meats
  • Cheese
  • Beans
  • Popcorn
  • Barley and other grains
  • Chocolate

     Eating these foods can produce an extra 100mEq (a measure of liquid) of acid daily—that’s close to twice the amount you body is equipped to neutralize!

How Acid Destroys You from the Inside Out 

Your body maintains a proper pH balance by eliminating or neutralizing acids.  But when too much acid is produced, your body becomes overwhelmed.  As acids build up, your pH balance decreases more and more.  Eventually, in its attempts to restore a proper pH balance, your body begins to pull minerals from your bones…teeth…and vital tissues. 

  • Acidosis destroys your body from the inside out, creating the perfect environment for pathogens to thrive.  When your body remains in an acidic state for a prolonged period of time, it puts you at greater risk of illnesses and diseases.

     All our internal organs suffer when our pH levels are off.  Research indicates acidosis may be the root cause of many forms of cancer. 

Perfect Storm For Cancer
Studies have shown that there are two environment prerequisites for the development of cancer cells: a lack of oxygen and an acidic pH.  Acidosis creates both those conditions.

Create a Whole New You 

Even if you’ve accumulated years of acid damage, it’s not too late.  Every day, you get a chance to start over.  No matter how unhealthy your lifestyle has been… how much junk food you’ve eaten… how much alcohol you’ve consumed… how many recreational drugs you’ve taken… or how much pollution you’ve been exposed to, you can return your body to a healthy pH and protect your future health.

It is widely acknowledged that the best alkaline-forming foods include fruits (such as acaicamu-camu and the cacao fruit), leafy green vegetables (such as moringa and wheatgrass), and sea vegetables/algae (such as spirulina and chlorella).  When you consume these superfoods on a daily basis, it’s equivalent to flooding your body with an alkaline-forming elixir that supports healing and health resoration.

     The human body has an amazing ability to regenerate.  If you give it materials it needs, you can create a new and improved you!  In less than one year, your body will have rebuilt 98% of itself, cell by cell.  It takes a year for your brain to replace itself, 4 months for your blood supply, 3 months for your entire skeleton, 6 weeks for your liver, a month for your skin, and just 5 days for the lining of your stomach!

What you put in your body today determines the state of your health tomorrow.  With the right ingredients, you can experience a total body transformation in as little as 30 days.  That’s what “Mr. B,” a self-made millionaire, did.  In his mid-40s, Mr. B began to experience the unwelcome changes that often accompany getting older, like hair loss… wrinkles… weight gain… and age-related health problems.

After an eye-opening conversation with a naturopathic doctor, Mr. B spent 5 years researching and refining the secret recipe he would need to turn his health around.  His recipe worked!  Though his calendar age is 65, a recent test put Mr. B’s biological age at a mere 31 years.  That’s not all葉hanks to his method, he now has… 

  • Normal blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels
     Incredible mental clarity
     The physical stamina he had in his twenties
     A supercharged immune system.

If you’re ready to access the true potential for health and wellness that already exists within your body, click here to discover the secret recipe Mr. B used to flood his body with health-enhancing alkaline levels and made way for his remarkable transformation. 

This is bullcrap! What are they thinking? I hope customers vote with their wallets.

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Hertz puts cameras in its rental cars, says it has no plans to use them

This week I got an angry email from a friend who had just rented a car from Hertz: “Did you know Hertz is putting cameras in rental cars!? This is bullsh*t. I wonder if it says they can tape me in my Hertz contract.” He sent along this photo of a camera peeping at him from out of his “NeverLost,” a navigational device that the company has started putting in many of its cars:

“I even felt weird about singing in the car by myself,” he said. A Googling expedition revealed that my friend was not the first person driven to disturbance by the in-car surveillance system. A Yelp user was revved up about it. Disgruntled renters on travel forums like MilePoint and FlyerTalk want Hertz to put the brakes on “spy cams.” A loyal Hertz customer who rented a car in Chicago said it might make them never want to rent with Hertz again:

The system can’t be turned off from what I could tell. Further investigation revealed that the camera can see the entire inside of the car. I know rental car companies have been tracking the speed and movements of their vehicles for years but putting a camera inside the cabin of the vehicle is taking their need for information a little TOO FAR. I find this to be completely UNACCEPTABLE. In fact, if I get another car from Hertz with a camera in it, I will move our business from Hertz completely.

more http://fusion.net/story/61741/hertz-cameras-in-rental-cars/


Posted by ipso facto @ 16:25 on March 15, 2015  

I only watched through four. Maybe I’ll check out those others.


FWIW: Natural News

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California’s water supply headed for collapse in just one year; state has “no contingency plan” – NASA scientist
The Health Ranger Just as Sao Paulo, a city of 20 million people in Brasil, has reached the inevitable moment of a water supply collapse, the same tragic event isn’t far off for much of California.

A NASA scientist now warns that many of California’s water reservoirs will be depleted in a year:

Full Story

Ipso and Wanka

Posted by silverngold @ 16:02 on March 15, 2015  

My favorite episodes are 8,9,10. As far as the flat earth I am in the same camp as you….but there are many truths hidden within the series that should make one  question what one is taught to be the truth. There are ancient civilizations that go back hundreds of thousands of years, pyramids all over the world that our history chooses to ignore, giant human races, and yet those things are there for us to see if we have a receptive mind to the fact of their existence…..and yet our history does not go there and anyone that does go there is some kind of a nut case.

So I reject the flat earth concept but accept the dome concept when it limits or restricts our view of past history beyond what we are supposed to or allowed to know. It has always been a mystery why they do not want us to know our earths ancient history. What do they have to hide?? All The Best,    Silverngold

silverboom @ 11:58

Posted by Maya @ 15:56 on March 15, 2015  

…Or, as my cynical friend used to say:

“It’s always darkest just before it goes completely black!”

Wanka:  Nice curves on that meat!  🙂



Posted by ipso facto @ 14:14 on March 15, 2015  

Interesting theory. I have a question. The circumference of Antarctica is around 18,000 kilometers. The circumference of that flat earth map would be many multiples of that. On that fact alone I have to say Bunkum!

It’s always darkest

Posted by silverboom @ 11:58 on March 15, 2015  

just before dawn


Thought Provoking if you will allow yourself to travel down this rabbit hole for a few minutes

Posted by silverngold @ 11:35 on March 15, 2015  

There are 10 parts to this presentation. I have only watched three of them so far but, as I said, the presentation is very thought provoking and opens the eyes and mind to possibilities I had not considered. I intend to watch the entire series before passing judgment on the content. What turned me off in the past was the name “FLAT EARTH”, but I am realizing that name only references a “flat brain” that has been brainwashed to not look beyond what it is meant to see.

Here is part one. I’d encourage you to use the right sidebar to find parts 2-10 and expand your mind beyond the limits that have been imposed upon us. It is a fascinating journey to take on this Sunday, our day of rest. All The Best, and please let me know what you think!!    Silverngold

Maya @ 23:18

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:05 on March 15, 2015  

It’s your accent that gives you away. 😉

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