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Posted by goldielocks @ 23:25 on March 5, 2015  

I guess your living up to your name. That is interesting. Be good for making the most of small gardens too. Good luck on your product. Hope you have a patent pending on it.

I gold

Posted by goldielocks @ 23:03 on March 5, 2015  

Hello, sometimes no response is a good thing cuz then you don’t have to answer if your busy. Don’t fret though lots of post don’t get responses due to time or amount of information coming out. It doesn’t mean it wasn’t read. Not many here from Canada and some just want to talk stocks.

Buygold, the only shtf was gold lol now that was funny. Reckless abandon, okay look around pick it up at a discount. Armstrong although one of my nurse friends husband said reading him was like reading a monkey on a typewriter ” Yike then mine must be worse mentioned things could get worse. Said if Dax doesn’t go up with the Dow after 2015 then there could be war on the horizon. Martin has gave to highs for gold one 2015 years back that reversed now after 2015 so if that changes then he will just be another promoter himself. The only commodity that seems to survive or stay somewhat steady  besides donuts is water and lumber. Only serious declines will drag them down on panic selling.


igold, fitnessfirst

Posted by Buygold @ 22:59 on March 5, 2015  

igold – sorry I missed that and didn’t comment. Course, I agree with Ipso and it is beyond longshot as the Banksters own the courts and gov’ts, but it is an interesting story. Sorry you weren’t acknowledged.

fitnessfirst – congratulations!!

I still check in

Posted by fitnessfirst @ 21:52 on March 5, 2015  

Hello all. I still glean a lot of valuable information from this sight. It seems weird that farm boy does not contribute

any more. I do not contribute here much because I am such a pathetic writer. I still read Ben Fulford and we wonder

of his credibility but at least he is optimistic. I read Karen Hudes and of course Jim Willie, my favorite.

I dropped by to let you know that I am fully engaged in the new science of structured water. I have combined

two modalities for structuring water  that doubles the alfalfa production and greatly improves production of any

irrigation farming. My website is www.livingwaterworks.com and we are just about finished with the marketing partners

program. I am not looking for business here but I am so very proud of what we have put together and the response from

so many friends, that I wished to share my work with the gold tent oasis(my silver and gold contacts). ps I have been

a subscriber of Bix Weir’s news letter for about 2 years. Lord I hope he is right about future events for silver. Just sayin!



igold @ 21:19

Posted by ipso facto @ 21:23 on March 5, 2015  

Looks like a longshot. If the likelihood increases of booting out the debt banksters then I’m sure people would get more excited. JMO

silverngold 19:05

Posted by igold @ 21:19 on March 5, 2015  

I have posted the same thing a week ago and no reply from anybody


deer79, goldie, silverngold

Posted by Buygold @ 19:50 on March 5, 2015  

deer79 – what do ya mean, we just have normal market action every day. Every rally attempt stuffed. I’ve truly never seen anything like what happens in the pm market on a daily basis. It is meant to demoralize and it does. The only S to HTF has been in pm’s.

Goldie – you pretty well summed things up

Silverngold – fascinating discovery. Amazing that it’s taken so long.


silverngold @ 18:58

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:32 on March 5, 2015  

Izzat cool or what! 🙂

K Column News – Amid Media Blackout, Canada Lawsuit Challenges Banker Rule

Posted by silverngold @ 19:05 on March 5, 2015  

Outcome could decide if Canadians have monetary sovereignty

A landmark Canadian federal appellate-court ruling could conceivably lead to the cancellation of Canada’s debt-based money system, and its repercussions are expected to be felt by central banks around the world.

Article | March 3, 2015 – 9:14am | By Mark Anderson

About the Author
Mark Anderson

According to American monetary-reform author and filmmaker Bill Still—and Canadian activists with whom AFP has been in contact—Canada’s mainstream media has been suppressing news that the three-judge panel on Jan. 26 ruled in favor of plaintiffs who filed suit to restore the Bank of Canada to its time-tested mandate of issuing debt-free money in the public interest.

Reporting on his online news-site which covers monetary reform, Mr. Still remarked: “The [Canadian] government has ordered the mainstream media not to cover this.”

The ruling gives plaintiffs William Krehm and Ann Emmett of COMER, or the Committee for Monetary and Economic Reform, represented by attorney Rocco Galati, the ability to move forward toward trial. The Crown can appeal once more to Canada’s Supreme Court.

On Dec. 12 of 2011, COMER filed suit to try and legally restore the former arrangement wherein The Bank of Canada—which, unlike the U.S. Federal Reserve with respect to U.S. citizens, is owned by the people of Canada—would return to the monetary practices it followed from 1938 to 1974 under the Bank of Canada Act.

During those years, the Canadian government borrowed money free of interest from the public Bank of Canada and made significant national progress.

“The bank was nationalized in 1938 to bring Canada out of the Great Depression,” Still stated on his online program.

The bank over the years would issue interest-free loans at the municipal, provincial and federal-government levels. Canada’s universal health-care system, St. Lawrence Seaway development, the national pension system, airports, subways, and other projects deemed to be in the public interest, sprouted in the rich soils of interest-free finance between 1938 and 1974.

Still added that, however, come 1974, the Canadian government decided to end debt-free money, yet prior to 1974 “there was no run-away inflation,” like “gold bugs” often fear, when contemplating so-called “easy-money” policies.

As recently as the early 1970s, one could buy a decent home in Canada for under $20,000. Moreover, Canada’s national debt was just $18 billion in 1974, mere chump change in terms of such a large, resource-rich nation.

But by 1977, with interest-laden banking, Federal Reserve-style, in place, “The Canadian national debt had risen 3,000%, to $588 billion,” said Still. He added that the cost of an average house increased almost as much.

The Canadian government has 60 days from Jan. 26, or latter March, to challenge the appellate ruling.

The plaintiffs say the defendants (officials) are, unwittingly or wittingly, connected to a conspiracy, along with the Bank of International Settlements (the central banker’s central bank), the Financial Stability Forum and International Monetary Fund “to render impotent the Bank of Canada Act as well as Canadian sovereignty over financial, monetary, and socio-economic policy . . . ,” as noted in a reportprovided by Still from PacificFreePress.com.

While Canada could renounce its debt altogether, at the very least it could stop issuing interest-bearing bonds—mainly bought up by banks so the government can get debt-money in return—and instead pump debt-free money into the economy, as Still advocates.

Michigan monetary reformer Bob Van Bemmelen reacted: “Any news that speaks to the issuance of debt-free money is good news. While the issuance of ‘this’ money would go toward infrastructure projects . . . ultimately, is doesn’t go far enough, in that it does not put increased purchasing power directly in the hands of the people.”

A perusal of the internet, along with contacting Canadian monetary reformer Dr. Oliver Heydorn (author of “Social Credit Economics”) and Canadian activist John Devine, confirmed the near-total news blackout on the Bank of Canada ruling. One of the few, if only, published mainstream-media items on the ruling comes from guest columnist Jacob Kearey-Moreland, writing in the Feb. 6 Orillia Packetnewspaper of Orillia, Ontario, where Devine also resides.

Moreland wrote: “The case aims to put on trial global banking powers and their Canadian representatives, accusing government officials primarily of abdicating sovereignty and subverting the Bank of Canada Act. The governor of the Bank of Canada, beyond parliamentary oversight and public scrutiny, routinely conspires with foreign interests to deliberate and determine Canadian monetary policy.”

Heydorn agrees with Van Bemmelen that issuing debt-free money, purely or mainly for public works, is a start but it tends to empower the central state with too much spending discretion, falling short of consumer empowerment.

www.ukcolumn.org/ link to original article

Interesting stuff (at least to me)

Posted by silverngold @ 18:58 on March 5, 2015  

A Scientist Found This Hidden In The Bottom Of The Ocean. And It’s The Stuff Of Science Fiction.

Underwater archeologist Frank Goddio has dedicated his entire life to searching for remnants of lost civilizations from the past. But even he wasn’t expecting what he found deep below the ocean’s surface in the Abu Qir Bay, on the coast of Egypt.


It’s not quite Atlantis, but the underwater city of Thonis-Heracleion comes very close. For centuries the port was thought to be a legend, after disappearing beneath the Mediterranean around 1,200 years ago. But it was discovered during a survey of the north coast of Egypt at the beginning of the 21st century.

Ever since, researchers have slowly been discovering more and more about the city, through which all trade from Greece and the Mediterranean entered Egypt. Archaeologists have found the wreckages of more than 64 ships, gold coins and giant 16-foot statues.


Slabs of stone inscribed in both ancient Greek and Ancient Egyptian have also been brought to the surface.


Scientists have little idea what caused the city to slip into the water nearly 1,000 years after it was built in the eighth century BC. Before disappearing, it would have sat at the mouth of the River Nile delta. It is believed Paris and Helen of Troy were stranded in the city as they fled from the jealous Menelaus, prior to the start of the Trojan war.

A colossal 5.4 metre red granite statue of Hapi – the god of the flooding of the Nile – is one of the biggest ever found, and points to the importance of the area. Over time, Thonis-Heracleion, and other cities that met a similar fate, faded from memory – noted only in a few historical texts.


One theory on its disappearance, is that sea level rise combined with a collapse of the sediment the city was built on caused the area to drop by around 12 feet. Another blames the city’s fate on a number of natural disasters.

Underwater archaeologist Franck Goddio and his team uncovered the city during a three-year expedition.


He said: “The discoveries enhance the importance of the specific location of the city standing at the ‘Mouth of the Sea of the Greek’.

“We are just at the beginning of our research. We will probably have to continue working for the next 200 years for Thonis-Heracleion to be fully revealed and understood.”

One of the finest finds from the bay of Aboukir is a statue of a Ptolemaic queen in dark stone. It is most likely, a representation of Cleopatra II or III, dressed as the goddess Isis.


“The site has amazing preservation,” Dr Damian Robinson, from Oxford Universitytold the Telegraph. We are now starting to look at some of the more interesting areas within it to try to understand life there. We are getting a rich picture of things like the trade that was going on there and the nature of the maritime economy in the Egyptian late period.”


Each incredible object sheds more light about this ancient city and its culture.




Source: Reddit

Fracking Quakes

Posted by silverngold @ 18:29 on March 5, 2015  

Oil & gas execs ‘pressured’ Oklahoma geologists not to reveal fracking-quakes link

Published time: March 05, 2015 15:47

Reuters / Jim Urquhart

Reuters / Jim Urquhart


Newly-obtained emails reveal that Oklahoma geologists were pressured by oil industry big-shots not to push on with their assessments of possible links between earthquakes in the state and hydraulic fracturing industry, most often referred to as fracking.

More than a year since a sharp spike in earthquakes in the region, which coincided with fracking for oil and gas, the Oklahoma Geological Survey say there might be a possible link. The rise resulted in magnitude 3 earthquakes almost twice daily on average – three times as many as in disaster-prone California.

But after the body issued a joint statement with the USGS in October 2013, saying that “activities such as wastewater disposal” could be a “contributing factor to the increase in earthquakes,” oil execs started to panic, according to newly-obtained emails by EnergyWire.


This allegedly led to the OGS avoiding mentioning that the lion’s share of earthquakes in the region was man-made. The silence has lasted since 2010 and was apparently due to pressure not to disclose the findings.

OGS geologist at the University of Oklahoma, Austin Holland, was one of the scientists aware of the link, but earlier did not wish to discuss it for lack of direct scientific proof.

It now turns out he was later being influenced by oil executives with a vested interest in the continuation of fracking in the area, according to the obtained emails.

“Researchers in Oklahoma, notably Austin Holland… have repeatedly said the increase in seismic activity cannot be fully explained by man-made causes,” Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association (OIPA) President Mike Terry said in a 2013 statement, pointing to Holland’s earlier scientific skepticism.

That statement coincided with Holland’s research, which found disturbing data from the southern town of Marietta, but stopped short of wholeheartedly acknowledging the fracking and earthquake link.

But when the OGS cautiously joined the USGS assessment in admitting that there was a relationship between fracking and growing seismic risks, Austin Holland was called into meetings with his boss at the university, President David Boren, and the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC). He spoke with Jack Stark of the OCC, then also vice president of exploration at Continental Resources.

The OCC is the main regulatory body for oil and gas in the state.

Reuters / Gareth Fuller

Reuters / Gareth Fuller


Continental Resources Chairman Harold Hamm – the University of Oklahoma’s leading financial donor – started getting really interested in the findings around that time. Hamm, who was Mitt Romney’s energy adviser, is not a believer in the relationship between seismic activity and the oil and gas industry.

The joint statement by OGS/USGS aroused fear in the oil execs, as Holland recounted in one of the emails from 2013.

He was trying to explain to Continental and the OCC that his input only benefited the USGS assessment, but that “Continental does not feel induced seismicity is an issue and they are nervous about any dialog about the subject,” as he wrote to his superiors at the university.

“They are in the denial phase that this is a possibility,” he wrote of the execs.


One of the people also dissatisfied with the Oklahoma geologists partnering up with the USGS was Patrice Doubles, the OCC commissioner. At the time, she was running for Congress and got more campaign funds from Continental than almost any other senator. That included money from Hamm.

As Holland explained in the email, Douglas said that she wished to “of course, protect the safety of Oklahomans, but also balance that with industry in the state.”

Earlier this year, in the Washington Post, Holland did admit that higher-ups were trying to influence his work – specifically, Hamm. In fact, according to a piece by fellow geologist Bob Jackman, Holland told him at the time: “you don’t understand – Harold Hamm and others will not allow me to say certain things.”

Holland later tried to downplay Jackman’s quote to EnergyWire, but Jackman later said he had written down Holland’s confession word for word immediately after the conversation.

A few other geologists have spoken out about the relationship between Hunton dewatering operations and a rise in earthquakes in the vicinity of Oklahoma City. They have also been warning that a surge in smaller quakes could increase the likelihood of greater ones.

Unlike other states where fracking is also commonplace, Oklahoma did little in the way of caps or regulations or shutdowns. Instead, reports emerged that state authorities limited such powers to information-gathering missions.

According to EnergeyWire, the view on Oklahoma having fracking-related earthquakes is shared by many academic and federal seismologists.

These new revelations come on the heels of fresh data from Oklahoma that has the US Geological Survey pointing to a clear scientific link between quakes and fracking.

First of many? … Down the Toilet Inc

Posted by ipso facto @ 16:35 on March 5, 2015  

Shale Company Defaults On $175 MM In Bonds Without Making Even One Coupon Payment


WE need a Good Manager

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:24 on March 5, 2015  

as President NOT a GOOD TALKER ….WE could find that from a business man like Trump,or a Gouvernor that Managed his State well …

THe Democrats always win with TALKERS and Speech Makers and Pie in the Sky until they screw things up so bad the Public realizes they cant manage anything ..they just talk about it.

Then they elect a Manager when ALL else fails…..

Foolpoof Contra DOW indicater

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:11 on March 5, 2015  

I was a Dunkin Donuts Franchisor for almost 25 years and I kept detail sales comparisons going back to 1969 ..I can tell you when Dunkins sales are hitting PEAKS (and I suspect Starbucks also but I cant verify)  the Stock Markets are hitting BOTTOMS …My best sales increases were 1973-74  up 30%  ,same percentage as Stocks declined  and as Stock market started to recover sales leveled off or declined …Its a Contra Indicater records held true until I sold in 1993 from 1969 .   If Coffee sales start to decline Market heads up.

The weather was a Factor as Current snow falls verify  ,the worse the weather the better sales got (Dunkin & Starbucks) hitting records.When the Sun came out the customers disappeared. The record Coffee sales are signals of coming Market crash ..I cant verify because Im no longer in business since 1993 ,but I see no reason or indicaters that its not accurate still…If Market crashes ..goodbye Starbucks and Dunkin  or whichever leads or lags first…

It was very good for ME because the Business gave me money to invest just as the Market was bottoming .I got back in the Market Jan 1975 I was flush with cash ….HEHE.The Charts on Dunkins sales were always opposit and mirror image of Stock Markets ..at least they were in my Store .

You could also look at it from a Commodity point of view ..Coffee and Donuts were a commodity ..coffee wheat sugar verses  paper stocks and it makes sence from that view also.     Some use the Stars and Planets others Charts and cycles ..they all work if you know your business…


So sad

Posted by deer79 @ 16:08 on March 5, 2015  

That we have to put up with this crap every day. So many of us invested in the PM’s for protection when the SHTF. It’s clear to me that has already happened, yet we continue to get punished. A travesty.

Any smokers out there?? Better have a look at what you are smoking!!

Posted by silverngold @ 15:18 on March 5, 2015  

From the Health Ranger.



Posted by Maddog @ 14:01 on March 5, 2015  

I run Mepis linux on an Intel 5 quad core HP laptop I also run Mepis on an 8 year old plus desktop and both are super reliable and very,very fast. If you have poor Net speed then a fast system helps a lot.

Mepis costs $ 30 for the operateing system and every programme you can think of, it is known as the easiest transition from Windows/Mac to Linux and i agree. You can set up a faster and more powerfull machine than any Mac, for @ 50 % or less of the price.


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:26 on March 5, 2015  

Martin on the market posted yesterday.
Can the Dow Exceed 18600 and still fall? Yes. We can see this is a technical target zone. In March on the Monthly level the Uptrend Channel stands at 18773.74. The weekly projection stands at about 18980.45 and on the Daily level the resistance is at about 18582.94. It is really a price zone target with the next just into the 23000-25000 area. Thereafter is where we have the real gap up to the 40000 level. That type of Phase Transition is possible for 2017. We do not have enough TIME left to reach that for the ECM target so that is a good thing for the market, but perhaps an ominous sign for what comes AFTER 2015.75.

ps Phase transition in short should be a top in this case. Where market doubles I’m relatively short period of time that could be as long as a year or so though,


Posted by goldielocks @ 13:02 on March 5, 2015  

Abandon any form of morality is a understatement. We have cops out there telling people they can kill them and get away with it while chasing down evidence against them. The Gov is too afraid to do anything because they know if they do they won’t protect them if they need them. Look at the reaction in NY they have become a gang.  That’s the bottom line we have a weak gov that promotes lawlessness and don’t give a hoot about the ways of God. If people don’t start demanding that they stand up for the constitution the ways of God won’t help them because it’s not a law, these psychos will still harm them ” and get away with it” what ever their religion. In the ways of God helps those who help themselves. Shoot first let God sort out the rest. Cops may argue the same when it was unnecessary but apparently non believers ” of the rest.” To know the difference. I met a man who was, well a few suffering the nightmares of war where he was guessing a sharp shooter death squad sort of guy WW11. He didn’t give me any places times of course and didn’t ask,  but said there were times he was suppose to kill everyone but occasionally didn’t if they were in the wrong place wrong time like a woman who  happens by to know the difference perhaps trying to hold on to any good left in them is what they seemed to feel it appeared but shouldn’t have. One man involved in that in Nam told me he didn’t even want his daughter to know he was even in the service because of the things he did he didn’t want her finding out. Least they had a conscience what do these others and killer cops gonna tell their kids? Hey isn’t your dad that cop who murdered someone?  What I learned in keeping a open mind about religion was not all religions look outside themselves for peace or answers. That is their own responsibility. That good things come from your own works not from some miracle from above. Thus they can’t blame others either like those who just blindly follow others. . Eg What you did yesterday is where you are today, what you do today is where you will be tomorrow. I remember back in 70s there was some preacher on TV who was soliciting money for these so called prayer cloths and how buying one who create miracles in their lives. I was a student then and some guy about had me in tears laughing at how he bought a prayer cloth and all the bad things that happened to him after he bought it. He sent it back with  a letter. Now I see they have the same thing going on this time with water. Some mysterious person is gonna put money in your account or what ever. False for profits. Too funny. But then not for so many who can’t afford to throw good money after bad. That happiness comes within not dependent from without which can also include drugs.


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:19 on March 5, 2015  

The ways of God is a good start but there are other religions that also promote enlightenment  like Buddhism. I’m just pointing out that the ways of God can be contradictory to others beliefs and to be aware that beliefs should  not be in conflict with the constitution for their own protection. So many don’t even know what their rights safe these days. If you ask a young person today some questions about the constitution you’ll probably get a blank stare. We were required to memorize it. If they can get away with suppressing one like they are currently doing to Christianity they can do it to all. Their attempts seem futile as it seems to be bringing people closer to God than father apart.There is my way or no way or it will be no way.


Turd Furgusion and the Presidential Debate

Posted by commish @ 11:17 on March 5, 2015  


Posted by ipso facto @ 9:51 on March 5, 2015  

“Ipso – the manipulation is more blatant than ever before”

Can’t agree more amigo. We’re currently shackled by the cretins and I suspect it’ll be that way until there’s an “event.”

It’s not called Bubblevision for nothing

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:49 on March 5, 2015  

Take Out A 7 Year Car Loan To Buy Stocks, CNBC Experts Advise


Good morning Ipso, Moggy

Posted by Buygold @ 9:42 on March 5, 2015  

Ipso – the manipulation is more blatant than ever before. I’m still a bit shocked that gold has held the $1200 level for so long considering the strength of the USD and the continual slams. Jobs report tomorrow, I’d guess if they’re going to break gold down below 1180-1200 it will be then.

Moggy – I didn’t think you were necessarily talking about religion and I agree with you in the sense that God and the commandments have been removed from society, schools, courts etc. As you know that is the first thing the Marxist Bolshevik types do to destroy a society, it’s happened since the dawn of man. Of course the first to abandon any sense of morality are the leaders of gov’t.

Unfortunately I do agree with Kirby about being on a war footing because a financial collapse is coming. What if we all just said “no”?

Oh well, looks like the pm shares are telling us that this day is pretty much over.


Posted by ipso facto @ 9:34 on March 5, 2015  

Maybe try out HR Block tax program. I’ve been using it for a few years and it seems to work OK.

I’m happy with Windows 7 Pro. No freezes or any troubles like that, although I don’t know if you can get it anymore.

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