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Posted by silverngold @ 8:43 on July 31, 2014  

FGC posted this last night here:


Posted by Fullgoldcrown @ 21:35 on July 30, 2014



Then on his site he posted this:

Fully’s Final Farewell

by @ 9:30 pm.

Dear Audept

I have to get this down in print …..its off the top of my head

This is my final thought on this

ridiculous tempest we found ourselves in .

No one is aware of this …but they should be

Oasis pays $50 an hour to a webmaster to set up the new goldtent clone site called Oasis

12 hours…$600

That sounds fair

$600 to basically copy your work

Your original work done in 2006

So to set up the basic goldtent in 2006

Goldtent would have to pay possibly 5 times that much just to start

since you were starting with just an idea

your own idea !

Add hundreds of hours of upgrades and backing up and maintainence and IMDB development

along with Paradise International and email management software !

Each Goldtentathon would have been 10 times more than for just a server

The server fee pales beside the webmaster fee at $50 an hour for your services


So …24 dudes pay 100 each and are entitled to an exclusive on the server !..Its their server for $100 .

But you donate $10s of Thousands ….in time …..away from your family

all the while doing a demanding full time job .

And for your this you get slandered all over the net .

Sounds fair to me .


A server for Rambus1 would have cost $100 early on during development .

So you give $10,000s plus in donated free time and you can’t have $100 credit back just for the convenience of

of working on another website development !!?

What a lesson in ingratitude this is .

No words can express my shock at the entitlement crowd who points fingers at you and question your integrity .

Jealousy is also obviously a factor for some of these piranha .

You design a website ( Rambus Chartology) and start to actually get paid for your work and that’s a NO NO because you

used THIER server for website development of…….. Rambus Chartology …….

The evil PM Shorting Website which steals the souls of Goldbugs and turns them into traitors !

Poetic Justice and Reverse Symmetry requires me to accidently send this to the 3 muskateers .

Since I inadvertently spilled the beans to them on our clandestine nefarious plot to subvert the goldtent server

into use for evil …with my infamous email faux pas…I feel compelled to accidently send this

to our kangaroo court jesters…..just to see if they have any semblance of a conscience .


We did the right thing my friend..offering a refund to any on who donated $100 in 2012 who feels they were not treated fairly

…we will even refund for 2013 donners…just because oasis says so !

But you know what ? of the 48 donners … one asked for a refund…well 2 other posters did ask for a refund BUT

On further review it turns out they did not participate in the 2012 or 2013 tentathons..oops

Another Poster who posted a diatribe which is prominently linked at the Oasis sidebar for all to see

says he is a paid up owner of the Goldtent server and therefore desirves a piece of any Rambus website Profits

Only problem is..his name does not appear in the donner lists for either of these years !!!

Whoops…small mistake


And speaking of sidebars

One look at the pustulence venom and hate delivered in self richeous indignation smugness

that permeates the Oasis Sidebar …shows my point to this letter Audept

Contrast this with the Sidebar of the Old Goldtent Posters Paradise which featured categories like :

Poetry Paradise …

Inspiration Paradise…

Comedy Paradise…

Photo Paradise… (Goldballoon where are you ?)

Famous Quotes…

Health Paradise…

Goldbug Editorials…

Interesting Information…

Goldbug meetings from around the globe


well you get the point

And one more thing :

The Kangaroo court at Oasis has convicted us of being dishonest


They feature a picture prominently on their side bar of THIER Patron Saint
There are 30 members and long gone ex members out there who will I am sure really understand that Irony !

OK ..I am done now …

Proud to be

Your partner in crime (from cell block C)


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