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Posted by ipso facto @ 20:52 on July 14, 2014  

EU Bail-Ins Coming As Germany OKs Depositor Bail-In

Published in Market Update Precious Metals on 14 July 2014

By Stephen Flood


The U.S. dollar as a reserve currency is increasingly under review. With the removal of dollar clearing access from parts of the French bank BNP the U.S. government has scored a spectacular goal. A cornerstone to U.S. economic strength is the reserve currency status given to the old greenback. By tinkering with the currency clearing for whatever reason the U.S. has opened Pandora’s box of uncertainty. The fact that these measures against BNP smack of nationalism, by conveniently ignoring the illegal actions of U.S. corporations in foreign jurisdictions over the last decade or two or three, is not even the biggest concern. No, the biggest issue is this; it creates doubt. Now every financial entity worth their salt will ask themselves “But what if?”


Been a little busy

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 18:34 on July 14, 2014  

Helping my older son move back here. He just got word of a deployment in a couple of months for 60 days. At least it is a non combat location in the Middle East.


i was surprised Todd was running Rambus on the goldtent site. If a for profit operation was running, it should bear the cost. Speaking of costs, when will this site launch a fundraiser?



Welcome RNO!

Posted by ipso facto @ 17:06 on July 14, 2014  

and buttercup too. Hey who’s buttercup?

Did I make it?

Posted by redneckokie1 @ 15:00 on July 14, 2014  


Interesting chart floridagold

Posted by Buygold @ 11:57 on July 14, 2014  

Looks like the HUI will hit that bottom rail later today. Wouldn’t surprise me if the boyz give the metals a three waterful down move to shake out the mountain of long hedgies and specs. Wash, rinse, repeat.

No rhyme or reason just blatant manipulation.

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:20 on July 14, 2014  

Gold Bullion announces signing of custom milling agreement with IAMGOLD – Westwood Mill and the filing of its request for Certificate of Authorization

Posted by ipso facto @ 10:11 on July 14, 2014  

VANCOUVER , July 14, 2014 /CNW/ – Gold Bullion Development Corp. (GBB.V) (GBBFF) (the “Company” or “Gold Bullion”) announces it has signed a custom milling agreement with IAMGOLD to process ore from the Granada gold property at their Westwood Mill facilities. The officers of both companies have approved this agreement.

This agreement is a win-win situation for both companies where Gold Bullion will be able to minimize its initial capital investment and IAMGOLD will be able to utilize some of the excess mill capacity at Westwood, which is expected to reduce its overall processing costs.


WANKA @ 9:08 on

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:20 on July 14, 2014  


Got their funding

Posted by ipso facto @ 9:06 on July 14, 2014  

Asanko Gold Completes Debt Financing Agreements


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