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What’s With This??

Posted by silverngold @ 23:47 on July 24, 2014  

Spot The Lone Objector

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Yesterday, Navi Pillay, the UN rights chief told an emergency session of the council on Wednesday that Israel’s military actions in Gaza could amount to war crimes.

Shortly thereafter, the 47-member council voted (and adopted) a draft resolution titled “Ensuring respect for international law in the Occupied Palestinian Territory” to conduct an investigation whether Israel is indeed engaging in war crimes. Note: this was a vote just to conduct an investigation, nothing more nothing less, no military intervention, no aid, nothing: just an attempt to get some information aside from the constant propaganda barrage.

29 states voted in favour of the investigation and 17 abstained, including many EU states. 1 voted against. Guess which one.


Very Scary Day Today??? Well maybe not!!

Posted by silverngold @ 23:13 on July 24, 2014  

Here’s the monthly Silver chart I posted a few days ago updated to after today’s shit kicking. That big silver loss today can hardly be seen in the overall scheme of things. IMO we’re on the cusp of a third 5 bagger move to close to $100. That’s for the phyz. The silver shares should do even better. I’m in 100% but no margin. I don’t do margin any more!! Luck to all!! silverngold


ipso_facto and ment17 . Greetings. I never get tired of looking at the beautiful profile of the Olympic Peninsula, as well as visiting it up close.

Posted by Equisetum @ 22:57 on July 24, 2014  

Farmboy, Found An Old Post Of Yours From 7/28/05

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 22:55 on July 24, 2014  

(Mr.Copper) Feb 27, 13:32

“I think I heard you mention once you were an advisor? care to add more info on that? “

While ment29 has set a high goal, I just as soon leave it at Farmboy V today. <G> I think you have the idea. I did what any advisor did that ran around in war torn jungles dressed in Hi Tech hiking boots (they were the rage), blue jeans, Khaki shirts, and the MUST have accessory, the Banana Republic photographers vest. Ray Bans and boonie hat were optional. But there is a story I can tell here. I met my very first gold miner, actually 6 of them, during one of my ‘adventure trips’.

The year was 1987 and I had just come out of the Nicaraguan jungles after a 6 week ‘hike’. There was a bar in Honduras that reminded me of the bar scene in Star Wars. The one with all the different types of ‘species’ and clothing. Same for this bar. Some had suits, some had camo, some where dressed in disco attire, it was an interesting mixture.

I was getting my first cold beer in awhile and just checking out the surroundings when in walk 6 Americans wearing leg holsters with 6 shooters, cowboy boots, old worn out jeans, and looked like they had not bathed, or shaved for a couple months. Rough looking bunch. They grabbed a table and sat down to do a little drinking. And while the patrons all had their opinions what the proper dress code should be, these guys stood out like a Sunday school teacher in a biker bar. In fact, they would have looked at home in a biker bar. Guessed their ages to be late twenties, one or two early thirties, but life in the jungle can make you look a little older than you are.

Well, after about 20 minutes my curiosity got the best of me so I stuck up a conversation with the boys. Come to find out they were down on the Nicaraguan border doing some gold mining. You know, I was ready to hear what they were doing in ‘town’, but when they said, “mining gold” I about fell out of my chair. First, I did not know a thing about gold, or silver, or mining. That was long before I knew anything about financial matters, or gold. I had a checking account, savings account, and a credit card, and that was about my extent of understanding anything in the financial world.

As these guys told their story I sat in total wonder and amazement. They described how they were panning for gold on some river, and he even done a little cyanide leaching in search of gold. They lived in tents, ate a lot of rice and beans washed down with coffee. Every few months they would load up their findings and come to town to sell it. Spend a day or two picking up supplies, and obviously enjoying a cold one or three, and then return to their ‘stake’.

Understand, the border area was one of the hot places to be. They said they had one exchange of pot shoots one night with the Nicaraguan military but that no one had got hurt. Seems the Nicaraguan Army thought they had run up on a Contra camp. After that little misunderstanding, they were left alone to search for the gold.

I listened and just shook my head a lot. I thought these guys were way off the chart. They did not look, act, like mercenaries. I had seen a few of them down there. They sorta looked like what I thought a drug runner would like like. But looking at their hands and faces, you could tell they had been doing some serious manual labor. The clincher was one of them looked carefully around the room and then pulled out a couple gold nuggets and held them in his palm for me to see. About the size of a dime, maybe a little larger. He said they had found some smaller, a few larger.

Well, that was my first introduction to gold mining. I thought it a crazy idea then, and still do today. But who knows what may happen when the coin stores run out. I may see if I can find those boys. <G>

I think of them from time to time. Especially over the past 5 years since I got into investing in gold and silver. I hope they made it out in one piece. I hope they did not trade all their gold for local currencies. And I hope today they are wealthy and living well. From the looks of them, they earned it. And I hope if they ever read the pages of Gold Eagle, they will check in and tell us how the adventure story ended. On one hand I thought they were nuts, and in another way, I had to admire them for seeking out such an adventure. And its good to know, there will always be some that reject the norm, refuse to be imprisoned in some office cubicle, and will walk a different path, no matter how weird it may seem to others.

Lets just hope the coin stores stay in business for the near future. The alternative makes me tired just thinking about it. <G>

Just a farmer, with a few wild memories, Farmboy



Posted by ment17 @ 22:31 on July 24, 2014  

nice view of the Washington shores .. just west of the Big bertha dig  a large hole in the ground destined to speed traffic from one end of  Seattle  ready for the trip back lol

but the powers that be will have all that property to develop when they demolish the bridge ..large towers to view the western mountains .. whilst the tunnel will block the beautiful view.. as the roses will no longer be seen and will not be smelt .. In their places will be thorns  and noxious fumes

Wanka – Atacama Copper train

Posted by Maya @ 21:59 on July 24, 2014  

Not to worry about the trackside landscaping there… it won’t wash out.

It hasn’t rained there in the Atacama in Centuries!!  🙂

Floridagold @ 11:39 & Winedoc – White Pass & Yukon

Posted by Maya @ 21:57 on July 24, 2014  

Wouldn’t you know it?  This was to be tomorrow’s Gold Train!

White Pass & Yukon work train at Glacier, Alaska.
This is the route from the coast up to the Canadian Yukon.


More fun than a barrel of monkeys!

Posted by ipso facto @ 21:04 on July 24, 2014  

Islamic State militants turn conquered Syria/Iraq territories into jihadist tourist paradise

turn their recent conquests into a tourist business, complete with jihadist honeymoons and themed tours across Syria and Iraq.

Islamic State orders genital mutilation of Iraqi women – UN

The sphere of influence the Iraq and Al Sham militants control, as of June, stretches through large swathes of northern and eastern Syria, as well as parts of northern and western Iraq.

Now a quite lucrative tourist trade operates without borders or ID cards, with its jihadist bus flying the black flag and ferrying fighters across the conquered lands.

AFP spoke to a number of rebels and activists by phone, who explained how the business venture works.

Many of the vacationing jihadists are from abroad. According to an activist, a Chechen was among the first. The 26-year-old Abu Abdel Rahman al-Shishani recently got married to a Syrian, whom he took on a honeymoon to Anbar.

“These jihadists are very romantic,” Hadi Salameh, the activist, told the news agency, adding that she sat in the back of the vehicle, as is customary. The lovebirds listened to jihadist songs as their bus took off from Tal Abyad, on the border with Turkey, and headed towards Iraq’s Anbar.

“You can get off wherever you want, and you don’t need a passport to cross the border,” Salameh, who is a Raqa resident and uses a pseudonym, continued.

cont. at http://rt.com/news/175296-isis-honeymoon-tourism-militants/


Posted by ipso facto @ 19:50 on July 24, 2014  

Hey we’re looking at the same mountains! 🙂

Fortune Minerals Announces Preliminary Economic Assessment Report for the Revenue Silver Mine in Colorado

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:37 on July 24, 2014  


Yes my friends it’s true

Posted by commish @ 19:37 on July 24, 2014  

download (10)

Riots in the West Bank, Thousands in the streets

Posted by ipso facto @ 19:25 on July 24, 2014  

Things In The Middle East Are About To Get Much Worse

Tyler Durden’s pictureSubmitted by Tyler Durden on 07/24/2014 17:16 -0400

There are major clashes occurring currently in The West Bank tonight as claims of 10s of thousands and Palestinians clash with Israeli soldiers. Sadly, as the photos below reveal taken moments ago show, things appear set to get very much worse


Equis: 17:10 OP EX …… Happy Hour …. with a Propeller IPA Craft Beer Halifax

Posted by winedoc @ 19:25 on July 24, 2014  


Op Ex ……. has recently been  a good time to buy Phyzz

If I can get silver bars sub $20 dollars sometime in the next week …….

Winedoc  agrees with you that  its a great long term strategy.

I start a 2 week  “stay-cation”  tomorrow,  courtesy of  a not so well balanced PF  !!!

……. Besides there is  “Almost”  no where nicer to be in the summer than Maritime Canada

Best Regards


When you listen to commentators such as Willie and Craig Roberts and several

Posted by Equisetum @ 19:20 on July 24, 2014  


others whose views appear on sites such as SGTReports or Zero Hedge, there sure seems to be a lot of negative views and comments about the place and role of the U.S. in the world today. No one asked me  for it but here is my view  of the U.S. from our vantage point.

Midas – not as if it matters

Posted by Buygold @ 18:35 on July 24, 2014  

By the Comex open it was a foregone conclusion that gold would be further attacked. That attack came just 10 minutes after the NYSE open, with a further 6,544 August contracts sold at 9:40 AM. Of course too there was the obligatory pressure on last evening’s access trade open, making it 69 out of 75 for those CFTC regulators still pretending to be working for the public. At least Scott O’Malia is now in a position to be cheering nefarious trading, rather than collecting a paycheck from the government for ignoring it. That’s the beauty of revolving doors. One day you’re a bobblehead, the next day you’re avery well paid bobblehead.


What we are watching and enduring here is beyond farce, but it is the way it is SO … rather than be totally annoyed, aggravated, and ticked off, I decided to get my workout in the gym over with and enjoy a relaxing lunch at Chili’s … which is replacing my summer vacation.

Before heading off to the gym, I registered my disgust with Dave from Denver who came back with this…

Well Bill, the good news is, if this is the last of it, they are losing firepower. The bad news is, they may try to engineer more hedge fund waterfall selling. The 50 dma in silver was getting ready to crossover the 200 dma and I don’t think it’s a coincidence they are pounding silver today to prevent that from happening as it would trigger hedge fund algo buying in silver.

The waterfall started at 9:00 a.m. EST on absolutely no news or event that would have triggered it. Obviously the geopolitical and economic news is getting worse by the hour. The new home sales report was a complete and unmitigated disaster. The Dow Jones Home Construction Index is down over 4% right now – I cant remember the last time this index dropped this much intra-day. Housing is supposed be one of the primary pillars of our economic “recovery.” How can the housing stock index be down over 4% yet the S&P 500 and Dow are green?

That alone speaks volumes about how fraudulent and manipulate our system is.

winedoc, good price today for buying silver bars

Posted by Equisetum @ 17:10 on July 24, 2014  

Looks like we go down one more time

Posted by goldcountry @ 17:04 on July 24, 2014  

Hopefully this will be the last before the bull resumes in earnest.

From Argentus Maximus: “I also await a decline to lower side of range and that may be a new low as I have said ever since the rise from the last two big lows. I will buy into that decline however. It’s late in the bear and nobody will ring a bell, so stops are essential, but they must be wide stops generated from weekly or monthly levels. Short term stops are not worth much in my view and in this market especially.”

Wanka, Floridagold, Augirl

Posted by Moggy @ 15:59 on July 24, 2014  

Still some fighting to do.


Snoopy as the Red Baron

WANKA @ 14:55

Posted by Augirl @ 15:43 on July 24, 2014  


are we there yet

Darn you Wanka

Posted by goldielocks @ 15:35 on July 24, 2014  

Almost thought it was Friday!!  What a let down. That darn Wanka.

Moggy @ 14:27

Posted by Augirl @ 14:38 on July 24, 2014  



Way beyond desperate.

Presently at the having a bird stage.  lol


having a bird



Are we goldbugs desperate yet?

Posted by Moggy @ 14:27 on July 24, 2014  

Cat hanging on edge of roof


Posted by goldielocks @ 12:20 on July 24, 2014  


Update: 1:10 p.m.Prior to the Malaysian Airlines jet’s shoot down, pro-Russian separatist leader Igor Strelkov posted on the Russian social networking site, VKontakte, claiming responsibility for shooting down a Ukrainian AN-26 transport plane. However, after news emerged of the downed Malaysian Airlines plane, Strelkov’s page appears to have been scrubbed of the post.Strelkov’s page claimed responsibility for taking down a Ukrainian jet and posted and accompanying video that shows smoke rising from what is now believed to be the crash site of the passenger jet. Below is a screengrab of Strelkov’s VKonkakte page that includes the post claiming responsibility for the downed transport plane. That post now appears to have been removed. Donetsk separatist boss Strelkov, Kremlin’s proxy in war, says he ordered shootdown thinking plane was Ukrainian pic.twitter.com/uaWKVlsA7q — Strobe Talbott @strobetalbott July 17, 2014 After reports emerged that a passenger jet had been shot down, Strelkov said that his forces were not responsible and that they lacked the capability to shoot down a plane flying at that altitude. The plane was reportedly flying at an altitude of about 33,000 feet.Meanwhile, additional images are emerging of the crash site, including the horrifying image below that was carried by Russian television:



Floridagold 11:39

Posted by winedoc @ 12:01 on July 24, 2014  

My brother and I took that same railroad 2 summers ago from Bennett Lake to Carcross ……..  just up the line

While hiking the Chilcoot


No need to comment

Posted by Buygold @ 11:47 on July 24, 2014  

US Stocks Are Open, Time To Dump A Billion Dollars Worth Of Gold Futures

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