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silverngold @ 11:34 The Three Hardest Words A Man Will Ever Say, ” I Was Wrong…”

Posted by Farmboy @ 12:23 on July 31, 2014  

I was giving some thought to what Ororeef posted earlier (Ororeef @ 11:12 ) and admiring how well he summed up the issues with today’s banking system, which in almost no way compares to the banking we had 30-40 years ago. If ever there was a haven for maleficence, corruption, and deception it is the current mega banks which have lost their humble beginnings and shredded the common sense and values of yesteryear. They resemble nothing  of their past and have become breeding grounds for corruption and greed like the world has never seen. And it has succeeded in pervading many of those elected ones who are suppose to provide over sight and fiduciary responsibilities.


In short, I think one can summarize, get to the root of the problem, by simply acknowledging that many have fallen victim to the ageless ghosts of greed, power, and corruptibility. We have lost our ‘moral compass’, our values, and have traded them in search of more money, more fortune, usually at the expense of others, and doing what is right.


And until we begin to hear from their lips, ” I Was Wrong…” I hold little hope of any major constructive changes. That would apply to our elected ones, the leaders of Wall St, and down to even myself. To be wise enough, man enough to admit the wrong, make the required changes to correct the wrong, and set about making amends for those we have wronged. Far easier to ignore the wrong, place blame on everything and everyone else under the sun,  than to overcome our ego and pride, and simply, but honestly admit, that “I Was Wrong.” So the game of deception moves on towards it’s miserable end. And it always ends miserably.


As I see it, it is not which laws are passed, or not passed. Our future is based on more than that, it is simply when do we as a nation and individuals let go of some ego and pride, and utter those three words. If that ever happens, then the healing will begin.


And there you have my reflective thoughts of today, Best, Farmboy

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