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Good Evening Commish !

Posted by Farmboy @ 19:22 on July 31, 2014  

Well, in my country boy kinda thinking, if all things economic were as good as they portray them to be, just seems like the markets would be a bit more resilient that what they are. I agree with Richard640 that the pie crust is stretched paper thin over the whole shootin match. I don’t think its quite time for the blow up ….yet.  Besides, the talking heads on the radio where telling everyone what a great chance to get into the markets with today’s ‘Sale’ prices. When will they ever learn?


And no sir, did not hear anyone speaking of how well Gold has done this year. Wonder why that is?


I enjoyed the video. Thought of all the crazy things I did as a young man. Back then there were no video cameras to capture it all. (grin) At least I was able to endure the pain mostly in solitude and a moment of quiet reflection. It still seems there are plenty of young men willing to ‘show off’ for the girls. At least, that is what usually, but not always, brought on those moments of craziness.


Best to you this evening. Wonder what kind of follow up we will see tomorrow? Farmboy

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