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Posted by goldielocks @ 1:51 on July 31, 2014  

If you three had enough faith in your business idea you wouldn’t of had to use the tents bandwith in the first place or perhaps Rambus didn’t have enough faith in his trades or execute them to get the money to start his own this all wouldn’t if happened. I remember when you were pumping Rambus site you said you were getting paid nothing for it, but apparently that was not true as you yourself admitted you are and now so that in itself shows a plot against the Tenters. Then in response  have the gumption to call some jealous. I’d say that’s kinda a childish response. That’s like saying yeah I used my position on this site even though I don’t make it Audept did and stealing from you are you jealous. You forget something about your placing things on the side bar, it wasn’t you that took the hours of effort the Tenters did to get the info, or picture that you put on the side bar. Some how you appear to want to take sole credit for simply putting their work  on the side bar. I think it would take a moral background to understand the error of your ways. It “wasn’t” about the money it was the sell out your grandma for a buck to get it attitude. But hey for some reason in your mind they are not worthy because their stupid enough to trust you  or your word that somehow makes you worthy. The question is to whom. Just remember all good things must end someday, then what?  Oh yeah you’ll be rich so you won’t care. Funny thing about the rich, even they don’t like getting ripped off. So Maya’s right it’s over.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.