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Posted by Mr.Copper @ 12:11 on July 30, 2014  

Its as simple as that. Its being used like a global gov’t, to redistribute wealth, like a global taxing authority. China got wealthy with the dollar exchange rate and the USA living standards went down.

Japan and Europe benefitted also. Many other countries like Saudi Arabia too. The dollars or wealth go over there to a few big sheiks instead of employees in Texas and Oklahoma for example.

China employees make all the Sony TV sets now instead of Americans. The Japs made all the TVs before the Chinese did. The global bankers, as if they were farmers, are “watering” various parts of the world, as needed, with wealth producing industries.

My view is they started watering the USA after the ’08 meltdown. You could even say they started in 2001 when they stopped the dollar at the 120 highs. Getting oil and metals higher is GOOD for the USA. Not bad as most would think.

Americans lived a lot better when THINGS more expensive with more profit margin, that paid higher taxes and wages. No gov’t budget deficits, less borrowing etc. Nobody even needed credit cards or medical insurance the wages were so HIGH.

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