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One day at the Beach

Posted by Ororeef @ 16:16 on July 30, 2014  

at my sisters house in Manasquan Beach NJ a Helicopter was flying over ,my brother-in law said thats that crook Brennen from 1st Jersey Securities showing off his Helicopter…Later that month I was back home in Virginia and I got a call from a guy in Virginia Beach stating he was a stock broker from 1st Jersey and he had a very exiting stock running race horses !   I said REALLY ! “that sounds exciting” tell me more and he went into a speal about how his boss was so successful in real Estate and was now promoting his race horse stable to a few selected investers …..I said you mean that guy in Jersey that bought options on land in high value communities and was attempting to put low cost housing in them using a technique known as Block Busting so he could get rich while leaving the home owners that paid high prices to live in a nice place now faced the prospect of  Low Budget people moving in.That guy ?  I was met with silence for a spell ,then I said I used to live in Jersey and I know him very well ..NO thanks for the Horse investment ..go peddel it somewhere else ,just because Virginia has horse farms dosent mean we don’t know a nag from a Secretariet.! Isn’t he curently under indictment ? ?Next thing I heard was “CLICK” and the phone went dead…..What ever happined to Brennen after he went to jail ,I don’t see any helicopters anymore at the Beach either !

HMM makes you wonder   !


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