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Portugeezer @ 12:22

Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:01 on July 29, 2014  

re The EU does not have a problem with the Ukraine. the US/UK overthrew the elected government.

You’re RIGHT. Global bankers. Centered where? I forgot. Europe (and USA) are not in control of their own destiny. The world gov’t is, and centered in London England and some say also Israel is part of the global gov’t.

I’m sure all those European countries were merged against their will, or got duped, each losing independence. The PTB make believe there is ONE Europe. There will NEVER be…One Europe.

Re your:
It is the US$ and the standard of living of Americans that is being protected.

Global dollar yes agreed. But living standards here are declining since 1975. If the low standard is being protected LATELY its because it got too low.
Imo Europe has been doing well, thanks to the US consumer and global bankers and US dollar…1945 thru 2008. Into recession with a loaf under each arm only since 2008 real estate crash.

We need the global handouts now.

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