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Posted by Farmboy @ 19:54 on July 27, 2014  

Sunday afternoon or early evening nap. I have heard tell of ceasefires declared even during war times that would honor this longtime held tradition. I am pretty sure that after a good Sunday Dinner it is one of the commandments that Noah or what’s his name wrote on a tablet of stone preserving a relaxing nap. Only the most evil of tormentors would dare interrupt such a soul soothing and restorative exercise.


So there I was, daydreaming of hundred dollar spikes in gold and lily pads full of admiring frogettes when you went to hollering “Incoming !!”.  Reminds me of another long time tradition. The one where the winning sports team dumps a cooler of ice water on the coach. I don’t guess even an  impromptu ice bath could get me up and moving for shelter with the lightening speed generated by your post. It’s bad enough ‘she who flys’ has to mess with me during normal business hours, but this goes beyond all articles of war and just plain ole decent protocols. Not to mention manners. Frogs have feelings too. Very sensitive actually. And one should be aware of these feelings, even if you intend to serve me up on a plate for dinner.




But I am ready for the dive bomber’s arrival. Next time she comes swooping down I am going to give her a reading lesson Farmboy style. At the end of her screaming Bonsai dive, I am going to hold up a book upon which she will impel her and that broom. I have the page about Sunday Nap Manners bookmarked for her perusal once she comes to. I wonder if the Library will accept my returned book with a few broom straws sticking out of it?




Pays to be a card carrying member of the Frog Library. I try to drop by a couple times a week. One can never be too informed.


frog library

Ps) Try checking that pile of coffee machine parts for that Eject button. Lord help me if ‘that woman’ ever gets hold of it.


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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.