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Posted by goldielocks @ 19:08 on July 27, 2014  

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To all who are using or thinking of using Colloidal silver. Mike at Life Force sent me this in depth information and just emailed me saying it’s okay if I post it so I’m going to.

Note of current fall out conditions going on I’m am not receiving any money for this. I’m posting it for the good of others and the dedication and wealth of information Mike has for colloidal silver:

This is long and one very important point in the amount of PPMs recommended during certain times of the year or perhaps using both depending on the environment which you live as some PPMs work better for some things as far as the amount or PPM.

Colloidal silver life force PPMs
the 32 minutes is to make 32 oz of 5ppm with a 27 volt unit. A 9 volt unit would take around 4 hours. I think that is way to long and impractical. The timing chart shows times for other concentrations and volumes. The chart has been thoroughly tested and the instructions include suggestions on stirring and wiping the buildup off the wires periodically and swapping the wires each session, since silver is expelled into the water only from the positive electrode. The 5 ppm cs product has ions up to the smaller particles, which I use during the winter months since the ions and smaller particles are most effective against viruses (colds and flu). the 15ppm product I use during summer, since there are more bacterial, fungal and single-celled organism threats. Also, notice you can tell the size of the particles by the color of the cs. Not until you get to 15ppm does a faint yellow color appear, which tells you that there are a few of the larger particles starting to be made (500-700nm) which is the wavelength of yellow light (the particles will reflect the wavelength that is closest to their size and yellow light is around 550-650 nm). Notice that the 5ppm and 10 ppm are clear, which means the largest particles are too small to reflect any visible wavelengths (below 400nm). 20-25ppm is bright yellow and 30-40 ppm is amber. Higher concentrations are orange to almost brown. By the way your tds water tester will be accurate to about 15ppm after which it will read lower and lower values than are truly present, because cs particles are not dissolved, but are suspended. The larger cs particles are poor charge carriers for the tiny current the tds meter passes through the suspension (a few micro amps). Up to 15 ppm the cs particles are smaller and act more like dissolved ions and molecules. Thanks for your business and contact me anytime

XXX I tried to design simple machines that make cs at a decent rate and are affordable to the average consumer. I am very happy that my feedback on Amazon bears this out. I’m planning to have a website up by September to disseminate more information and much more accurate information in my view of the process of making cs and how to get a product with broad spectrum effectiveness. Also, you may have noticed that I have been suggesting heavier gauge silver wire to use in my machines, but I haven’t completed the testing yet to provide a precise factor to apply to the basic timing chart for the heavier gauge wires, other than the estimates that I give in the instructions and the sales description on Amazon. Also, the particle size distribution changes with the heavier gauge wires due to their larger surface area, which causes them to make smaller particles for a longer period. Testing on this is incomplete as well, but basically the yellow color will not start to show up for roughly 5 to 15 ppm higher concentrations. Another nice thing about the COMBO-2 unit is that it will also run on standard 9 volt alkaline batteries if the power is down for prolonged periods. However, the alkaline batteries MUST be removed when plugging the unit into a live socket again, since they cannot be recharged and will get very hot and melt down the case or even catch fire. If you want to post your questions and my answers they may also be helpful. Please let me know where they are posted. Mike@LifeForce


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