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Posted by Mr.Copper @ 13:16 on July 26, 2014  

re your: “The people have accepted the muslim/Nazi foreigners, else they would rise up and do something…and until they do, they will have to choke on what is being done to them with their permission.”



Nobody gave permission. Think about Vietnam and Korea. Nobody from here gave a crap about those things. Re we have to stop the “spread of communism” in South Vietnam. That didn’t matter. Communism survived there and our “handlers” in the USA have merged with communist China and communist USSR. Huh?? We didn’t give permission for that at all.


Re your: “vegetarianism is the answer and when the financial squeeze is put upon the animal farmers they will then have second thoughts about what their unhealthy practices have wrought.  I have been a vegetarian since 1975, it is very doable.”



I don’t eat fruits or vegetables my entire life. I’m 70, and when people find out, they don’t believe me. Blond, no gray hair, and they say I look 50 at most. Imo if the world gov’t had its way, they would force everybody to be vegetarian, to keep the good stuff like meats and chicken costs down for the greater good.

If they had their way we would all be on mopeds. They don’t even want us consuming food and or fuel, energy in general. Some day in the future, we’ll find out that a lot of vegetables are bad for us. Think about how many skinny health fanatics get cancer, and nothing happens to those fatter people.

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.