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Maya @ 23:24 My most pleasant memories of train travel are from three

Posted by Equisetum @ 0:31 on July 26, 2014  

Decembers in a row in the mid-1950’s.  A group of prairie boys at the University of British Columbia each autumn arranged a deal with the Canadian Pacific Railway to lay on a couple of extra passenger cars between Vancouver and Winnipeg, just for U.B.C. students who had finished exams in mid-December and who were heading home to their prairie families for Christmas.  And it was a good deal too; I recall paying $25 each December, but now I cannot remember whether that $25 was for one way or return  –  either way it was a bargain.  Although “the Canadian” did not exist then, the route was right past Brule Lake, near Banff, which was shown in the photos of  your earlier Oasis posting this morning.  I do not recall if it was the relief at the end of December exams, the scenery, or the train ride itself, but those were surely memorable train rides, especially the pre-Christmas part heading east.  The route back west  to classes  in early January was less exciting.

Happy train memories.  Best wishes to you.  Equiz

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