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Posted by grin @ 8:55 on July 26, 2014  

Hi Aspengold, Yes I have owned lsg since mar 2013 and through the .16 low which was pretty hairy to go through.

“Jun 28, 2013 –  Lsg.to. was smashed to .16 just 5 trading days ago, currently almost a double since then. Glad I didnt sell/was tempted. Posted by grin @ 10:48 am”

My question wasnt about predicting longer term stock moves  but as I said who could predict the last 20minutes of huge volume surge yesterday?

Beside that I see the usd up strongly yesterday and the gold shares did very well. Nearly every analist or letter writer including him suggested we would likey see pm weakness on usd strength. The opposite happened. So once again. Who could predict the last 20mi of volume and strength in pm shares  (adding in on usd strength especially?)

It will be interesting to see what happens monday, cheers…




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