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Hi Samb:

Posted by AspenGold @ 18:10 on July 25, 2014  

I remember those posts, they had a smaller float back then.  I owned it and made a nice profit, but bought in $1 range after your reco and sold at$1.70 or so and it went to $3. Never lost money selling a profit early(quote from some famous investor). I have an $.87 average buy in.  MDW had an 8 million share day last month, I don’t think it has ever had a day as big as that in their history. Someone wanted in, in  a big way.

Did really well with US Silver in 2010-2011 and think it was a reco of yours also. Sold when my son was born in May 2011 and glad I did, helped out my accounts real well.

Coral was the only one I have held since 2010 with a mind blowing 120,000 shares, but getting close to being back to even. I really like Coral and just as the board spoke years a go, they want to be a buyout target, all the sudden Barrick is finally sniffing around their property and gave them a little, needed, cash.  Right next to the world famous Pipeline mine with all the infrastructure a golf shot away from Coral. a very strong performer this year on Volume.  Only 40 million shares outstanding. Hmmm

Do you like US Silver with the Reverse Split?  thinking about that one again?

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Post by the Golden Rule. Oasis not responsible for content/accuracy of posts. DYODD.